Clarification: Zeiss not ruled out; @NokiaMobile says ‘current’ line up doesn’t but stay tuned for more announcements

| March 15, 2017 | 15 Replies

This may clarify things a bit more or possibly confuse. We do love a will they won’t they at Nokia.

The initial story suggested that Nokia Mobile wouldn’t be using Carl Zeiss anymore. A tweet a few days ago on the 9th said that what they meant by that was that current range didn’t have CZ.


Later in the evening at 10:39pm says they won’t be using CZ in their new range but they have apparently invested in excellent imaging solutions. Now is that the new product range already announced (as per clarification above)? I guess so since they also specify that they don’t comment on rumours for upcoming devices (other than noting possible vague thigns like investments into excellent imaging solutions). Who knows?

Cheers @sefriol for the tip!


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  • Even Lenovo copied Nokia’s Lumia Camera app on their Moto G5 Plus ๐Ÿ™ Y can’t HMD use it in new Nokia phones ๐Ÿ™

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      For the most part, you and I seem to agree on a lot of things, especially the betterment of Nokia.

      You’re always very polite and friendly and positive. All great things.

      So, this comment is completely unrelated to this topic, but I wanted to share it with you. I just read an article that said Kantar World panel conducted a worldwide test and they have officially told the world to say rest in peace to Windows 10 Mobile.

      They said that we only have iOS and Android. (Except for 4.4% nonsense in Italy). Otherwise, that horrible rancid junk pathetic garbage operating system referred to as Windows phone is universally hated worldwide.

      That pile of garbage elop should repent! He should go on public record and apologize from all the Nokia fans that had symbian at that time.

      What disruption? What next billion?

      The burning platform which is far worse than symbian ever was is Windows phone.

      The facts are the facts. Symbian had roughly 5-8% penetrance in the market at that time, if not more! Windows Mobile has less than .01% at this time.

      Symbian was truly ahead of its time. Stable and safe. No background data transmission would occur like on Android, no auxiliary mic surveillance, no ads, and the list goes on…

      What a shame. Symbian was light years ahead of so many other operating systems!

      • simo simo

        I’d take Windows Phone over iOS any day. There is no evidence to support the claim that Windows Phone is “universally hated.” Exposure and marketing are everything, that’s the only reason marketshare was never terribly high. Otherwise iOS would be nothing. Obviously the currently numbers are attributed to the fact that there’s no new Lumia hardware and what little WP marketing was done has completely ceased. Microsoft absolutely sucked at marketing Windows Phone and getting developers on board. I could easily argue that Windows Phone was ahead of its time. Countless UXs adopted live tile-like interfaces, always-on virtual assistance, etc. Windows Phone was first to the market with a number of things and had the highest satisfaction rate among OS users.

        That said, I’m happy to see Nokia on Android, mainly because of app support. I have no problems with Symbian and loved MeeGo, but the former did become quite clunky in its final days.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          Wonderful response! Thanks!

          Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Windows Mobile has been known since before 2007. It was revamped, overhauled, and it shacked up with our beloved Nokia. In doing so, it almost killed Nokia’s image.

          Ever since Feb 2012 when that horrible memo was uncovered, Nokia’s dominance in the phone industry has gone down.

          Numbers don’t lie. These are facts. If it was not universally hated, then perhaps saying it was not universally accepted might be more accurate.

          I never embraced the notion that Nokia went with Windows. Hopefully we can all think of it as the 808, then the Nokia 6.

          You’re right about exposure and marketing. So the third most powerful company (after apple and Google) can’t market? They have incredibly deep pockets but no matter how much bait they put out there, no one was fooled, no one cared, no one took it seriously.

          About iOS, yes, it’s for brain-dead people that just want ease of use. But, it works. The OS just works. It’s stable and the upgrade cycle doesn’t screw over all the customers from 8 months prior. (Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 8.1)

          Will continue…

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            If market share and hate don’t correlate, then how can anyone in any industry gauge the market?

            If it’s loved, people buy it, spread the word. If it’s not accepted (hated), it is shelved.
            From the world market, this seems to have happened to Windows 10 mobile , etc.

            About meego. It was awesome but due to hidden agenda and a self sabotaging path, windows was pushed, meego and symbian were killed. Meego was not hated. But how many devices were green lighted? It’s truly unfortunate but people weren’t given a choice. They didn’t say phasing out, or new direction, that vile horrible diarrhea as a child man elop, put everything in a coffin, hollowed out Nokia, and helped in the acquisition. Then was given a bonus upon his return.

            About what you said, no new Lumia phones. Well, supply and demand. If the Lumia was so high quality and so powerful and so wonderful, they would retain their value. Case in point, the 808 appreciated in value in 2013, 2014, and first part or 2015.

            The Lumia phones all crumbled and crashed and nose dived. In the US, they were being given away and no one wanted them. They were on Amazon for 60-85% off the MSRP, and still had a bunch in stock. So again, supply and demand. The overwhelming majority of people didn’t care about any phone with Windows operating system.

            Will continue…

            • EricLovesSymbian

              EricLovesSymbian says:

              You mentioned highest satisfaction.

              When the pool is super small, numbers can be manipulated. Statistics can be scewed in any direction the study dictates.

              Take for instance:
              Car A has a 87% loyalty and they will always return to buy another.
              Car B has a 95% loyalty and they will always return to buy another.

              My question for you… Which is better? Just cuz some stupid test out there mentioned one small snippet of info, doesn’t mean Windows matters. So which is it? You may pick the higher number but wait. Here is the other part.
              Car A is a Toyota Camry and it sold 410,000 cars in a year.
              Car B is the Subaru crosstek xv hybrid and it sold 3,800 cars in a year.

              So is 95% of 3800 more valuable, or is 87% of 410,000 more valuable?

              One car is the only hybrid AWD in the US (so it doesn’t have competition). The other is the number one selling car for about 12-15 years.

              Hopefully you see my point…

              Will continue…

          • Systematic Systematic

            You have mentioned the effect but hasn’t named it: it is the elop effect, a kind of osborne effect.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          Just wanted to clarify.
          In no way was I arguing with you.
          Just two Nokia enthusiasts having a nice mature conversation.

          I hope you didn’t take my reply as something confrontational.

        • Systematic Systematic

          WP has burnt out all Nokia’s cash for marketing, and despite that was insane expensive and massive, still WP failed as it was just worse by all means. Otherwise it would not caused Nokia’s almost-bankruptcy and today it would dominate over iOS and ANdroid combined together. But it has never happened. Every product has a life cycle. M$ artificially keeps WP alive from decades already, feeding it with money from other resources but not WP incomes, they never were enough to cover costs. I recognise in this situation signs unfair competition. This repeats from decades since Windows was introduced in mobile market, and always M$ partners were finally either bankrupted or had moved to OS other then Windows. e.g. see story of Nortel, almost the same has been repeated with Nokia recently. During Elopcalypse there was even a time where to Lumias were given free Xbox console – but even this hasn’t help (Xbox was in use, while Lumia was at eBay as cheap mobile).

          You should know that live tiles concept in WP was taken from MeeGo and Sailfish UI which introduced this BEFORE any WP. They are also known now under name Silica. But the idea was invented in Sailfish and just WP has adopted it to “live tiles” and not vice versa.

          WP always was using strategy of imitating ideas, even when sometimes they were better engineered still that was a kind of copying. like eg live tiles imitate silicas, or Cortana imitates iOS assistant, UI elements very very often reminds elements widely used in various Linuxes. Jobs always claims Windows to use iOS ideas instead looking for own solutions.

          WP from decades has around 1% of market share, or below, what suggests that corpo users like eg. M$ employees have “irrevocable duty” to use it.

          Windows in mobile market from decades fails again and again, and there were several agreements like M$-Nokia with other partners which always had had similar finish as that one with Nokia.

          Its not marketing, its just worse product in case of WP failure.

      • You don’t like Lumia Camera on Nokia Lumia phones too??

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          To be perfectly honest, if the Nokia N8 and Nokia 808 didn’t exist, then I would surely agree with you.

          But because they were both out far before Windows phone mobile, and seeing the incredible failure that Windows Mobile was, I really can’t say.

          If someone never had the 808, and never used symbian, I could understand how ground breaking the Lumia 1020 would have been.

          But, that’s not the case.

          It was just a rehash of the 808 with some extra features and newer technology.

          Sorry man, I don’t mean to sound so bitter..

      • zlutor

        look at that 4.4% next year when Nokia phones will be available in Italy again…

        Italy is a Nokia country – at least, it was… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          I hope so…
          Hopefully they can forget about the somewhat deadly blunder, and going forward, people can start buying Nokia phones again. Albeit, this time, with an operating system that can actually compete.

          I still believe going Android would have been more financially wise and keeping symbian for the low end.

          • zlutor

            Nokia should have not joined tge ecosystem war – especially playing Apple: one against all…

            Sw was never stronghold of Nokia phones – except camera – but the hw quality. They should make great, ‘generic’ hw and upload thw OS at the end of manufactoring pipeline according to the actual demand…

            If they did so there were Nokia, Samsung and Apple at the top (in whatever order), owning 99% of profit…

      • Nguyen Manh

        I kinda hated S60 but then I switched to Android 5 years ago and now I can say S60 is “butter smooth” in comparation of that pile of frustration called Android. Mid range or flagship, OS update/patchs or custom ROMs, nothing can stop Android phones from lagging after 1/2-1 year. The only reason I would not use 808 PV as primary for now is slow web browser+ no LTE, otherwise is a whole another world- a very pleasant one.
        IMO the reason why WP failed is not only marketting. Or small amount of apps. It’s also about UI- WP has a very weird looking home screen and scroll-based apps menu. While is not necessary bad it’s very confusing for new users who are used to Android/iOS or in my case Symbian S60 (!). It’s never attracted me and was the reason why I switched to Android. I really love Symbian Belle but nothing can be done to revive it anymore, but I’am looking forward to Nokia Sailfish phones- keeping the N9/MeeGo dream going (C’mon Nokia even Sony decided to support Sailfish).