Video: Leather clad Nokia C9 – Snadpragon 835 Concept

| March 12, 2017 | 8 Replies

An interesting return of a letter series from Nokia’s past – when teams were so big it wasn’t manufacturer X/Y/Z vs Nokia but different teams competing.


This concept video by Concept creator is a high end luxury device. I wouldn’t mind using this as a new main phone actually.


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  • NOOOOOO!!! I don’t want a Nokia phone to be like this lol.This is far from Nokia design. LOL

    • Systematic Systematic

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      Hough, that I said, period.

  • zlutor

    rather the legendary N9 with aluminium unibody – with original colors -, upper-mid SOC, 3-4GB RAM, 64 GB storage, cca. 5″ ClearBlack AMOLED screen, good+ camera (equivalent or better than the one in N8), big enough battery and optionally Harmattan launcher (not probable due to stock Android concept).

    if released with Sailfish, too – I would preorder it in no second… 😉

    that could be the next killer media hack after 3310 story, many ex-n9 owner would buy it, for sure…

    @Nokia/HMD: if you read it, please, pretty please, make it happen! 😉

    Slogan could be something like this: “Let’s try it again – now without barriers!”

  • zlutor

    yes, it does… 😉

    • Systematic Systematic


      Now without barriers, just with Sailfish OS for all Elopocalypse survivors.

      So when Sailfish OS version of device will be in sell???

  • DBS

    The video is great but the design and the phone is terrible.
    Not only it’s clearly the design of that abortion that is the Lumia 950 with one of the shitty Mozo backs, but it lacks way too much (waterproofing, Qi charging etc) and is way too big. I wouldn’t buy this. Not in a million years.

    I do like the idea of experimenting different materials for the back. But I’d rather see for example real wood. A phone with a mahogany back would be dope. Or stone. That’d be awesome too.

  • SLR

    Another concept video, showing Ziess and a camera button. Fans want these HMD, we want a camera focused phone. Take note please.

    These rounded corners are too Samsung for my liking, though.

  • Systematic Systematic

    Leather clad means that a life was taken to make it. This is the idea I don’t like, and I am not sure if this is the most needed material for mobiles. This is something I don’t like, doesn’t meter for me how nice it could look like.