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Nokia Pure , the new typeface , which was launched recently during the design week has garnered a lot of attention. The Brandbook blog has given us a glimpse of the new type face in this screenshot comparing the old Nokia Sans font and the new Pure font.You might have seen a tutorial for changing the fonts (kind note : for symbian^3 devices only *including E7*) earlier, but there was a flaw , Qt apps broke. But now, after the release of beta Qt 4.7.2 those issues are gone and even Qt apps are sporting the new font. For example , the ovi store ,which used to break while it was in  Qt 4.7, proof here :

The above font , yeah you guessed it right, it’s the new Nokia Pure typeface.

Download Nokia Pure webfont

Thanks to the fine folks from art4symbian, the missing icons have been enabled

Download Nokia Pure with mobile specific wingdings (Apparently it fixes the boldness issue too!)

If you are not familiar with changing the font on your Symbian^3 device, check out the full tutorial here

A quick tutorial :

Here’s what you should do :

[For symbian^3 phones only,for other Symbian  devices (V5,V3) use FontRouter]

Get Qt 4.7.2 binaries : Core , Webkit , Mobility

1. Make sure you have a memory card in your Symbian^3 device ,use mass memory for the E7 .

2. Then get any True type font you wish ( should be of extension .ttf ) . for example Nokia Pure.ttf

3. Now navigate to the Resource folder in memory card’s Root ( for example if M: is memory card , navigate to M:/Resource , if its not there, create one)

4.Now create a Folder called Fonts in M:/Resource ( So the folder path should be M:/Resource/Fonts )

5.Now this is the most important step :

Make four copies of the font you have and rename the same font to the corresponding filenames. ( for example: if you have helvetica(01).ttf rename it to nosnr60.ttf , like wise rename others to respective filenames given below )





6. After you have renamed to the above filenames, Copy them to the Fonts folder In M:/Resource/Fonts.

Now reboot the phone and enjoy your new fonts :)

Update : It works for Nokia E7 too, just use mass memory instead of memory card.

Image courtesy @mlymehta

Again , if you cannot understand the above tutorial , do check out the full detailed tutorial here

Some screenshots, and limitations explained :

This is how future may look ?

A quick comparison just to make sure it's the right font

The limitations, for now , the only Pure font available for download is the webfont which does not include certain symbols , for example :

So, similar icons like space bar and other display just boxes or some garbage value. This is mainly because the font you downloaded is a web font which is not optimized for our devices. Also in list view, like in messages and contacts and wherever list is implemented, the font is slightly bolder.Example here :

Notice the boldness issue here ? Also look at those e's

Again all this trouble attributes the fact that it is indeed a webfont, not a mobile optimized font. I recommend setting the font size to small in the display settings.

One more problem is, the OS cannot read the fonts if your device is connected to the PC in mass storage mode( Your theme changes if u had installed that theme in mass memory, like wise applications turn into question marks ) but don’t worry , it will be all fine after removing the cable.

That’s it for now, do let us know if you have any trouble installing the fonts.

Quick trouble shooting guide :

  • Make sure you have Qt 4.7. 2 installed. if you can run Kasvopus , you already have Qt 4.7.2.
  • Make sure you give correct names for the fonts in the M:/Resource/Fonts directory.
  • Always double check the tutorial if you get any error
  • Do not forget to reboot once,after installation of Qt 4.7.2, also again,after the copying of those fonts.

Hat tip Craig’s Blog for Nokia Pure webfont , Art4Symbian for making it compatible to Symbian (Thanks for the Tip, Ravi)

Via Nokia Brandbook




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  1. yas says:

    i have followed all the instructions here but it didnt work on my N8. must i put the Fonts folder in my mass storage not in memory card??

  2. Muralisk says:

    Am not able to either create or locate Resource folder in E7 – mass storage.

    Can someone please help me with this?

  3. Antonio says:

    I can’t install Qt on my phone, it gives this error: “Can’t delete file”

    • durax says:

      Same here in my N8, but i found a solution: I reboot and install again, and did work for me…

      And by the way, no bugs at the moment, everything works just fine!!! Thanks

  4. stylinred says:

    Finally decided to put this in, thanks for linking the Binaries (I thought I already had them but turns out, nope)

  5. suyashxp says:

    According to my view. i did.t like this Nokia Pure Font at all,
    the bold as well as the light version of fonts is not that smooth as compared to Nokia sans.
    Nokia sans is less specious but look much more decent than sans.

    look at this image below.
    see the crispness in More in Sans then in Pure

    The numbers are Bold and clearer in sans
    Check letter “G” , “O” ,”g” , “19.05 time”

    i didn’t like this Pure font Much…

  6. jvardon says:

    Anyone know if this installs well on Symbian 9.4?
    Anyone tried a 5800?

  7. Maitham says:

    Hello dear,

    I think all Symbian^3 devices need a simple update contain improving in the keypad. the improving contain:

    1. When you want to write a new SMS message the keyboard will automatically pop up without need to click on the screen of the message, and i said “keyboard” not keypad, we don’t need to turn the phone to get the full keyboard, we should have “full keyboard” in the vertical situation just like this one in X7.

    2. When we going to write a new message there is no needing to go to a new window and when finish we get back to the message window which contain horizontal lines, I think this window is enough half of it for written words and the other half to the “keyboard”. and again we don’t need to click in the lined screen to get the typing screen. all we need, when entering the new message the screen will contain the typing word area “upper area” and the keyboard area “lower area”.

    3. And the same thing when typing a new contact, web site address and any other typing .

    This will make the use of Symbian^3 faster, easier and more likely.

    Thank you for reading and i wish this suggestion taken as serious.

  8. joe says:

    this does not work on symbian anna. yes i have read the full tutorial and yes i have downloaded and have installed qt 4.7.2 (in fact anna comes with 4.7.3)…. i have tried it on a mem card, the mass storage and in the root directory. does not work.

    • pete says:

      this is true. After updating to Anna, my multiligual font stopped working. Before update it was working after installing with these instructions.

  9. lintas says:

    i have nokia 5233, how i can connect to hotspot wireless?

  10. Bhavesh Patel says:

    i cant install the Dont in my mobiln N8

  11. How to put Nokia Pure font on a S40? Like the Nokia Asha 303, I’m eager to put it. Please reply? Thanks. :)

  12. Vikas Nigam says:

    how to change my nokia 5233 font style

  13. paul durso says:

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  14. zikirillahi aminu says:

    i cn’t create folder fonts in my resource on my mass memory E7

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