Nokia flagship with Snapdragon 835 aimed for June, Zeiss no longer on board.

| March 8, 2017 | 23 Replies

GSM Arena reports on a few sources that seem to indicate we might see Nokia and HMD’s flagship device around June.

These would be the ones sporting the Snapdragon 835 – the top chip for 2017 that’s in high demand due to possible hoarding by certain competitors.

At MWC Nokia seemed to hint that they would still want to deliver great camera performances. Whether they still have the expertise to deliver remains to be seen.


The EIS built in to the 835 definitely looks impressive in person. But I only saw it on the phone display and not on anything larger to truly experience how well it stabilises video.

Design wise, if Nokia’s budget/entry/low-mid range devices have premium builds, what can we expect from an actual designated flagship?

Despite all that NokiaMobile says they don’t comment on rumours :p

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • Arthur

    Doesn’t Zeiss or PureView still belong to Microsoft and wasn’t part of the agreement when the Nokia name was released late last year by Microsoft to be used on phones.

    • Nguyen Manh

      Just trademarks, patents belong to Nokia.

      Damn this is what i wanted to hear at MWC! Just something vague to keep our enthusiasm high! What a pity it’s an unofficial leak.

      • We might get the same or upgraded technology but with different name then.

      • PureVision? PureSight? After all Nokia likes “Pure”:)

        • Rocky

          Please not PureSight, remember iSight? πŸ˜‰

        • SIMO

          PureFect πŸ™‚

      • Arthur

        Must be more than just patents if Nokia confirmed that ZEISS tech won’t be used in future devices. If that tech is Nokia patented, they could still theoretically use it without the ZEISS branding which they don’t seem to be doing.

        • Nguyen Manh

          Yeah, Zeiss won’t be there anymore, but it just a brand for Zeiss-certified lens made by Nokia anyway. ClearBlack and PureView will problably be onboard again (ClearBlack-alike tech is used on Nokia 3/5/6 giving very good result). I hope Rich Recording which I love on Nokia 808 will be there too.

          • Systematic Systematic

            Zeiss brand is related to one of the most perfect lens on this Earth. I am wander if they are going to use very promising IMHO technology by OPPO which eliminates digital zooming (which must cause data looses) and allow to use 5x optical zoom which combined with PureView processing would give even more hard to believe perfection then with original PV808. OPPO use prismatic solution which directs light parallel to mobile surface through tele-lens in fact to sensor. This means tele-lens can be in tube as long as a mobile is long, and diameter is limited by thickness of mobile. I would have nothing against if better tele in mobile would cause bigger thickness or a shape like PV808 have for sensor. To my knowledge Karll Zeiss does not have such solution so far, perhaps that has eliminated them, or perhaps they wanted to much money. Or perhaps something in contract with M$.it, or perhaps agreement with OPPO was a part or a condition to enter Chinese market. Or perhaps new Nokia flagmobile will be only a flag-class of HMD Global, so comparable to what they have shown at MWC2017 – just another generic Android something.

            And my constant question: will the next Nokia have Sailfish OS??

            • zlutor

              I do not know but Nokia Mobile liked my tweet:


              • JLIT99


                Well, Android, as much as I’m a fan, struggles on lower end hardware. Might be potential in Nokia using Sailfish in the way they wanted to use Meltemi on Asha hardware, and providing it as a flashable option for the Android phones.

                Do Nokia still own the Harmattan UI and other software?

                • zlutor

                  I hope Harmattan is there but I do not know…

                  Other sw – no idea, maybe at Technologies division?

                  • Systematic Systematic

                    Harmattan UI is (was?) proprietary Nokia closed source. Considering leakages that pattens were “licensed but not sold to” M$ I suppose it still is in Nokia’s possession. However I can’t be sure for 100%.
                    Anyway note that Harmattan was not given or licensed to Jolla when they (founders) have established Jolla Oy. So they, being authors of Harmattan in frames of Nokia’s MeeGo team, have written UI from scratch, from nothiing exactly. But now and even then it is far more developed then Harmattan. And it is continuously developed further, while Harmattan is the same code as it was in the N9. Hence however Harmattan is brilliant and is the class of its own, hence now I prefer Sailfish UI as I recognise in it “much further and better developed Harmatan incarnation”. Simply: Sailfish OS now deserves for description as “MeeGo 2.0”. It is far better by all means, and have much more functionalities, gestures, usability then Harmattan. Nobody has developed Harnmatan since N9 times. That has made huge difference, and by all means logical is only licensing Sailfish, which has established standard which is commonly recognised, then anything else. IMHO.

              • Systematic Systematic

                Lets hope they are reasonable and will notice Sailfish window of opportunity. Sony has noticed IMHO.

                • zlutor

                  to be honest that’s what makes me afraid of not seeing any Nokia device with Sailfish in near future. I think there is no room for Sony AND Nokia in this segment ATM… πŸ™

                  If Nokia was Sony, they would get all the current customer base of current Jolla devices (Jolla C included) and some portion of Aquafish, too – but part/majority of it will go with Sony now. And this segment is limited and hardly justify two players to be there.

                  Except they are calculating with booming the customer base.
                  Or, it really requires (nearly) zero effort from converting an Android capable model to Sailfish variant and it just matter of what OS to be uploaded at the end of manufacturing pipeline…

                  • Systematic Systematic

                    Yes, it really requires relatively small, but not (nearly) zero, effort to port Sailfish to any Android capable model. And yes, when Sailfish is already ported then “it just matter of what OS to be uploaded at the end of manufacturing pipeline.” Why? Thanks to Elopcalipse – Elop in his infinite wisdom has canceled already located order for Symbian mather boards. The same alliance has prepared prototype for Sailfish mobile, and that was NovaThor platform, much more sophisticated then other mobiles of that time including N9. That caused producer has decided to split from 1 alliance to 3 different companies and to finish manufacturing mather boards which were almost all fo Nokia only. That made Jolla in one day has been faced in situation they don’t have HW platform for already fixed public presentation… So, they instead of crying started to work from a scratch meaning to open Google to browse for a hardware and a supplier, just like that. And they did it during 1 month only. Avaialbe was only Android HW so they adopted internals to be ready to use Android standard HW and drivers by HW supplier. And that is why any Android HW fits, just like that. (See about LibHybrids which is part of code for more details).

                    Sailfish customers are already booming, the only stopping factor is lack of devices at market. I think it will be growing, slowly but constantly.

                    I think it will be pretty soon the same as with Android: there are many Android vendors. Sailfish now have about 5 vendors and still demand is bigger then supply. Time will tell we will see.

                    • Systematic Systematic

                      From my above implies that expected 835 flagship in June can be a Sailfish device. Tell me: why am I to wait for Nokia, and for how long?

  • Systematic Systematic

    I remember “ThunderCats” and unforgettable “GIVE ME THE SIGHT!…” through the sword, and that “tele” is still unbeatable I suppose…? πŸ˜‰

  • zlutor

    it would be great to know why….

    Carl Zeiss is super-hero in optics, dropping long lasting – and mutually fruitful – relationship is quite uncommon without fundamental reasons…

  • SLR

    Disappointing honestly. What’s Nokia in these phones? If I wanted a generic android I would have gotten one ages ago.

  • Allen

    I just read somewhere that HMD isn’t removing the use of Carl Zeiss Lenses off the table, only with the announced NOKIA 3, 5, 6.

    Any future NOKIA phone may still get the CZL for its camera

    • SLR

      I think the tweet is very clear.

  • Systematic Systematic

    Yes, indeed you are reasonable and logical. I must agree with you in good faith. But on the other hand I just don’t want to wait, as I wait since 2011 already. I just don’t want. And note that thanks to Sailfsh design to get a new device, to prepare it from scratch, needed are from 4 weeks minimum up to 3 months maximum – to obtain fully operational and ready for manufacturing, with all features etc.. (note that this is thanks to Sailfish technology and also thanks to this Jolla was able to show Sony Xperia X Sailfish device during MWC2017).
    Counting total: ATM I see for me no benefits in waiting any longer till Nokia do me a favour and see my money that I am wiling to spend on Sailfish OS device. And many others like me exactly.