Officially Pretty in Pink – Nokia N8 Intense Pink released, (with Symbian Anna?)

| May 2, 2011 | 23 Replies

We’ve been following the pink Nokia N8 for a while, from store listing to store listing ever since Nokia started asking about possible new colours for the N8. I thought Pink would have been a natural “girly” edition at the time, as Nokia’s done similar releases before.

Some of you guys have even noticed a pink Nokia N8 in Navifirm.

Speculation is now over as the very intense Pink N8 is now Official at Nokia Conversations and Nokia Germany.


It comes with PR2.0/Symbian Anna it seems (as earlier sightings suggested, based on the icons).

Following the fantastic response to the range of colors we launched for the Nokia N8, it seemed a natural step to extend this choice. The Nokia N8 in pink complements the original line up well with its expressive, intense hue

Pink BTW is one of the colours of the official Windows Phone Concept phones

Whether as an attractive accessory or as a complete outfit , one thing is clear: block colors are a must in summer 2011. The colorful palette of Nokia N8 is the perfect complement to this trend and get the summer color “Pink” is a brilliant extension. With its intense color is the pink Nokia N8 a charming continuation of the N8-color trends and fits nicely next to the previous models in blue, orange, green, Dark Grey and Silver-White.

-Nok Germany

Cheers Asdin for the tip!

via Nokia Conversations


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  • fail

    women are more attracted to iphone these days

    why nokia cant give a better spec with this pink n8
    4″ cbd
    better buuilt quality
    lower price because symbian is dead

    • xyz

      Then it wouldn’t be a N8… btw: Most of us love N8’s capabilities. I don’t need a bigger screen, or cbd. Built quality is excelent. And my symbian isn’t dead, still working, dude.

    • unknown

      “women are more attracted to iphone these days”

      not really. i’ve know some women who prefers cute phones such as the X10 mini or ‘sexy’ ones such as the C7

      “4″ cbd”

      4″ would be overkill for women users. CBD is still welcomed though.

      “better buuilt quality”

      i dont see how it could get any better

      “lower price because symbian is dead”


      • unknown

        btw i agreed for the lower price not because symbian is dead, but it would attract more customers, especially with all the specs you can get.

        p.s i have yet to find an android phone at the same price range as the n8 that can be compared to the n8 in terms of hardware

    • person

      Rubbish. This is a definite win for Nokia as pink is always a popular colour and the N8 is a very popular smartphone with the best camera. My iPhone 4 fangirl friends who were convinced iPhone 4 was the best phone on the planet were shocked to learn about my N8 recently and said it was awesome, incredible and amazing. Which it is. Best phone on the planet in fact 🙂

    • I believe Symbian will not dead, but its market focus will be changed from high/mid-end to low-end. Yes Nokia need to patch up several things and need to get them done fast.

      The problem is with the users and so-called reviewers, instead of calling it dead or such, if pushing them to get it fix and fast and show the need and push with positive attitude than it will be heard.

      We all call it dead, they announce it dead. We wanted Font-change (me too) and they give us font-change.

  • outdated os

    is this Pink N8 thicker than the “previous models”? Ahem. Ahem.

  • While I am all about the choices for the market through various options but I also feel myself on edge not having any news for updates. I am waiting tho, no pressure, not yet at least because not having much problem with N8 here other than missing and needing the portrait keyboard as hell.

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  • if they release fast update symbian doesn’t die!

  • Zahid

    great ! Like the colour alot
    next : bring out the carbon fibre and gorilla glass bodies(replacing aluminium) for the n8

    • MontyN95

      Why the hell would you want a phone made out of glass?!?!?

      • Because it would look very cool ;P

        • Zahid

          yeah ur right 😛

          and as it wil be gorilla glass, so it wil be very strong and durable
          but maybe it’ll be even heavier than aluminium therefore , carbon fibre could be used instead
          durable and lighter than metal

  • stylinred

    Fuchsia! It actually looks very nice; I would never buy it of course… but it looks great

    If they had made it the traditional Nokia Plum they could have killed 2 birds with 1 stone; that’s a unisex look

  • sak96

    now I knw why nokia calld pr2.0 as anna coz they r releasing their flagship model specially 4 grlzz

  • jamesschaeffer

    Women I work with love my dark grey N8.They like the looks and size of it.In pink it would be liked even better. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if one of the wireless carriers here (USA) would have released this phone.

  • Just Visiting

    Love this! WP7 is my OS of choice, but I recently started looking at the N8 (Blue) because of the forthcoming Anna upgrade as I find it aesthetic more tolerable than the current Symbian ‘look’. I think the aesthetic/look of the N8 is art, and is the ONLY other reason (other than the Anna) that I would consider purchasing it. But I didn’t want to pay $399 for it; now Amazon has it for $369 – still more than I’m willing to pay, even though I can afford it. Now, the Pink N8 is here – I would definitely get this one, especially since Anna is already installed, but not for $549 or $399. By the time these phones get to the price point that I’m willing to pay, either the red N8 or the Nokia WP7 phones will be on the shelves. Oh well, I guess I will keep waiting 🙂

  • mussiexxx

    this is one beautyfull N8 symbian rocks

  • What I don’t understand, is the colour poll that Nokia Conversations had some time ago…

    Red was the most voted colour of the poll, being Pink the least voted one, and even so, Nokia decided to release a Pink N8 instead of a Red one.

    What was the purpose of the poll then??

  • Truly amazed the cell phone Nokia N8. I have Nokia n8 black. Womens like this…

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