MyNokiaBlog reaches 2 Million views with 300,000 in June! Thank you for reading our blog!

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MyNokiaBlog HQ Party - haha, no, this is a flickr Upload by Linked In Crew

I can’t believe we’ve reached the 2 million mark (just ticked over early this morning), with a MyNokiaBlog record of 300,000 views in June. Those are some big milestones for us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks for visiting, reading our posts (putting up with the barrage of N8 stuff :p), RTing our tweets, linking to our posts, voting in our polls and even taking part in our comments section.

We really appreciate the support! We only just went over 200,000 in May and that was one huge fluke! No way did I think we’d match May let alone ever reach 300,000. Big thanks to Nokia (thanks to our news sources!)  for making it much easier to write about you guys (and in a positive light too, not just annoyed rants). That means we’re officially in Alexa’s top 100,000. Despite Nokia’s missing presence in the US, our largest audience by region are Americans. Apparently, 19% of people are our regular audience, but make up 43% of the traffic; 81% of passers by make up 54% and <1% of mynokiablog “addicts” (qc’s wording) comprises 3%. So thanks all!

Whether some of that is unintentional with the “leaks” (RM-626 is sooo slim!) or intentional with N8 stuff, Maemo tutorials and MeeGo news it has been awesome to write about Nokia. ^_^

News for June is that we have three new writers who have already made huge contributions already to (Thanks guys!)

  • Andy Harsent
  • John Wigand-Forson
  • Andre Forbes

That’s on top of writers:

  • Sergejs Cuhrajs
  • Hiren Lad
  • James Burland (no direct post yet, but N8 HD videos might entice him.  ^_^)

Christian Haslam, the first co-author at mynokiablog will also be returning soon too.  Good Times.

At the end of July, I’m gonna be heading over to the Philippines to visit family. I’ll be back by the 6th September (ouch, missing N8 August release haha) but I’ll try to keep posting (only problem is getting mobile internet as I’m not going to be home a lot and mobile internet seems impossible to find in the Philippines :S)

As from suggestions yesterday, if you have any tips or article suggestions you’d like us to cover, email us at (we’re still working out how to get google to auto-forward to more than one writer)


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Hey, thanks for reading my post. My name is Jay and I'm a medical student at the University of Manchester. When I can, I blog here at and tweet now and again @jaymontano. We also have a twitter and facebook accounts @mynokiablog and Check out the tips, guides and rules for commenting >>click<< Contact us at tips(@) or email me directly on jay[at]

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  1. Siraj says:

    Great Jay ROCK ON Way to Go bro :D

  2. Marcin says:

    I’m from poland(Lublin) Best Nokia Blog:), sorry my English:)

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks man! Hello to Poland! :)

      That’s very flattering :) We’re pleased to be getting a little closer to our Nokia/Mobile Blog Heroes…even if they’re still in baby steps, haha, it’s still forward :). There are so many awesome ones out there that we really look up to.

  3. Clinton Jeff says:

    Way to go Jay! Congrats on the big number y’all :D

  4. NeNoRmAl says:

    THE BEST Nokia blog ever!Keep up the good work guys!

    Greetings from Bulgaria! =]

  5. mrbean says:


  6. Niraj says:

    Keep it up guys..! BTW I’m wondering after reading your stats..

    • Jay Montano says:

      Niraj :

      Keep it up guys..! BTW I’m wondering after reading your stats..

      thanks. What’s that you’re wondering? ;)
      I reckon’s counters are broken myself. haha

      • Niraj says:

        After reading that Most of audience are from U.S.
        Cant Imagine that will be possible.. I think Andre can briefly describe the situation of Americans about N8.!!

        • Niraj says:

          BTW Sorry for my english.. Need to go for english class :)

          • Jay Montano says:

            Don’t apologise, your English is great!

            I was very surprised too seeing more people from the US make up our visitors. Maybe due to population scale? GB are right after USA, then India, Finland and Denmark. But these stat locators – not sure how accurate they are.

  7. Roger Johnson says:

    Seriously great that you guys are educating Americans about Nokia. The rest of the world was beginning to give up hope that they’d ever see the light beyond iPhone and Android…

  8. pff says:

    I’m living in France and it’s a pleasure to read and comment your news. Congratulations!

  9. Carlitos says:

    Congratulations! Is a great blog, and now go for 3 million mark. :-) BTW, hugs for you all guys from Spain.

  10. chandru says:

    hi i m a wapmaster nokia mobile usage given me life and business. this is the only blog i visit many times every day for past 2months.
    i love n8.
    i love this blog
    thanks guys

  11. Very good job and congratulations :)

    Today alexa rank: 84,983 :)

  12. John Wiegand-forson says:

    WOW great figures Jay, credit all goes to you man !!! I am glad that I stumbled across your blog and I am fortunate to be able to write for the blog and add some of my opinions to the crazy world that is Nokia. Hears to many years of reporting Nokia news to the masses. Oh and thanks to all the readers for reading and commenting without you it wouldn’t be possible (trying hard not to sound like an actor at the oscars lol :-))

  13. taxasusa says:

    First when i got my n900 in feb, i was looking for a good nokia blog which gives me great nokia stuff. Luckily i found “”. From then i start my day looking at the news in here. I love this blog. U need to make it more graphical. Please think about putting donations so that u guys can make the blog great.

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