Finnish retailer puts E6 for 379EUR and X7 for 405EUR, delivery June 10/17th.

| May 12, 2011 | 18 Replies

A Finnish e-retailer lists both the Nokia X7 and E6. Note the difference in price from Nokia directly (which is almost always the case with Nokia pre-order). Instead of as much as 489 Euros for the X7, it’s 405 EUR. Likewise, instead of 429 EUR for the E6, it’s 379.


Something else worth noting: put delivery dates of June 10th for E6 and June 17th for X7.

Now, the May 17th Nokia event is supposedly just for a local LAUNCH of the Nokia E6 and X7.

The world “Launch” is a little confusing, often mixed up with “announcement” and actual availability of the device. Why would Athens require re announcing of the X7/E6 and Anna?

This is just one retailer. The X7 and E6 could arrive before’s expected delivery dates. That’s almost two months from announcement with E6 and over 2 months way with X7. Either way, that is far from “close to announcement” – though technically much “closer” than Nokia’s previous attempts.

Cheers Eero for the tip!



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  • KeiZka

    They might do the same trick they did with N8. First available from Nokia direct, then later on from other retailers. Like a month after Nokia Store launch?

  • Eero offers them at e6=389€ and x7=419€. So as predicted the prices are way below that what Nokia charges at this point.
    Ps. Sent from my 5800xm while enjoying the sun in my hammock 🙂

    • Eero

      Damn you Markantalo! They´ve raised the E6`s price to 398€ ://!

  • Ali Abdulla

    The world “Launch” is a little confusing

    the word*

    i just want the protrait swype 🙁

  • Zaxxx

    So it’s true that Anna won’t come till end of Q2. I can’t believe this we wait for soo long just for portrait Qwerty keyboard….

    • KeiZka

      I’ll laugh if it gets launched next week, mm?

    • Guest

      50+ updates is not just portrait swype, but i think many of them are “under the hood” updates.

    • Zaxxx

      Yes Yes portrait Qwerty with 50 new icons.

    • gordonH

      See the new Nokia France demo of symbian Anna on the E7…

  • Cod3rror

    WOW, that’s super expensive, €250 max for X7, €200 for E6

    • Keizka

      I’d say that’d be super expensive for Android garbage, but to each his own, eh, good old troll?

    • bill gates

      lol you are garbage. worth not 1dollar.

  • Cod3rror

    it should be as cheap as my useless comments.

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  • Tesselaar
  • Patata

    And the german nokia shop ( removed the E6 from their store again.

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