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Yesterday we saw the new Nokia T7-00 leaked on Ovi Publisher Tools.

Today (via @chilko, aikon171 and Rant) we have the uaprof for the Nokia T7-00 confirming that it wasn’t a typo over at Ovi.

The core features are confirmed: Symbian^3, 360×640, 2 softkeys, new browser 7.3.



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  • Eero

    “The core features are confirmed: Symbian^3, s60x640, 2 softkeys, new browser 7.3”
    Neat screen res 😀 Though I presume its a typo? :D:D

    • LOL~~

      • j!gray

        Ooh nice avatar. Where did you get it?

  • j&j

    cam ? 2048×1536 = 3145728 = 3 mpix ?

    • Magister

      Did you see this line ?

      It is not about the camera, but the MMS.

      • Magister

        Line in question (did not appear) :

    • vineet

      2048×1536 = 3145728 = 3.14mpix
      (commonly called as 3.2 mpix)

    • MMS max

  • wis

    most probably a messaging phone…portrait qwerty…with just 2 soft keys typical of touch and type…

    • Valmon

      It will still probably get updates faster than my unlocked silver N8.

      *still waiting for 1.2 face*

  • Maybe X7?..

  • j!gray

    Ooh Nokia, again with the low reso. How can this attract new customers? To be fair, this must’ve already been in the works before ‘that’.

    • Keizka

      That low reso phone will still be just as good to use as that “neat” 800×480 (using both atm)

      Come back when they go into 1280×720 territory, any of them.

      • Rant

        True, one thing I find a higher res would be usefull would be when browsing. However a good browser (sigh, Nokia) can make up for that. Smooth zooming and good text reflow and your set.

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  • madmic

    it may be the device similar to the n8 which serves for the calling all innovaters challenge.

  • Razor

    Same nHD resolution. I wonder why nokia can’t change the resolution to wvga? Seriously why maybe because of os limitation. Even samsung’s own bada os has wvga resolution. Come on nokia fix the problem already!!!!!!

  • Viipottaja

    C0r72r on M-R made an excellent guess it could be the leather backed C7 version Eldar mentioned a while back. Would make sense to me. T could even mean Trend(y). 🙂

  • 352×416

    I think Nokia chose nHD because it is a full round multiple of full HD. Which makes scaling work a lot better for HD or Full HD videos. In the S^3 emulator there was nHD Portrait and Landscape and VGA. However Nokia could probably use a different resolution if they wanted. They did with Nokia E60 and Nokia N80 at 352×416. AT about 250PPI it was not bettered until HTC started doing VGA and WVGA screens and the Iphone 4. Apparently Sony put a 1280 x 720 lcd into a HD video camera viewfinder of 3″ giving a PPI of about 450. Imagine a S^3 with dual core A9 with a 1280×720 3″ display?

    • Goc

      I agreed with everything up to the 3″ display.

      • 352×416

        The problem with 1280 x 720 is that it is not a neat multiple of full HD it is 2/3.

        I think a CBD 4″ qHD (960×540) would be great.

        The problem would be changing the resolution in S^3.

  • 352×416

    Not that Nokia would do that. The phone would be a couple of thousand dollars to buy.

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  • I find two different version HTML files of T7-00.
    The newer one indicates that T7-00 is a TD-SCDMA smartphone! I hit it!
    Here’s the picture and link:

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  • แก๊ป

    เป็นยังไงฝาพับ อยากเห็น nokia มีฝาพับจัง – -*

  • Kaiba

    What about the E6? When will it be released?

    • 352×416

      I think a touch screen qwerty would be a big seller. It would be nice if it was soon.

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