Countdown.Symbian.Org: 108 – Secret over at Symbian #symbiancountdown

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Last night, Symbian tweeted about a Symbian countdown, which you can now see over at

It’s not like last week with an actual clock counting down; all we can see here is a static 108 and tweets that use the hashtag #Symbiancountdown

What does it all mean?

October 8? August 10? 108 units of time? 108 countries? Countdown for what? New device/Symbian^2/3? Who knows. On the horizon, something’s happening update wise with Nokia Messaging today. Also: new firmware of the N97’s supposed to be coming tomo, 28th right?

[update, scroll down, for some reason we’re now at 61 and we’ve got rainbows, unicorns and hello kitty :S]

If you check out Dan McNeil’s tweet:

“Did you know that 108 is the hyperfactorial of 3? ie. (1^1)*(2^2)*(3^3) = 108 #symbiancountdown

For n = 1, 2, 3, 4, … the values H(n) are 1, 4, 108, 27648

Symbian^1, Symbian^2, Symbian^3? S^1, S^2, S^3? Are we counting down for the new Symbian Foundation OS/ and revamped UI?

But today’s the 27th January 2010, and we all know there’s been a whole other huge countdown a lot of other people have been waiting for today.

10 AM, Pacific time. That’s what…18:00 GMT? Be prepared, Job’s Hype Machine is on the prowl. Damn tablet speculations end today. [McGraw-Hill CEO, Terry McGraw, confirms it is just an oversized iPhone…or words to that effect]

Update: For some reason we now have 61 and Unicorns, rainbows and hello kitty.

The more you click, the more unicorns and rainbows appear. What the Michael Hell?!

Update: Now at 49. Nothing clickable this time.

Update 29-01-10: Now at 48.

Update 01-02-10: Now at 36


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