Videos: Nokia Press Briefing at Mobile World Congress

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Just in case you missed it, here is a two part video showing Nokia’s Press Briefing at Mobile Word Congress. You might have caught up on live feeds, like engadget’s, but it’s a little nicer to see Elop and crew than reading text, no? No? ;p I won’t reiterate the points. You can head over here. It’s quite enlightening. There are quite a few points that weren’t in the live feeds.

In addition to the videos, let’s first take a look at a couple of official images seen at the briefing. We’ve seen them before but not without looking through a photo of a photo. I am really digging that luminous, crazy bright yellow. The shell, not on the UI though.

Here’s the bit about Symbian being renewed. Many of you seem sceptical about it. On plus side, it’s getting an update.And now the videos:

What ever uncertainties you might have in Elop’s intentions, he’s a good speaker – you’ve got to give him that at least.

By going Android, Nokia could have made it the undisputed king of the mobile space. A duality would have existed. Google vs Apple. Instead, Nokia turned their king-maker power to turn Windows Phone into a challenger. Without Nokia, wouldn’t WP just have fizzled away?

Part 1

Part 2

YouTube/Wordpress being an ass. Link to part 2

There’s a part 3 but it doesn’t seem to be up yet.

Cheers Asdin for the heads up!

Part 3:

Part 4

Via Nokia Conversations


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