EverythingApplePro Impressed with Nokia 6; Drop test vs Original Nokia 3310

| March 16, 2017 | 31 Replies

EverythingApplePro does a drop test on the Nokia 6 against the classic Nokia 3310.
He’s initially quite impressed with what Nokia offers in the 6 – all very premium features at an affordable price.
We’ve seen a few durability tests on the 6 already and others have already crowned it as one of the most durable handsets of 2017.
As heard in the video – definitely the Nokia DNA going on there.


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  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Extremely painful to watch, yet very descriptive.

    • zlutor

      fully agree, it is torture! on the other hand, absolutely impressive…

      [how on eart it could be economical to destroy a brand new device for some clicks on yt?!]

      • He gets a lot of views 🙂

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          More views = more revenue

          But, if he is true to his mission, he’d put apple phones up against Nokia.
          Unfortunately, the millions of brain-dead mindless cell phone video game playing iOS fanatics will drive him crazy with vile comments. Apple fanatics can’t bare to see their beloved eye candy iPhone being punished and losing.

          I respect apple as a company, the stability of its OS, the capital it raised, but hate the crippled handicapped OS. No back button? Really?

          • Fadi

            Out of curiosity why do you keep on starting your messages with “EricLovesSymbian says:” We all know who’s saying it.. xD

            • EricLovesSymbian

              EricLovesSymbian says:

              Didn’t proof read. Too many spelling errors.

              I will lead you thru my thought…

              With paper, meaning money, cash, no credit cards. I pay bills in person, no checks, etc… (Except for car and mortgage)

              Oh… And it’s saved on my android dictionary suggestions line. So every time I click to comment, I tap on

              EricLovesSymbian says:

              And it just pops up.

            • EricLovesSymbian

              I replied three times…
              It’s not letting me post my comment (that contains the answer)

            • EricLovesSymbian

              Fadi, I tried to reply to you several times but for some reason, it won’t let me.
              I had to delete a word and then, it left the comments under love Nokia below.

            • EricLovesSymbian

              Lol… I’m actually smiling / laughing… Lmao

              Reason why is probably the stupidest thing you’ll hear all day.

              I honestly have no answer. But will try tolead you thru my thought process.

              Here it goes… I dislike social media and do everything on paper, with paper. Even with my patients notes, I document the entire encounter on paper, then transcribe it in the EMR system due to a federal mandate by the US government (October 2015).

              As such, I never cared for Face book or emails, etc. I had to learn how to use Android because my beloved symbian was force given a death sentence. So I bought a bunch of Android phones in the past 2.5 years and tried my best to make them resemble symbian as best I could.

              Part 2 below

            • EricLovesSymbian

              Part 2

              Seeing this site become empty and Jay becoming super busy with other priorities and his buddies not picking up the slack, I wanted to reinvigorate this site somehow.

              I didn’t care for an account or an email or sign or log in, so I realized that this new dis qus thing let’s us comment as a guest.

              At the time, I didn’t fully understand how this whole thing worked. I wanted it to be known that I have favoritism towards symbian, and two, it just stuck.

              I saw no reason to stop …

              In short, I honestly have no real answer. It’s perhaps a silly joke.
              I dunno…

              Should I stop?

              • Fadi

                My comment wasn’t intended to ask you to stop doing that or anything, I was just curious as I thought it was a bit odd.. haha. 😀 Thank you for replying back to me though! <3

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        He makes money after 10,000 then more money after 100,000 , then a lot more after 1,000,000…

        Then, after having multiple listings on his page with over a million views, advertisers will pay him a premium.

        It’s very impressive indeed…

      • Nguyen Manh

        It’s not just to his benefit. His channel got big viewer base too so a good ads for Nokia.

    • Why doesn’t he test Nokia 6 with iPhone 7/7+ lol…. He won’t do it 😛

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        This apple guy should put his beloved Apple phones against Nokia’s youngest star.

        Let’s see how the iPhones compare.
        Also, while he’s at it, I wanna see him do the same exact test with the Galaxy s8 and LG g6.

        All this hype and all these leaked photos, etc. Let’s message this guy and have him do a head to head to head.

        Galaxy s8 vs. LG g6 vs. iPhone 7 (or 7 plus, I honestly don’t care)

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Oh, and one more thing… Funny how apple phones would bend when they used 6000 series aluminum. That’s why Apple now uses 7000 series.

        Well, this tank of a Nokia phone, still uses the softer 6000 series aluminum, bit look at how phenomenal it holds up.

        Simply incredible… But still painful to watch. Seriously

  • EricLovesSymbian

    I answered it but both of my comments were deleted, or not posted, or aren’t uploading.

    Not sure what’s going on.
    I have three tabs open on opera to cut and paste if it doesn’t to it

    • Systematic Systematic

      Sadly I can tell you: this is called censorship. Perhaps you have written something against rules or rude or vulgar or breaking Human Rights – then it would be justified censorship. Or you have written something against interests of sides having enough influence that fear of them triggered a censorship, but unjustified if that was a case.
      Normally when admin use its rights to moderation leaves instead of deleted post own post explaining reason of deletion showing which exactly point in rules caused this or other clear reason like vulgarity or breaking Human Rights or propagating violence, intolerance, inequality, religious propaganda against others etc.. That is called justified moderation, or moderation at all. Deleting without any explanation (even “I don’t like that language and that is my blog so it will not be acceptecd”) is censorship.
      Best advice IMHO: think it over and rephrase your opinion to be acceptable and still communicating clearly your position. “Sad but true” – Metallica.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        I always try my best to write proficiently and properly.

        I believe it’s censorship in this case.

        But I honestly have no idea what I could have possibly written.

        I cut it up into two parts and deleted an emoji.
        Then both parts went through.

        But regardless, thank you for the info.


        • Y didn’t you start with EricLovesSymbian says???

          • Systematic Systematic

            Because of humbleness in genes and from training in childhood?? 😉

            • Systematic Systematic

              hmmm there above was missed “failed” what make th whole post senseless – sorrrrry ;-(….

  • Systematic Systematic

    I have a fundamental doubt about that video. Why he compares old 3310 with something else then current the new 3310? This comparison is senseless for me. Waste of good mobiles for fun but for me this is not a good (fair?) comparison as two different, and to different, devices are compared – similar devices, so old 3310 and new 3310 are not compared. Also note 3310 have replaceable covers so must be disassemble-able so splits when falling, while the other is not – also that is why I think this is not quite fair comparison at video, not quite comparable devices are compared. Anyway video as such is worth to see and really professionally recorded – I suppose that was or could be produced with the order or the support from a marketing department, but this is not mentioned anywhere – so if that would be a case then it would be unfair IMHO as content suggest it was made by community of fans only.

    • Y would HMD marketing department choose EverythingApplePro??

      • Systematic Systematic

        How could I know? 😉 Don’t you over estimate me?
        I have only pointed what seems strange to me with this “comparison” of incomparable devices.
        Well, I don’t have to understand everybody doing something in the internet.

        My point is that it ought to be the new 3310. Perhaps, simply it is not as durable as the old one and/so/hence would not survive comparison. Can’t express that more straight 😉 And that is “perhaps a conspiracy theory” of comparing. 😀

        • LOL I was not asking you. I meant to say y would HMD Global ask an Apple related channel to do such stuff and that too torturing their phones lol.

          • Systematic Systematic

            LOL u’ve made me think about it again and again. And finally (even not being asked) I’ve found an idea that there are no Nokia related channels alive after elopcalypse and they needed a clip to be noticed? Y to destroy and expensive device when nobody would see this? And this way it was even linked in MNB. What do u think about this reasen?

    • zlutor

      because original 3310 is THE indestructible phone, period.

      if N6 failes – well, failed against the king, if keeps up wow! but if it happens to be more durable than a 3310 – that IS something…

      comparing N6 with new 3310 would not give any value, comparing new 3310 with the old one and seeing it failing – and you can bet old one would win – would ruint reputation of new one, too…

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    For sure…
    Smiley face emoji

  • Wain

    Hey Guys. I love Nokia phones and I still use a 6303i as my day to day phone. I had an 1100 and a 3310 but for my use the 6303i is best with its speaker phone and media player, all in a rugged little thing that stays charged and doesn’t mind getting dusty or even a bit damp now and again. But I’m about to go even further off topic. I’ve just got a Lumia 1020, just for the amazing camera, and its a pretty useful tablet too. My problem is that Apple and Microsoft have decided to take down all the apps I’d like to try with it. And only six months after Microsoft printed the latest User Manual where the Apps are recommended. If anyone can put them up on a file sharing site or message me so we can arrange a direct connection then please help! Ta
    I’m looking for three apps:
    Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac
    Windows Phone App
    (both for Mac computers),
    and Tapshoot for Windows phone.

  • B.Srikanth

    The durability tradition still lives. Peace.