Gallery: Seductively Sleek Nokia 6 Arte Black – Could it be prone to scratch like the black iPhone 7?

| March 3, 2017 | 3 Replies

The limited edition Nokie 6 Arte black is a thing of beauty. It’s so odd to consider the 6 moniker places it in the mid-range but it physically feels like such a premium handset.

I definitely think the antenna is much better hidden than on the Nokia 6.

I love how light bounces off it.

The sides are also polished and glossy. It has an insane magnetic field for attracting finger prints. But whilst clean and polished, it looks so classy and sophisticated.

In person it doesn’t look like it’s glossy plastic. 



The back has a mirror shine finish.


This is still anodized aluminium – I think anodized 3 times and then polished?

Like the iPhone 6 Jet Black I hope it isn’t prone to scratches (to the point Apple even suggested putting a case on it)..

This was the only Nokia 6 that I saw with some visible scratches. The others (kept in pockets) had a clean finish.

Comparison with the original 6…

The matte original hides scuffs better.




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  • Arthur

    Have never been a fan of shiny surfaces over their matted counterparts. No matter how an OEM tries to spin their marketing for how they achieved this finish, to me it’s all marketing hoopla and nothing to get excited over. Apart from the finish, I wish the Nokia 6 guts were a bit more high end. It’s even a stretch to consider this mid range with what is currently available in the mid range segment of Android devices.

  • DBS

    I intend to get it but can’t really say if it will scratch or not as i don’t actually intend to use it (no way on Earth I’d use a low-to-mid-range device as a daily driver, let alone when my current one is the S7 which, software-wise alone is much better than the Nokia 6 stock Android).
    But the thing looks so shiny *_*

    I must say though that if I intended to use it, I would probably prefer to go with the blue version which also looks amazing. If the flagship looks this good (but has glass and wireless charging instead of a metal back) I’ll be very happy.

    • SIMO

      And always-on display! Would be terrible if Nokia doesn’t include that considering they brought it to the market.