Nokia X7-00 uaprofile at – with new browser 7.3

| March 7, 2011 | 11 Replies

@chilko has just tweeted me that the Nokia X7-00 UAProfile is online. We’ve seen pictures and even video demoes however, this handset of course is still not officially announced by Nokia. Last week we did see what looked like it’s ID label visiting FCC.

Over at: we have the second direct mention from Nokia. The first was when it was mentioned accidentally in Ovi Store in addition to also unannounced C5-04 (Nokia Nuron 2)

Following specs from uaprofile:

  • Standard nHD 360*640
  • 2 Softkeys
  • New Browser 7.3 HTML4.1 (7.4 might be the one with HTML5. Does that mean pr2.0 preinstalled?
  • Whole bunch of standard features (supported codecs)
  • ARM CPU (standard, nothing specific stated)

What ever happened to the Nokia E6 who’s uaprofile was seen in January?

If there’s any other info of significance, feel free to add.

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  • visitor

    Come to daddy.

    • visitor

      I’m very excited about this phone. Knowing now, after trying some WP7-Phones in depth, that WP7 will not be my choice, this would be my phone for the next 2 years or as long as Symbian will survive – or MeeGo comes up.

  • Shyne, KLA

    Another punching bag for reviewers and Bloggers…
    nothing more and i wonder any Nokia fans still out there after the black friday….!!!!

    • Mark

      If it has a better browser and keyboard then that takes away two of the biggest complaints about S^3.

      Sure, it’s not going to get 10/10 but it’ll fare a lot better than the N8 did.

  • Shyne, KLA

    Before Elop is out he will make sure that Nokia will sink completely without any proof….
    way to go Elop and your Windows agenda

  • RedMateria

    i smell something…looks like PR2.0 is coming…

  • Paul

    Of course it’s PR 2.0

    Paul says:
    March 6, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    The RM-707 phone tested by FCC had SW-version 020.027. So seems to be PR2.0.


    Page 2

  • outdated os

    One last decent symbian. Then I’ll just STFU and

    a. Wait for meego
    b. Look elsewhere

    Darn you for letting others (especiall them americans, it’s getting old I know) get free hits.

    /end of rant

  • 352×416

    I am not convinced that the browswer is different from the E6-00. I read a website somewhere that had captured the Useragent string and I think it was 7.3.15 from memory.

    Anyway we will see when Nokia X7-00 and Nokia E6-00 are both released.

    It has gone very quite about the Nokia E6-00. Has anyone got any fresh news about Nokia E6-00?

    • Rant

      I hope they reconsiderd releasing the E6 in the form we saw a while back. That thing was ugly as feck. Redesign the bodystyle of it and then release it.

      • Marc Aurel

        I am still not convinced the leaked image was the real E6-00. Even if it was, the way a product is photographed means everything. The leaked close-up shot was taken from an angle and with lighting that makes a product look worse than in real life. A shot taken like that would make most Hollywood actresses look ugly.