#HMD and @nokiamobile must capitalise on Nostalgia – e.g. 3310 as a series? How would you improve the new 3310?

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The Nokia 3310 is arguably one of the most exciting phones from MWC.

But it wasn’t because it tore through the ceilings of technological expectations.

It was nostalgia. The warm memories of either your first mobile or quite likely you’ve come across the original 3310 in some shape or form.

Beyond being a Nokia fan, or a mobile fan with fond recollections of their first, the internet elevated the Nokia 3310 to a celebrity status. The most beloved and highly recognisable phone for some characteristics today that would be most welcome in any modern smartphone:

  1. Durability
  2. Longevity
  3. Simplicity
  4. Reliability

Prior to the rumours, we all wanted some kind of return connected to the 3310. Some perhaps more inclined to making a super strong smartphone that would last for ages – something useful for the times today. Others may have wanted to see precisely just the 3310 remade as we saw it almost 17 years ago. Some here have mentioned a really good idea of mixing a closer to original 3310 design and having a classic pseudo old LCD style screen theme.

A smartphone 3310

Going for the affordable premium category, I still think this 3310 ethos is something Nokia can strive to as a quality of their phones.

You buy a Nokia, you know it’ll stand knocks, you know you’ll never worry about finding a charger whilst you’re using it all day, you know you can pick it up and it’ll make sense, you know any time you use it, it would just work. This alone for me can stand out even without having the highest resolution display or the most ground breaking camera tech.

In a sea of confusing phone options, tugging on the emotive strings of fond Nokia 3310 memories could make a lot of people consider these line of phones.

At least have that 3310 spirit as a core and then build around that. It doesn’t mean we have to wedge in a 3310 style design (although there could be some interesting and smart way to introduce colour, and that would be instantly recognisable as Nokia).

3310 series

3310 S (Smarter)

What I’ve learnt from using other Android cameras is that it gets to a point where really, I just want a camera that is good enough for a variety of scenarios with a high reliability factor. Whether HMD and NokiaMobile can deliver a camera successor that brings on par what we saw with the 808 and 1020 (can you imagine PureView expectations if Nokia did have continuous development of that sensor to now?).

It could be premium in experience with the likes of a higher end processor. Imagine Pure Android with that. This could be the dream nexus line.

3310 L (Long lasting)

A phone that could last a week’s use. Aye yes the new 3310 has a month of standby.

3310 R (Rugged, level Super)

Something for the construction industry or someone who’s just more active. Waterproofing, shock proof, drop proof, lasts two days


And somehow without knowing it, we have really brought SLR into Nokia smartphones :p huehuehue.



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