Gallery: Nokia E7 (and N8) Black (and some Eseries chat + rant).

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Here are some Nokia E7 pics long overdue. Taken in December at a little Nokia E7/Eseries chat with Nokia’s Eseries Vice President Ilari Nurmii. We had a presentation prior to that about Eseries and what ws happening on the business side (all from the E7 via HDMI btw). Eseries was a very logical choice for businesses who wanted to mobilize their workforce very quickly. Mail, web, messaging access was a whole lot more economically viable than other platforms. There was a lot of other things mentioned but a bug in the N8 voice recorder means it randomly turns off/turns off when locked/unlocked. It was too late until I realised, fortunately however I did get something with offscreen’s voice recorder (from Ovi Store!)

Q&A chat

There was a Q&A session but it was so far back I hardly remember what was asked.

It does stick into my mind that although no future devices were mentioned, there was talk that touch was “the way things are going” in reference to non-touch only eseries. Recently we’ve seen leaked details of an upcoming E6-00 on Symbian^3, also with QWERTY and a new 4:3 VGA screen. Will that be touch too?

I think I asked about what makes Eseries better than a BlackBerry range, how they’d differentiate themselves and also how they’d tackle their marketing (as many Nokia ads are very non-direct and you don’t understand what you’re buying). Specs of E7 were listed, and it was accepted that they had been informed of having better more direct ads and are looking into it.

I also asked about the Nokia Font, if they had thought about changing it as it does make a surprising difference to the overall appearance, if ever so subtly. That topic was something of a surprise for them and something not even considered. Apparently all documents at Nokia HQ are in this Nokia Sans. Whilst I know there’s several much bigger issues – attention to detail is also important.

@TheProdigalFool asked I think asked about an all in one. E7 with N8 camera. Nokia make the best hardware but why separate them? I agree and have been ranting on this subject for a long time.  When you’re competition is going out all guns blazing, we can’t whip out a pocket knife. It’s like having a huge army vs an enemy 1/4 of the size but spreading out your force so thinly, your size makes no difference. We are no longer in the times when the only choices were Nokia and a bunch of half assed Samsungs, Motos, and unknown HTCs. We are now in the times where folk are being ridiculed for owning a Nokia as it is now just “for talking and texting”. Mindshare is all in Blackberrys, iPhones and Androids. What does Eseries, Nseries, Xseries, Cseries even mean to the general public? What are all these post-code phones?

Woah, this post was just meant to be about the E7 photos.

Pics Time:

We had like a couple of minutes at the end and @JonChoo and I were frantically trying to take photos. My camera was letting me down and taking flash photos, making blurry macros, urgh. It wasn’t my N8, no, it was the Samsung camera – it did OK at Nokia World 2010 but may have had a few bumps since then :p.

At the time (when we expected E7 launch and new firmware) this E7 did not have the new firmware. Other than that, the hardware experience was the same as back in NW2010. The keyboard felt great, screen very bright (though not at full in any of these pics). Reflection does get in the way though.

It does seem to be somewhat of a dust magnet, particularly behind the screen. Lastly, some comparison pics with the N8.


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