Is your phone too big to fly with? Nokia Lumia 1520 owners and Co..

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You may have read about the introduction of a device flight ban. At the moment it’s from only certain airlines flying from certain countries.

The UK has set some specific rules on device sizes. Any remaining Nokia Lumia 1520 users going from certain countries in certain airlines will be required to out their 1520 in the main baggage hold and out of cabin access.

Six UK carriers:

Eight overseas carriers:


According to news today, such practice would only work with widespread consistencies between countries and airlines. So this might just be a trial for a broader flight tech ban.


What about portable chargers? Not that you’d need them as much as you’d be using less tech  but you can’t put them in your main luggage. Though laptops are still OK :/

It’s even more important now to have bezel free, long life phones.

Source: BBC


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  • pity seeing almost no comments here .i remember this place back in its hayday .There were so many comments,gossip and this site used to make dynamic impact on world tech news .

    Well lets hope it does it again after rebirth of Nokia !

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      That’s because we had janne and code error and a bunch of others that either had valid info, or those who stirred the pot, keeping us on our toes.

      Jay would occasionally reply back to many posts and seeing the owner of this site actively participate, gave people the incentive to continue …

      Then Nokia made the fatal error of getting rid of the incredible phenomenal operating system symbian, and downgraded to Windows whatever …
      People lost hope in Nokia and moved on.
      People from this site tried and tried to make others embrace this new I’ll conceived change, but to no avail…

      The masses couldn’t be fooled. No one cared to discuss Nokia with Windows operating system.
      Even the owner of this site took a leave of absence for several months, due to complete abandonment of Nokia caring to satisfy it’s customers.

      Going Windows phone whatever was a fatal error…

      Now that Nokia has woken up and realized that Android is the only viable option at this time, this site may slow lick up again and have educated people making comments that are worthy of ready like before…

      • Systematic Systematic

        hmmmm…. Symbian and Linux MeeGo IMHO. I am afraid with Android Nokia will not reach its previous achievements. As this is just another Android among many others. But Linux MeeGo Sailfish is opportunity for Nokia connecting people again. And do techno-magic and things that are not possible with Android. After effects of Nokia comeback I am not sure if Noka has woken up.

        • manu

          The world has settled down ios and Android. sailfish is a failed os just like Windows Ubuntu mobile etc no one will buy nokia sailfish phones .

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Perhaps… But no one knows what the future holds.
            As government agencies realize how dangerous Apple and Android operating systems are, they may slowly migrate towards sailfish (like the Russian government recently endorsing it) etc…

            Yet, it would be fascinating to see a phone similar to the galaxy s8 or S7 edge running sailfish…

            As long as the screen is AMOLED, we’re all good.

            • Systematic Systematic

              @ Rocky
              Forgive me Rocky I don’t know that story you mentioned about BB 10 or Amazon so I don’t see relevance, relations or similarities.

              Counts that you can use software that you want or need and that it is serving you as you expect, not how it is named. And so also does Sailfish OS. (Nokia now base only on Android AFAIK) Idea to support Android apps on Sailfish (so to built-in Alien Dalvik by Myrriard) was a community idea and was to be a tool to support those who strongly wants a particular software which was not yet ported to Sailfish. But this is not a necessity but a possibility. You can download this, Android support, mount and use, or simply not use it. eg. I don’t use it, simply I don’t need, and it does not mean that if I would need I would not use it. I can do it with Sailfish, with Windows or Android I would be limited only to what I would be allowed by huge corpo. Sailfish therefore is also a freedom of choice.

              This smart use of Linux MeeGo Sailfish possibilities assured that in the day of launch Jolla smartphone even that time had solid and significantly bigger software base. It is only about having awareness of those possibilities or ask about them Sailfish users or community.

              hmmm… people weak up! Sailfish uses following stores for its purposes: (1) for native Sailfish apps and Android apps THAT has been tested by Jolla team so testers from Jolla not from community, gathering developers, disadvantage is that for unknown reason it dos not serve payments what does not mean there are no paid software for Sailfsh – well this is foggy for unknown to me reasons (native store by Jolla, but seems to me the policy is that it is not intended to be the main and the only one store (2) Google Play store for Android apps (3) Yandex store for Android app
              (4) Amazon store – frankly haven’t tried it yet, I think this is for Sailfish native and Android apps, and all the rest there.

              I suppose pretty soon we can find out a new one and bigger then we now suppose in China. just along with new Sailfish devices including watches and other particular applications.

              Fact is that Sailfish OS users don’t have problems with software, and many use only native software – despite repeated by non-Sailfish users “false song” again and again “there is no software for Sailfish”. There is software and day by day number of soft is growing – that’s the way it is. Otherwise I would be one of firsts claiming for this, but there is no such a need. Hence saying so “false song” is unreasonable, especially when OS users are using soft needed for them, and are satisfied..

              Of course if you take a software “X “in exact version “Y” dedicated to the device “Z”, or something similar like that, then you may find that it does not exists as native Sailfish OS version or a particular game with controls located out of screen range will be unusable with a particular model; of Sailfish device, but it does not change greater overall picture. Example: you can launch and use whole LibreOffica LOOo or OpenOffice OOo on a Sailfish smartphone if you want, however to small screen of smartphone disturbs in serious work of course. Anyway quick use anywhere is very useful – believe me. And I completely don’t care if a mentioned above “particular game” will launch or not – don’t care at all. I have useful software that I need and don’t care about useless which perhaps is not needed by anybody.

              What I wanted to say is that Sailfish is alive OS, developed actively, used widely (globally in fact), and managed wisely by experienced people together with community. That assures we, common users and not developers or geeks, have all we need in everyday life from Sailfih OS and Sailfish software. That is value itself. I tried and I have never regretted, and also I will never back to worse Android OS. I prefer my comfort in real life over repeated Android this Android that. The same was about Symbian, and Symbian now is gone. Also Windows, and Windows is gone. Also with Tizen and now Tizen is in the deeep s…t as completely vulnerable for attacks see here Android also not so user-friendly as Sailfish. Try Sailfish OS. Better, faster, more fun – by all means.

          • Systematic Sysatematic

            It is only your own World with limitations of limits of your own mind. The real world is buying Sailfish, and plenty users would buy Nokia Sailfish, including e.g. me.

            You deny progress and facts but this is only your problem like e.g. when you believe he Earth not a sferic. Dream on..

        • Rocky

          Symbian and MeeGo can’t help. People need apps, and Symbian or MeeGo (or Sailfish) can’t deliver it now. Nokia need regain their market first, and after they back to the top 5, maybe they can experiment with Sailfish, just like what Samsung do with Tizen. If using Sailfish now with Android apps on it, then what makes it different than an Android?

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            As much as I’m gonna hate myself for saying this, I have no choice but to agree with you at the moment…

            It’s sad, but true… As of 3/25/2017, Android is the only viable option as iOS is Apple only, as Windows is rightfully dead and forgotten.

            Perhaps, sometime in the future, Symbian can come back as a type of wearable (like Tizen powered watches) or on a smart TV (such as WebOS from Palm that LG uses on its TV’s)….

            But for the time being, the only choice that makes sense is Android.

          • Systematic Systematic

            That is not true.

            At start Linux MeeGo Sailfish as full Linux can use:
            – some MeeGo software when controls are compatible (now irrelevant as there are newer soft or replacements as Qt projects can be made native Sailfish in exactly 1 afternoon)
            – native Sailfish software
            – uncounted repositories of Linux software both sources for compilation or compatible binaries
            – whole Android (because Android is castrated Linux with Dalvik while Sailfish is full Linux with Alien Dalvik)
            That means that Sailfish has even bigger and wider software base than Android in fact.
            And Sailfish software is still growing as number of devices is growing, so market for developers is growing. Over 10 different models from at last 7 different vendors including such well known like Sony. The future looks better and better, every day.

            Symbian suffered for mess in the Nokia shop when devs were publishing software but customers could not find them, so “no software” what was not true. And also some others old Nokia sins.

            • Rocky

              The point is, what’s make sailfish different, if it just running Android apps? I know sailfish is powerful, but it wouldn’t funny if sailfish Run play store for it’s main app store, or even worst those app store like amazon etc. BlackBerry 10 is a best example.

  • Worst part about this situation (sarcastically) is that the flight from Chicago to Jordan is 13 hours…. No tech on that flight is pretty horrible.

  • Banderpop

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind this restriction. Functionally there’s barely anything separating these things besides processing speeds and the comfort of larger screens and keyboard. Is it because something else could be concealed in the metal chassis of a larger device? If so then I don’t know why battery packs aren’t mentioned, and as Jay said batteries aren’t allowed in hold baggage so they have to be carry-on.

    Then there’s things that might not be considered to be phones, tablets or laptops, like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita or HP Elite x3 Lapdock.

    Maybe it’s a shattered glass screen thing, but displays are so thin and brittle that I doubt it.

    • Systematic Systematic

      The most sad about this is that this are precautions against those who might try to sacrifice others life in favour of following after madness of own sick mind. Those who would try to pretend that is good or accepted or wanted by God having what-any name, they ought to be reminded that life is one of the most important creation by God, so with destroying any life they destroys God’s creation and pretend they are in power to act like they would be God, what actually is act of blasphemy, and acting against will of the creator of life. This is for consideration for every believers and non believers, no meter how they name God or in what language they used to prey.

      I suppose the physical dimensions of device allow to hide elements that can be assembled or used, hence create a serious threat. This can be a knife or something else. However also this can be against situation of turbulences or “atmospheric howls”, when every not attached things suddenly “flies” and in such case big dimensions and weight could cause serious injuries if would hit somebody.

      • Systematic Systematic

        From what I’ve hear recently in electronic devices of restricted dimensions could be hidden explosives, so serious threat. And that’s all about in fact.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    It’s 4/18/17

    Is anyone here experiencing this post as the most recent post?
    I can’t find anything more recent than 3/22/17…

    • Yes. Me too from past 1 week or so. The recent posts are gone.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    You’re awesome!
    Thanks buddy.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with this site.