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Beginning this afternoon, from 3pm to 7pm, the 1000 Heads Office, at 41-44 Great Windmill Street London W1D 7NB (Right at Piccadilly Circus) will be host to the BIGGEST GATHERING of Nokia geeks EVER for the Pre Nokia World meet up. There has NEVER been such a collection of online Nokia personalities in one place. We wished and tweeted about it online; Nokia and WOMWorldNokia has made it happen.

If you’re free and still undecided, make your way there today! Then tomorrow (TOMORROW :O) Nokia World 2010 begins!

I’ll be tweeting from @jaymontano during NokiaWorld. Blog posting live is difficult during event speeches (bad internet connection, plus so much stuff being said) so most likely I’ll be posting some time after the event BUT I will try to do it on the spot.

I’m pretty much ready – I just have to repack all the electronic stuff I’ve put out to charge and perhaps find/buy a new SIM card to let me get some internet as my main one is running out and my parents are borrowing my spare.

According to MickyFin this is the final Register of those coming just to the Meet Up alone. Real sad some folk got cut due to VISA problems. Here’s to NokiaWorld2011 or other major Nokia events. (Not sure how up to date this is, being posted 10 days ago. I’ve added one person, any one else not yet there just message). There are 74 people on this list. Not including WOMWorld staff.

1. Micky Aldridge @Mickyfin
2. Richard Dorman @Sheridan01
3. Dan Carter @Worldofnokia
5. Nirave Gondhia @Nirave (Mobile Users)
6. James Whatley @Whatleydude
7. Michael Hell @Michaelxhell thoughtsfromhell & fonearena
8. Ian Wallace @the_accidental
9. Julien Fourgeaud @jfourgeaud
10. Rafe Blandford @AAS
11. Paul Grayburn @MrGrayburn &
12. Robert Hall @RobertHall
13. Steven Smith @Stevensmith1990
14. Saara Bergström @OvibyNokia
15. Carl Silvers @carlsilvers
16. Craig Richards @GeekComputers
17. Abul Hussain @adonisdemon
18. David Gilson @davidgilson
19. Stephen Wing @Stephenwing
20. Ilicco Elia @ilicco
21. Ryan @Mechanical_Mind
22. Lee Deeble @leedeeble
23. Amir B @Benjezzy
24. Jon Choo @jonchoo
25. Gareth @Politicspenguin
26. Sergejs Cuhrajs @_Nexus
27. Surya Snair @suryasnair Ovi Maps Demo leader Nokia
28. Staska @UVStaska (
29. Gerry Moth @gerrymoth
30. Helen Keegan @technokitten
31. George NU Member 93tid
32. Matt @NokiaPush
33. Vikki Chowney @vikkichowney
34. Chris Davis from SlashGear @Slashgear
35. Felipe Andrade @felipeandrade (from Brazil)
36. Brett Butterfield (CEO Pixelpipe)
37. Ben Smith @bensmithuk (The Really Mobile Project)
38. Jay Montano @jaymontano
39. Philip Berne @philipberne (From Dallas TX)
40. Jouni Miettunen @jomtwi (Finland)
41. MOHAMED SHAZLY @Mack005 (Sri Lanka)
42. Devin Balentina (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, nr Mexico) @Blue13x
43. Albert @Nokia_Fan | Maemo | MeeGo | Symbian | Android | WebOS | Windows Mobile | iOS (Germany)
44. Ibrahim Jogee @TheNokiaReview
45. Anssi Makela @anssimakela Nokia
46. Vaibhav Sharma @v4ibhav The Handheld Blog
47. Mark Guim @markguim The Nokia Blog
48. Jan Ole Suhr @janole – home of fine mobile applications (Creator & Sole Developer of Gravity)
49. Roman Schweigler @S60inside (Austria)
50. Sapiens Bryan @sapiensbryan Latest Hi Tech News
51. Aditya Singhvi @adityasinghvi World of Phones | Formerly known as Aditya Singhvi’s Phones (pending Visa)
52. Dani Alleinad @dani2xll +friend
53. Mike Macias @mikemacias (USA) Nokia E71 Blog For Fanatics + others
54. Simon @simonLR
55. Pat Phelan @patphelan Pat Phelan: Bits, bytes and telecoms
56. Stefanos Kofopoulos @titanas blog – ???????? blogging ??? ???????? ???
57. Stephanie @sturbi Nokia Austria
58. Ernie Hartley @ernmander
59. Jim Hughes @jimh
60. Heather Taylor @heatherAtaylor
61. Nii-Teiko @IamNii-Teiko
62. Dvir Reznik @DvirReznik
63. Alessandro Pace @biskero
64. Vuk Vulovic @highdiver
65. Nikola Balov @nixanbal
66. Dhruv Bhutani @DhruvBhutani
67. Dan Thornton @Badgergravling
68. Jussi Pekka @Jussipekka Nokia
69. Davis Fields @DavisatNokia Nokia
70. Adrian @My_E72 (Australia via WOMWorld)
71. Mike Evans @mobmental
72. John Garner @jgbreezer
73. Ewan Spence @ewan

74. Patton @Patton


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