Gallery: Nokia 3310 – Unexpected Hero that stole the show #MWC – Which colour would you pick?

| February 28, 2017 | 12 Replies


I’m waiting for my train back up north to appear (7pm). I’ve stationed myself in a cafe to try and make some posts whilst my mac has some battery.

Here’s our gallery of the Nokia 3310. I’m really gunning for the classic matte dark blue affair.  There’s also grey (matte), red (glossy) and yellow (glossy).





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  • SLR

    Original, or spicy. Can’t decide!

    They should make a 3330 flavor.

  • Dark Blue is my choice of colour 🙂

  • rustyknight17


  • Mapantz

    Have they made an error with the frequencies it supports, or have they made the biggest blunder ever?
    I have read multiple article saying the 3310 will not work in the US, Canada, Australia. Certain networks in India and parts of Asia, and very soon, parts of Europe, as they will be turning off 2G as well.

    • They should have made it according to the latest standards. They added all things to the 17 years old Nokia 3310 but they didn’t add the most important thing 🙁 India won’t be turning off 2G anytime soon. The speed we get here on our 3G connections is almost similar to 2G lol. VoLTE has just started and there are talks about 5G going on. 2G will survive at least for 2 more years in India.

    • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

      I have the feeling that they play with the cards that have been given. That runs on S30+ that is a Mediatek platform. And it seems that it is not developed anymore. S30, S40 and Asha platform were killed by Microsoft and S30+ is the only one remaining. HMD (and Nokia) do not seem to have any mobile device software development and it is interesting to see how they are going to proceed in the dumbphone market.
      I doubt that they understood, what kind of buzz they could create thanks to Nokia brand.

  • Vikas

    Yellow with white keypad seems not that beautiful compared to others. my choice would be pure white.

  • Jukka-Pekka Sokero
  • Vikas

    Oho, even it’s grey… it’s looking beautiful to me.

    • matte looks much better then glossy options 🙂

      • Vikas

        which one is matte color

  • David John

    PlZz put the earphone jack in the top no on the bottom… It’s not Nokia style. .. PlZz … Huge fan of Nokia and waiting for the phone with headphone jack on the top…