Video: Qt Quick Components UI Demo on Nokia N8

| April 9, 2011 | 20 Replies

Yesterday the Qt Blog released a preview for Qt Quick components, where you may have seen essences of the new Symbian UI such as the slim top status bar (with clock/battery/signal).


Mistakingly the post was titled “video” for about an hour or so until a reader pointed out my mistake (I had two posts on the go, one with a video and ended up writing on that). Rest assured, there is a real video below, courtesy of course by none other than .

You’ll see the example QMLGallery showing the possible buttons, dialogue boxes, animations etc as well as a Qt Flickr app and Qt Music Player.

As mentioned in the previous post:

Please visit the Qt Blog for installation instructions:



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  • Poop

    Fucking Amazing Can’t Wait ;D

  • wow! symbian + qt is a new OS XD

  • LOL. At 1:50 in the flickr photo app demo, look for the shot of someone’s arse (that’s what it looks like to me) when the N8 is oriented horizontally.

  • Glenn

    I noticed that they are using my midnight mod which is cool

    Download here

    Its really cool the advancements in Qt, i wanted to make a Picasa version of the Flickr one, its just an RSS feed but i am not that good of a coder

    • Glenn

      Didnt realise it was you using the theme, though it was the Qt people

  • very smooth and quick!

    cant wait to see what will nokia announce next tuesday! new ui and new phones with latest cpu and at least 512ram,

  • Jim

    it’s nice. If they had this 2 years ago things would have been different for nokia.

  • Taking kinda long to load but runs really smoothly after.

    BTW, anyone having troubles with their N8? I’ve to send mine to the service center last week, and that’s my 2nd time i’ve sent it there for the same reason. It just died on me and refuses to boot up. Actually it has happened more then 2 times already and i’ve been flashing it with pheonix until one day pheonix can’t even access the boot loader. I’m assuming my N8 was a lemon set from the start. Damn 1st nokia phone that has been giving me headaches.

    • my lover n8 experienced the same problems as yours, luckily nokia cant solved the problem and replaced the motherboard,

      • Yea, i’ve received notification from the service center a day later that my collection date has been delayed. Probably cause they themself can’t flash it too and are changing the motherboard. Hopefully that’ll put an end to my problems..

        • Mac

          I had the same problem with mine. Well actually this is my third phone. The tirst one the gps was just freezing all the time. My second one was doing the same thing that yours is doing now. Luckily i replaced it within the 7 days exchange policy for free for a new one. I have this one now for going 5 months now!! No problems whatsoever.

          • At least yours happened within 7 days so you’re eligible for the 1-1 exchange. My problems took 3 month to surface.. =.=

    • Nabkawe

      It happened to me once i was playing angry birds and boof it stopped responding then went dead, i went to my pc plugged it and whilst doing so pressed the hard reset buttons it ran again no problems (and it didn’t hard restart !)
      It went dead right after installing F-Secure by the way and my friend’s one died after using his camera with GPS tagging indoors, 10 others on the internet said they were doing Gps related stuff when it died, i think it’s about the gps some how …

      • Nope, my GPS have no problems whatsoever. However there were random heat problems. Usually when playing games. Sims 3 Especially. Once in awhile it’ll get quite warm then shuts itself off and refuse to boot up till like 10min later. Probably to let the hardware cool down i guess.

  • fahoum

    again… YouTube link?
    Thanks in advance

  • fahoum

    YouTube link?

  • Andelson Marcelino

    I only don’t know, why developers of Symbian insists in buttons and arrows, if the slides screens are more intuitive and more productive in my opinion.

    • Mazze


      I also don’t quite understand the excitement over a couple of buttons, dialog boxes and pop up windows. It’s not the reinvention of the wheel and it’s not groundbreaking either. The only benefit I see is that finally applications might look similar as they share the same UI components.

  • suy

    Thanks for the video Jay. I follow the official Qt blogs and sites because I play with Qt coding in my spare time, and it surprised me that you had a video when the Qt people didn’t post any themselves.

    It’s a shame that Nokia is going WP7 without Qt, because is the best thing ever for developing.

  • markc

    I wish I could get excited about this as I love Qt/QML but I just don’t trust Nokia any more. I’m spending more and more time with pure HTML5 in case M$ starts calling the shots on how open Qt remains (Symbian anyone?). Besides that my N8 completely died on me and I’m not sure I’ll bother fighting with some care center to try and get it fixed.