Video: Nokia N8 and Ovi Maps 3.06 with multitouch pinch and zoom and check-in for facebook and twitter.

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Thanks to N#O#R#U#L#E#S for the heads up at Here’s a look at Ovi Maps 3.06 with the Nokia N8.

Ovi Maps has truly graduated as a powerful and convincing service from Nokia and NAVTEQ. Everything works a little bit nicer, slightly fewer button presses, with now pinch and zoom and smooth map scrolling as well as the ability to check in and place pins on Ovi Maps to share your location over twitter and facebook.

Being S^3 this will be the same experience on the C6, C7 and E7.



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  1. look @ min 0:30 great pich-to-zoom!

  2. wes says:

    seems like a real improvement for an already good software…

  3. Nocare says:

    OVI maps,swype,what next?

    Ovi player?
    Ovi browswr?
    Ovi p2p

  4. Stefan says:

    Something unrelated, but I thought you’d be interested:

    I cannot possibly tell you how much I hope that this is just a rumor …

    • alex68 says:

      I see Win phone 7 as a backup plan. Whether this will happen or not will depends on the fate of Symbian 4 and Meego if Nokia is able to bring the new platform to the market IN TIME, say 12-18 months time frame. So far I am not SO CONVINCED yet for many reasons…

      Next month I will get a better clue about N9 progress. I may be able to make a better judgement then.

    • Joe says:

      I don’t think it would be convenient for Nokia to adopt a third-party OS. Why would I buy a Nokia phone if I could buy a phone with the very same OS, manufactured by some Asian company at a much lower price? Why would I use an Ovi service if my phone came bundled with a Bing/Google equivalent? Also, in the case of Windows, history tells us that Microsoft can be a difficult partner to have.

      • GordonH says:

        We have seen Nokia executives making many blunders in the past 3 years…. but this would be the most and greatest blunder ever and ever by Nokia.

    • Roger Johnson says:

      One word: bollocks.

    • inacurate says:

      1) Between Windows Phone 7 and Android, which of the two would make a better bet? Open question. Personally, Android would be my choice, but for long term? I would always choose Symbian over WP7, Android or even iOS. I don’t care what is said about it, I know that if I need a feature Symbian has it. It may not work perfectly every single time, but at least I don’t have to buy an app to get it done.

      2) The article mentions Elop’s first interview with Financial Times, in which he is quoted as saying “there’s fresh innovation in North America and it’s critically important for Nokia to be participating in that market.” – What innovation, exactly? I would love for Elop to list out what innovations he was talking about. Innovation is *not* making your phones so that any stupid person can pick one up and use it.

      3) I’m all for Nokia making a device that runs WP7 FOR Microsoft, a joint venture, if you will. But I would not be OK if Nokia started churning out their own devices running WP7. And there is a difference people, if you don’t see it, please don’t comment. :)

      This is kind of what my fear is with having a CEO who is “too focused” on the US market, which lags behind the rest of the world by years, not months. If they focus on US, they will lower their standards to make “pretty” phones that are carrier locked, severely reducing the usefulness of their devices over time in my opinion. The US market is too fickle, it’s too small, and it’s too egotistical and stuck up on itself, hence why Nokia even thinks it needs to enter.

  5. IMarius says:

    good news guys gizcrapo are also reporting on this too, so i guess nokia is likely to make windows 7 phones.
    “trusted source” that Nokia is “now likely”. Also their doubtful MeeGo is the answer (the answer to f**king what who knows, since they seem to know as much about MeeGo as my granny does)

  6. Eugen says:

    Check out this: Murtazin lied about Nokia and N8 all the time

  7. chfyfx says:

    cannot wait for the final reviews in two weeks…

  8. IMarius says:

    …….so what colour is everybody getting ?

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