Update: Nokia N8 Ovi Store Revival – method 2 – (lost Ovi Store after hard reset)

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Following on from this first post on restoring Ovi Store, if that didn’t work we now have a new technique from XLeoVengences for you to try (at your own risk of course. It would be best to make a trip down to Nokia Care centre – note that a Hard Reset is NOT a user approved action, though we have been using it since forever on Nokia Symbian phones).

This method involves flashing your N8. Video tutorial instructions are included.

Theoretically this is what you would do if you were allowed to flash your N8. Most Care Centres have Phoenix so you could do this on the same day. But that means finding a Nokia Care Centre. (Though as an odd side story, I had to refer N900 flash method to a care centre when Phoenix some how didn’t work for them)



1. Install Phoenix 2010 flasher
2. Extract Navifirm
3. USB Cable
4. Nokia N8


1. Open Navifirm, Select Nokia N8 (RM-596), select 11.12 release, select the variants/product code (in Leo’s case, APAC1 DG SINGAPORE (0599243)), then mark all the file and download it.

To check your Variants/Product Code, open Phoenix, go to Product > Phone Information. Find Product Code

2. When download is finished, copy all the files, paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596\. If you don’t have RM-596 folder, make one.
3. Open Phoenix application, go to File > Scan Product.
4. Then, go to Flashing > Firmware Update
5. Hit the Refurbish button
6. If it prompt a missing file, click Yes to continue

7. Wait till flash process complete. Do not unplug your USB
8. Your phone will restart when flashing is complete, set everything first and connect to the internet.
9. Then go to the browser, tap Ovi bookmark, tap Go to Ovi Store, and then tap Download

10. When download is finished, it will begin the installation. This time, no Error.
11. Finally, Ovi Store is open and ready to be use AGAIN.

Again, do this at your own risk.


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  • fat-on

    what if I reinstall the phone software via ovi suite will this return the famus ovi store hard reset story I’m so mad with Nokia why did not considerate this hard seset as a need some time.

  • Alex

    tested for russian_wh_bulgaria_romania code 0599829 the result? a brick written n8 on it. here’s how it happened with my first n8(silver white):

    while refurbishing, phoenix didn’t recognized my n8 and said that an error occurred and cannot continue the process. at that state the phone was ok. i even manage to reboot it after 10 seconds of long press of the power button. it all went south when i tried to restore my previous backup via ovi suite. so basically phoenix didn’t recognized my n8 and the ovi restore killed it. at the service i’ve paid smth like… 12 euros to “resurrect” it but after this stunt i’ve pulled things were never the same again… 3 to 5 automatic reboots during the charging procedure sometimes when the battery died i couldn’t even been able to power up my n8 so… they gave me a new one: dark grey. Who knows maybe it was some hardware problem i have no idea but i’m still thinking that this was my fault.

    so please guys don’t be cheap on a 400-450 euros phone either go to a service or wait for a software update.

    also read all the comments in this post over here:

    it’s the same procedure but it’s used for installing a new language pack (9 pages of different results and different n8 behaviors following the same steps)

    • Have u tried this step?

      “2. When download is finished, copy all the files, paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596\. If you don’t have RM-596 folder, make one.”

      • Alex

        you cannot refurbish the product without this step, and like i’ve said all the steps were followed

        • Then I’m sorry my method didn’t work on you.

          Maybe you should send it to Nokia Care center.

  • Eugen

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  • jobsisatroll

    The worst thing in my case is that I did not even hard reset my N8. Ovi Store just suddenly stopped working.

    Will the upcoming firmware fix Ovi Store? I am not sure I want to try this flashing stuff. Seems kinda risky.

    • Happened same at my end, with two N8s, Dark Gary and Silver. Reading all the posts about Hardreseting I was wondering if I am not the first one to use the devices in my hand.

      I am hesitating to flash these handsets too. Nokia should let us download at least the free apps to computer without using the handset’s ovi package. Life will be lot simpler for the company and for the users.

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    I am definitely not doing this with my trial device… best thing is to return a ‘slightly’ crippled device instead of a complete BRICK xD On the other hand, it was so damn easy to flash custom roms on my I8910HD…

  • Anjuma

    TY a lot worked for me like a charm.

  • mitzu

    it worked perfect to me 😀 thancks man alot

  • felipe

    I was flashing my phone with PHOENIX and now he’s dead, how can i recover it? please help me… my e-mail is

    thank u!

  • Andy B

    iv done this method but ovi store will not install.

    • Andy B

      iv also updated to pr1.1 and ovi store still wont install.

  • elcabansh

    i do what u say and install v13.16 with phoenix
    but ovi unable to install
    can you help me

  • Nelita

    Well, I´ve got exactly the same problem as the people above: Did reflash my N8… no problem whatsoever, everything went smooth… buuuuuut still no signs of ovi store, and when you try to reinstall, it comes back with “unable to install”…
    Aaaarrrrrgggg!!!! I want my ovi store back!!!! Don´t know what to do!!!!

  • Mario

    Guys i had the same kinda prob but all i did was rem my mem card n den install it i hope none of u hav a mem card while installing ovi store

  • All right, just several hours ago or maybe 24 hours ago I said up there I am having the same problem with OVI store and I didn’t hardreset the devices, yes two of them here.

    Couple of hours ago, out of no where, my OVi started to work all by itself. And I did not a single thing to try to revive it. I asked my sister who has other N8 with same issue. I asked her to fire it up but it wont work on her end.

    What I did in between the last checkup on OVI store and now was installing three applications. “WebCam 3”, “HandyPaint” and “Moto X Mahym”. Perhaps one of these three magically fixed the problem. I will check it on sister’s N8 when she will here to be sure so far, OVI store is working on my device like there was no problem and I didn’t do anything to fix it at all.

  • Ron

    Worked, Thanks!

  • nikhil

    just go to web browser and type and download nd instll ovi store……..enjoy it