Video: Nokia 9 – 41MP Xenon Camera Flagship #Concept

| February 27, 2017 | 8 Replies

This must be a dream Nokia. A flagship bearing the legendary 41MP hump for some unprecedented detail and low light performance.


Much slimmer design, but more angular on the sides.

There’s a load of different camera tech that has been popping up lately. I’d still stick by the feeling that I could happily not reach the realms of PureView as long as the camera has a consistently high performance rate. One where if I snap 100 shots at least 90 would come out great.

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  • Mapantz

    It’s a nice concept, but the 41mp sensor wouldn’t be much use for low light, especially against what Samsung and LG can do, with less megapixels. We need a large sensor with large pixels. As an owner of the 808 and 1020, i’m done with that circular hump now. It gives me too many bad reminders of “what could’ve been done”
    If they could cut the 41mp down by half and use larger pixels with the same sensor, it might of paid dividends.

    • Arthur

      Unfortunately the larger players now, Apple especially are taking fewer and fewer risks and trying to milk the status quo as far as it will take them. Samsung is taking a mostly similar approach but they can take bigger risks since the Galaxy line of devices isn’t their main revenue stream like the iPhone is for Apple.

      The innovation will come from players like Huawei which in the past couple of years has wiped the floor with the established players regardless if they have been successful or not. The point is that at least they are making an effort and not doing the same old thing as everyone else.

      The devices announced by HMD (Nokia) were completely underwhelming and while they might be able to get away with basically selling another Chinese iPhone clone of a device in some markets, slapping the Nokia name on a very ho-hum device isn’t going to do anything even for the Western European markets. The US currently isn’t even on their radar cause they know not only is the US an iPhone/Galaxy dominated market but if Moto, LG can’t compete with them with flagship level devices, their 3, 5, and 6 devices don’t have a shred of chance to sell here. They need a flagship device ASAP if they want to make any meaningful dent in any market.

    • DN8

      The only phone that caught my fancy since the 808 has been the Cat s60. Reminds me of how bold Nokia was before the burning memo, but the camera isn’t the best. I was holding off on getting it, till I was able to see what Nokia is bringing out, but the only thing I like is the Nokia 3310 so far. Would make a great travel phone.

  • B_Justa

    What is “Subwoofer effect integrated” supposed to mean?
    For bass you need to displace large volumes of air.
    Does this displace a large amount of air through four dimensional diaphragms that are very small but move air from other dimensions producing that dimensional bass?

    Also, it has very sharp edges. I’ve still got large chunks of meat missing from my hands. A few sharp Lumias dug them out.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      You are so correct with the meat missing comment.
      Holding a rounded phone really makes a difference, when compared to a square shaped phone digging into your flesh.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    So when it specifically says that the snapdragon 835 can support two 16MP and or one 32MP

    How then can people think Nokia flagship phones will have a 41MP?

    But then again, the garbage junk pathetic horrible rancid crap operating system Windows 1020 had a 41MP camera. So I don’t know.

    What I do know, all the comments below are very rational and realistic and correct.

    We need to be wowed. Not ” that’s it? ”


  • David John

    when will it launch in india.. super sexo.. luved it .. nokia allways been the best in the world…

  • rustyknight17

    Must disagree Mapantz. If the camera is anything like my 808 , I’d save money for this!