Perfect President Trump Phone: Gold Plated Nokia 3310 Special Edition, Supremo Putin

| March 4, 2017 | 14 Replies

A well known Russian-Italian boutique brand that sells special edition phones has chosen the new 3310 as the latest to bear the pricey tag. On the back is gold-titanium, embossed with ‘the most popular person in Russia’ (Eldar? :P).

I don’t know if anyone can vouch for this translation:

When you find that an endless flow of information (often negative and not very necessary) pressing on you too much – you know, that we have created the perfect phone: rugged, stylish, not cheap, able to hold a charge long and loud calls. Sometimes it’s really all you need.





The box

The price…

The new 3310 retails for 49EUR, the glamorised 3310 is 1600 EUR – (188% hike). The iPhone 7 caviar versions, about 925 EUR original would go for 2700EUR (98% change).

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    You’re right! What ever happened to eldar?

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Well, unlike mediocre Android, fake security Apple, and utter junk garbage pathetic horrible rancid Windows phone, this Nokia 3310 and it’s antiquated operating system can’t be hacked.

    Nothing cloud based, no viruses, no APN settings, no method of intercepting a call, no data being sent without your knowledge, no microphone or camera recording without your knowledge, etc.

    Damn!!!! Damn I miss symbian! Hearing myself think of how secure the 3310 is makes me feel sentimental towards symbian so much more.
    It’s truly a shame what happened to symbian. Belle FP2 was remarkably phenomenal!

    • This Series 30+ is made by Mediatek and in not the S30 that was made by Nokia. 🙁 Microsoft ruined everything 🙁

    • Systematic Systematic

      I agree with all with one “but”, and a quite significant one. Nowadays all signs on heaven and Earth says after R.Stalman that intercepting (so spying by all means) happens at level of chips, so below any kernel even. Just spying routines most probably are hidden as code built in electronic parts during production phase, and waiting listening for a trigger from…? NSA?etc?other 3 letters agencies? Who knows. I don’t know. And I don’t want to know even.

  • Np

    Looks really cool with President Putin’s picture.

    God Bless President Putin.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Since this has a T9 keypad, I’m really interested to know if Nokia will consider making something similar to the BlackBerry key one. For some reason, the new BlackBerry key one is really growing on me. A lot!

    I remember Nokia did an excellent job with the E71 and E72 and seeing how beautiful, secure, and robust the BlackBerry is, I would really like to see Nokia making a version that is very similar (almost identical). Except, with an AMOLED screen, bigger battery, and dual firing speakers.

    Nokia had something called touch and type and truly believe Nokia can make a version of the BlackBerry key one, albeit a tad bit better.

    Nokia business class – has keyboard like this new BlackBerry.
    Nokia work class – has huge batteries.
    Nokia console class – has software for gaming
    Nokia optics class – is the camera centric powerhouse we’re waiting for.
    Nokia pre class – is for kids, extra rugged, and in various eccentric colors.


    The Nokia N series will take the best attributes of the business, work, and optics classes and give us a true beast of a phone. (In two sizes)

    Love Nokia, systematic , rusty and especially Jay, what do you think about this?
    It’s a stratified formation in many tiers.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Oh!!!!! And most importantly, a proper talk and end button!!!!!

      Where the end button fully closes the app (doesn’t let it linger in the background killing data and battery life and performance) and doubles as the power button.

      This is critical, and extremely important.

      As seen on the left triangle (back) the middle circle (home) and right square (recent apps) on the BlackBerry key one, Nokia can flank both sides of that with actual talk and end buttons (real buttons!)

      Making it work and function just as the phenomenal amazing symbian powered Nokia 808.

      Damn! If Nokia would have made this, along side the 3310 it would shocked the entire phone industry.

      • They need time and resources 🙂 But i would love to see these features in future except that hardware keys lol. I am not used to them any more. 😛 Whenever is use Nokia Lumia 710 i forget that it has hardware keys and not the capacitive ones 😛

        • Systematic Systematic

          hmmm… They had a lots of resources, and burnt them in insane Win marketing. They are adults and if they have a good idea, then can take a credit from a bank, can’t they? Nokia is not a crying baby, its worldwide operating company. So should be considered in this terms, but not in terms of a baby-victim of harassment. And if Nokia wants to get back customers trust – then must deserve for it. Or perhaps nothing has been left from the true old Nokia and today Nokia will never be able to do it. Always will be able to make rubber shoes for glory and fishing.

    • That will be a dream come true 🙂 This will prove that old Nokia is back 🙂

    • Systematic Systematic

      I get the idea but is it compatible with current HMD(Nokia) supposed by? Note 3 5 6 are not differentiated for ” business class – work class – console class – optics class”. They are just ” small – medium – big “And it is hard to evaluate is it right or wrong. One of claims once upon a time was “Nokia don’t have one model combining all advantages of innovations and technology e.g. if you is a photo one it will not play music as good as a music one model etc.etc.” Perhaps now idea is to have one universal so not dedicated to any of classes?

      Do you remember Sony Ericsson P800, P900 advertised as “all-having”? For me one of best Symbian mobiles, and with physical keyboard (910).

      I think “a class” must be now defined as “all-having and 1 or 2 things are above them all” e.g. PV camera and processing.

      And there is one big “but”. Planned obsolescence. One of true Nokia features was durability. You could use 3310 instead of a hummer. But I think those 3-5-6 as they are all Chinese manufacturing will die after “a planned time” I would take on 2-3 years. Just 12-24 months after warranty expires. That will be a new something. Question weather prices will remain “Nokia high level” or will reflect it and will go down. HMD (Nokia) in fact is Chinese producer / manufacturer, not Finn. Finn is only logo.

      And most important factor for me is software. I am not going to use Android. I am definitely and irrevocably for better soft so for Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS. Now HMD (Nokia) does not have anything for me in offer. And I can make a choice of Sailfish OS devices from Sony, Intex, Inoi, Oysters, Accione, Jolla (last but not the least) and two others more. And HMD(Nokia) offers just 3 another generic average mobiles like others on shelves counted in thousands. Hence I am still here but already studying Sony offer which will be mine, if not 8-cores Oysters SF, both with native OEM Sailfish of course. Sailfish is the 3rd ecosystem after iOS and Google’s Android.

      HMD Global(Nokia) has never even get near serious coding/programming/IT. And mobiles presented as Nokia has nothing of this. It is (cheap more or less) Chinese mobile downloaded with naked code of 3rd part and sticked with Nokia logo. True old Nokia was about design, durability (also in software) and innovations. I don’t see this here, that is why “big comeback” is disappointing. And seems perhaps Nokia’s patents, technologies and innovations are still in M$ hands/possession – and this can be real reason why there is nothing so interesting in those 3-5-6. So either it needs to be got back or just built from a scratch or use something new (my option: of course Sailfish) or something else.

      (To be continued, need to go, sorry)

      • We need to give them some time. 🙂 Lets see what they do with their Flagship 🙂

        • Systematic Systematic

          @EricLovesSymbian @LoveNokia
          To give Nokia time for what exactly? They have recent years a lots of time to study&research markets of every kinds, observe trends, read MNB, ask prophets, wizards, cards or cristall balls, or the mirror from SnowFlake. The dark time of M$..t possession was like a sabbatical, have tehy learnt anything? If not then its a waste of time.

          I also kindly remind you that Sailfish is becoming the mass product, as MeeGo was designed for. Nokia have lost a chance for touchscreen and for smartphones in its history. Now Nokia in the same way is wasting its chance for use Sailfish to gain traction to back as a vendor number 1 again.

          Android is everywhere, yes so there is a market, but already there are better players at markets, or bigger sharks in a lake, just bigger, better, faster, more innovative in Android then Nokia, and cheaper.

          Ask yourself such a question: “Do HMD Global(Nokia) products move me, turn me on? What is the most attractive element(s) of them (just one or every of them)?”
          Innovations? hmm… Design?… hmm, maybe a little… just as it use remnants of N9 fabula… Indestructibility? hmm… better use a hammer, really. Internals? hmm… Awesome OS? eeehmm… f..n no! Price? hmm… Whatsmore if anyone would take CPU, memory, screen, Android, etc. parameters – and ask a shop-assistant for such mobile would receive in return a list of similar mobiles, even betters and cheapers.

          I am wiling to bet for this, since recently I asked for joke a shop assistant for “a Nokia mobile” and I was answered “I don’t know that name and never there was such mobile…” [ ?_?/ ] And all mobiles there were Androids… Sad, but true.
          So, what?
          What touches you in fact?
          Just the LOGO. Long awaited, missed and beloved. And the legend behind, memories of glory mobiles, that sparks from the past.

          But what more? [I expect you try to answer this question, it is not a rhetorical question]

          AND how “giving them more time” is to be beneficial for me exactly? And when? (I don’t care to much about mobiles for my grand-gran-grand-grandchildren. Will “give them more time” finally give me Nokia Sailfish device?

          Looking forward for your feedback great audience of MNB, and also looking forward for Nokia Sailfish OS device.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Wow… I actually see your point and hate to think of like this, but i have to agree with you.

        You make some very valid points. Your rationale is without fault and I can see why you would proceed to think this way, while resisting Android.

        At the same time, I think Nokia needs some time to see what is really going on in the phone industry, especially after being out of the phone industry since the Nokia 808.

        An in home optimized software experience is essential to Nokia, that is a fact, but giving us pure stock Android is something that needs to be done to get the ball rolling … Make a little money, and reinvest it into the long term strategy. Seeing how the Russian government and Sony and others are endorsing a non-US operating system is phenomenal!

        Android and Apple (with over 99.3% global smartphone market share) are both made in the US.
        Symbian was incredible, safe, secure, stable, advanced, mature, ad free, optimized, etc. Now, sailfish may in fact be the way forward. But for now, Nokia has no choice other than Android.

        They need to cater to the masses.
        They need to generate revenue in order to be able to incorporate sailfish into their portfolio.