Nokia – Most talked about brand at #MWC @NokiaMobile, mentioned more than LG, Sony and Huawei combined

| March 7, 2017 | 9 Replies

According to brandwatch, Nokia was the most mentioned brand at MWC2017.

Despite worries that Nokia has already released the fizz of excitement in China with regards to their smartphone comeback, it was mostly of course the resurrection of a legendary phone that got tons of people talking.

MWC 2017: The Standout Brands, Tech & Moments On Social


There might have been big giants announcing flagship devices, but a love for the Nokia brand is definitely worth something.

Nokia was of course also involved in 5G and IoT – both of which were the top two categories, mentioned even more than phones. Pretty significant then if despite phones being a significant third, it was a phone brand and a device that was mentioned most.

Now that’s amazing stuff. But as we know from Nokia of the past, it’s all great to have that initial attention and buzz. But for success, we have to continue to capitalize on it.

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  • zlutor

    I’m just wondering how big portion of those ‘Nokia-mentions’ is about 3310.
    2/3? 3/4? 😀

    There must be some marketing genius behind the return campaign…

  • Systematic Systematic

    cooool, so when Sony, Sailfish, Jolla is not mentioned “lower” that means all 3 are mentioned more frequent then Nokia, so “higher”. And note well: every time the origin of MeeGo and Jolla is concerned then ALWAYS word “Nokia” appears. So: a significant part of this stats can reflects every appearance of Sailfish OS in fact. And considering Sailfish is 3rd ecosystem after iOS and Android – this numbers can be related to Sailfish and its neighbourhoods? Yes, they can.

    • Hemedans

      I think Tizen sold more phone than sailfish. Now they have samsung z2 which retail around $50 in my area.

      People love it, it has 4g, people sometime buy it as router,

      • Systematic Systematic

        I haven’t seen in sell any Tizen so far, even asking at Samsung promotional stand. Samsung has made “brutal force merge” of BADA (quite not bed OS) and first MeeGo open code. Finally Tizen is messy as (…) and its primary objective is to serve Samsungs freezers etc, house equipment or mentioned router also. At first I hoped it will be next MeeGo but I have abandoned all hopes about Tizen.
        I think you ought to look at Sailfish dynamic on markets and effects of consequent Jolla’s strategy from 5 years already. There are above 10 different models from at last 5 different vendors. Sailfish is licensed and slowly but everyday increasing its market share. Now it is, openly by 3rd sides, considered as 3rd ecosystem, 3rd sides not focused on Sailfish as I am see here: And this is what I was saying from times of first MeeGo at Nokia N9.

        And now I say that however now Sailfish devices are counted in hundreds of thousands (all over the World) they, Sailfish devices, will be counted in millions in about 10 – 24 months. So in this year or in in next year.

        Tizen will be developed by Samsung, but note that even Intel {which initiated this alliance (Samsung+Intel) just when Elop in his infinite wisdom has butchered MeeGo project} even Intel quit from Tizen alliance as far as I know. Samsung has enough money and enough microwave ovens, freezers, blenders etc. etc where Tizen will be very helpful to make them “smart devices”. Whatever I want none mobile with Tizen as I can have better with Sailfish. That is my point.