10 Reasons why Nokia & Mirosoft partnership will not fail – a reader’s perspective.

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On Sunday, you may have seen the Nokia 2010 Report – a 140,000 word document which included amongst many other things, a multitude of risks in the Nokia Microsoft partnership. Basically, all the ways that Nokia&MS partnership could fail.

There’s a really good discussion going on with a good mix of folk who agree and disagree with the partnership.

A very interesting comment comes by way of Chester. He hasn’t been the most supportive of the new strategy – and well that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I encourage this (as long as it doesn’t resort to personal attacks of course).

In response to Shmerl who said:

WP will fail miserably (as usual). Nokia will learn some wisdom the hard way, and will have to gather what’s left form the dust. Hopefully at that point Nokia still will have enough resources to get back to Meego where it was supposed to get already yesterday.

Chester replied (note again, Chester has been consistent with his support for MeeGo and concerns about WP)btw, Rant also replied to Shmerl

10 Reasons why Nokia & Microsoft partnership will not fail

“Even if I don’t support their strategy,I can proudly say Nokia & M$ partnership will not fail.why?

here are my 10 reasons:

1. Most customers & clients do not even know Nokia is adopting WP7 as primary smartphone strategy,ask 10 of your friends & tell me how many out of that 10,know about this new partnership,most probably 1 or 0.Do the same with your family &friends,result still the same.

And not all Nokia customers want high end phones,some are satisfied by the dumb phones which generate most of Nokia revenue.

2. A lot of customer have/are using Windows on their PC’s and they do like Windows 7 on a PC.They also use MS Office everyday.Now if they hear the new Nokia phones with Windows intergrates/communicates much better with their PC they will be more happy,especially the businessman will look forward 2 a better MS Exchange on their phone.Y can ask yo boss & the answer is obvious.

3. Nokia M$ will combine and use their Navigation assets 2 deliver a true navigation experience that’s unrivaled.Thus more customers would be impressed after purchasing the phones,

4. M$ will try it’s best 2 bring high quality mobile gaming with their Xbox live.If they provide a few titles free this can influence gamers,seems likely they will.

5. Nokia WP user interface will be customized 2 have a better look and feel of being Nokia.

6. Nokia WP will come with better/improved Cameras as they are well known 2 produce high quality cameras.

7. M$ has a huge community of their own developers,so if Qt developers don’t want 2 come on board it won’t affect anything,sorry it’s their choice-take it or leave it.

8. More developers are graduating at schools,colleges,universities with knowledge of C++,.Net,Visual studio and many will be happy 2 join M$ if an opportunity arise.

9. Nokia will produce a Meego device this year 2 keep those geeks on board while they give WP more time 2 improve.

10. M$ will throw in $$$$$$ millions to make the partnership work.After all they’re all in it for money and getting into next generation of mobile phone market.

Even though the whole partnership disappoints me,i definately know it will be successfull if they continue their game play.So far i can say well done Stephen Elop &keep it up,you’re getting there.

Obviously if the deal fails we still have MeeGo 2 back everything up,that’s why Elop put a strong emphasis on MeeGo being for next generation of disruptive technologies.”

For anyone interested in an opposite opinion, possibly the bleakest outlook of the NOK-MS partnership, you might want to check out: <<thanks to Alvin for the tip!






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