Nokia Smartphones to appear in Europe Q2 2017, Clove UK says June

| March 21, 2017 | 10 Replies

The likes of the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 are expected to be available second half of Q2 2017 according to NokiaMob. Info is from Tomislav Himbele, Head of Marketing for Eastern Europe at HMD Global.


I read it initially as second half of 2017 and that really made me feel like the old Nokia was back making phones again (aka massive delay from announcement to availability).

Mid-May to early June might be expected dates. That’s still a couple of months or three of waiting. I checked to see when they might be coming to the UK (if they haven’t already, as I’ve been mega busy at work and may have missed some news). Clove UK have a landing page for the 6 expected in June. I don’t know if they already set that information themselves.

I feel there’s been a massive void between announcement and availability. I don’t think the Chinese version of the Nokia 6 waited this long to be in consumer hands?

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • Systematic Systematic

    Very nice! Will this version have Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS?? When it will b with Sailfish OS, I will buy it! (As all we know if there is Android version for the hardware then it is certain that this hardware, kernel and drivers from hardware manufacturer are Sailfish ready and Sailfish can be used as primary native OS – so, it is only a question of will because all tech aspects are ready to use) Or if they will sell just a the hardware without OS but cheaper I can buy it and launch Sailfish OS myself.
    So, Nokia when Sailfish OS device??

    • zlutor

      fingers crossed bootloader will be open for all new Nokia devices – as it was so back then with N900, N9, N950…

  • Systematic Systematic

    I think this is fair. They don’t feel shame of own creation. And I also think that mean behind that stand real people, just like MeeGo Team was standing behind the legendary N9. I suppose HMD can be Nokia brand, and with HMD can be associated certain values or a class of devices. Perhaps.

    I am curious weather it has CE certificate (but not any China Export, I mean European certificate)
    Anyway, this is not any Finnish Nokia, right?

    And we will see if bootloader will be open. Nokia or HMD ought to do the same what Sony has done, and we will have Sony Sailfish devices. I am more then sure there would be plenty customers who would like to get HMD (Nokia) mobile hardware skipping AOSP in favour to normal Sailfish OS, which can serve better all Nokia services – what should be noted and underlined. That is what this OS was designed for, it is in its DNA and still can be fruitful for Nokia and all interested in sides, especially including customers.

    • Systematic Systematic

      To be absolutely clear: thanks to internal design Sailfish OS can use drivers and kernel provided by manufacturer for given hardware – what means that Sailfish OS was adopted to use (legally) drivers etc. for Android hardware, a hence Sailfish can be used with any device which uses Android. And don’t doubt in that HMD Global (Nokia) Android devices can run Sailfish OS as primary OS – this is certain, and technically possible by default.

      HMD(Nokia) you have possibility to make your customers base wider then you can even think. Don’t loose your chance to earn money and win new loyal customers. You have everything needed for Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS.

      • Is it easy to install Sailfish OS on Sony devices or Nokia devices(if supported) for those who don’t have technical knowledge to do so??
        If yes, will Sailfish OS run smooth on Nokia 5??

        • zlutor

          AFAIK thete will be Sony devices running Sailfish out of the box as next Jolla community devices:

          I feel really sorry not seeing Nokia devices in this role because it is a once-in-years opportunity (Jolla One is old, Jolla C camera is POS), almost all owners who plan to continue with Sailfish will buy one…

          • Systematic Systematic

            I think differently but we will see.

        • Systematic Systematic

          Yes it is, there are so called ports for this. Listed by models with images and instructions “how to” here . Or you can prepare own, using instructions in Hardware Adaptation Kit here

          I have no doubts that Sailfish will run smooth on Nokia 5 hardware. Read above links to find out if your technical knowledge is enough.

        • Systematic Systematic

          You need some skills, but people al over World do it. Sailfish run smooth with such specs as Nokia 5, and also with those of specs 10 times worse, so I have no doubts and I think you don’t need to worry about this at all. We will see with first YouTube clip with Sailfish on Nokia 5, and you can evaluate it yourself.

  • Rocky

    HMD Global Oy
    Karraporti 2 Finland
    Made in China

    they also mention their address btw 😀
    and for “Made in China”, iPhone also wrote that.