Unbranded Nokia X7 Spotted in Lahore, Pakistan.

| March 14, 2011 | 8 Replies

A guy in Pakistan says he came across a Nokia X7 by surprise!

Since AT&T dropped the X7, Alex68 had said that Nokia were working to make the X7 for the rest of the world.

Dragg3r says some very interesting things:

Guys what i spotted today! The nokia X7… My Eyes were like WOW! The Display Was Amazing…

back had nothing reletad to X7… just had X-XX and also it seemed like it had more than 2 Speakers

The Width did not seem more than 10mm .. a very slim phone indeed..

The 4 Inch AMOLED Display was Dazzling! (the person who had it did not let me take pics while it was on)

– Amazing display? I wonder if this is just in  general – what is their baseline comparison? It had been rumoured to have quad speakers, then rumours later said the other two grills were empty.


tringtring via GSM Arena


X7 Posts:

Cheers Zahid for heads up.


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  • Zahid

    wonder how it came in Pakistan??

  • Tinkle

    How do we have any guarantees at all that this isn’t one of the million cheapo Chinese knock-offs that appear for every single phone (usual in advance of official release)?

    • Jay Montano

      They don’t come with AMOLED displays.

      The back also says NOT for sale.

      Though this could all be lies. But why the effort? Not something high profile …

  • chrom

    4″ screen? Is this the same unit as E7?

  • No CBD? The screen is grey not black

  • ahsan

    Lol wonder what’s it doin in Lahore :S . So where did he find it ?

  • tariq

    A copy from china? are you serious?!!! when china makes a copy, then FLOOD the entire world with it, not just some obscure shop in lahore.
    Pakistan is a big market for Nokia

  • craig

    its a fake, there are a whole lotta those in south africa, guess they manufactured right there in pakistan because those are the same people that sell those crappy phones