Microsoft buying Nokia Mobile Division false rumours says Nokia

| May 16, 2011 | 33 Replies

Earlier today you might have seen some Eldar goodness spring to life again with his claims that Microsoft would be buying Nokia’s Mobile Division. Eldar says he was 1000% certain this was taking place when asked by Stefan from IntoMobile. Perhaps he needed to up the ante after his previous mentions of Nokia Tidbits were all pretty much public information things.


Mark Squires, Coms Director at Nokia tweets:

“We typically don’t comment on rumors. But we have to say that Eldar’s rumors are getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment.”

Cheers Adnan


Have to go again, but just as a thought: Why would MS want to buy Nokia? 1) do they have enough cash if the non-profit making Skype is 8.5B alone? 2) Doesn’t MS have everything they already need from Nokia – as many said, they’ve taken Nokia already for 0 billion :p. Only reason would perhaps money exchange at the top.

Hey ho gtg. More revision.


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  • John

    The scary thing is a lot of the “big” blogs believe these rumours because they are from Eldar. Say whatever you want about Eldar he has certainly established himself as supposedly credible Nokia tipster.

    • Ninja

      Links please to those big blogs? You can link to Engadget but their top rated comment on that story shoots them down in flames and makes them look like idiots.

      • John

        All I am saying is he’s got some of his claims right, we can’t completely ignore him. During the Nokia WP7 negotiations no one outside Elop and a couple of high level execs knew that Nokia were planning to move towards Windows Phone.

        If Microsoft are in talks with Nokia to buy their mobile Unit then low level managers will have no idea until the deal is done.

        We shouldn’t dismiss these rumours I reckon.

        • Keizka

          Yet he himself dismissed the whole notion at the beginning of this year. Hit and Miss much?

          • Marc Aurel

            Eldar is a master of riding the psychological behavior know as survivorship bias. People only remember when he was right, even though he was wrong about as much when it comes to things like Nokia strategic decisions.

            Another thing people don’t seem to understand is that Eldar’s knowledge about upcoming devices, which appears to be correct a little bit more than incorrect, actually tells us very little or nothing about his knowledge about the larger strategic issues. It’s like saying that ability to hit targets with a rifle well makes you a good general.

        • Kent

          I love Jay’s description… Eldar likes to throw mud on the wall and see if it sticks. That’s exactly how I see his ‘tips’ as well. He makes some educated guesses… so its a hit and miss. He’s just an attention whore.

  • Keist

    Nobody believes Eldar anymore. His biased review of the N8 and all recent Nokia phones, his constant bashing of European companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson proves that he is even worse than the folks at engadget!

    • Keizka

      Also he gets paychecks from Samsung.

      • outdated os

        My Samsung Wave 5mp cam takes better pics than the Nokia N8 12mp…

        Oh, wait.

    • John

      Actually a lot of people seem to believe Eldar outside the Nokia realm. He does get a lot of things wrong but also some right.

      • Marc Aurel

        Just like all analysts and industry pundits without any real inside knowledge. Eldar’s provocative style just makes him a favorite in some circles.

  • Keizka
    • phishbone

      Credibility? What credibility? Any shred of credibility instantly goes poof when it’s Mad Vlad and Nokia on the same thread.

      • Keizka

        Mmm, that’s true. Nothing new here, carry on folks!

      • Deaconclgi

        Haaa Haaaa “Mad Vlad” LOLOLOL!!!!! Too funny!!!!

    • Kent

      Vlad is as bad as Eldar. He’s such a freakin’ Apple fanboy and bootlicker that it’s not even funny.

  • gordonH

    skype got a better deal… MS already got everything from Nokia much cheaper 😉

  • Ali Abdulla

    Didnt the same eldur say that Elop will be saked by year’s end?

    no comment

    • John

      Well then the rumour does make sense. Elop resigns, Nokias value goes even lower then Microsoft buys Nokia for cheap. Makes sense to me

      BTW I am being devils advocate 😀

      • Cloud

        Yeah, everyone that says that it won´t come true:
        I remind only want to remind you that we also thought that NOKIA never would abandon Symbian or even Meego…

        The deminti of Nokia isn´t one at all!
        Being “less acurate” doesn´t mean that he´s “wrong”.

        Nokia, where eill this (you) end?

        • Marc Aurel

          In fact Eldar himself thought just before the February announcement that Nokia was going to add WP7 but not abandon Symbian and MeeGo. He said that any major change in OS strategy seemed unlikely. He did probably have some knowledge about the talks and trials inside Nokia concerning WP7, but he certainly had no knowledge of the actual content of the new strategy.

  • Thankfully they aren’t purchasing Nokia. I want Symbian to live for many years to come, and with plenty of updates please!

  • Jax667

    For now, I also think there are no plans to buy Nokia, but the situation could change in a year or two from now on. I already mentioned why this could happen in the other news…

  • It`s definitely true

    Elop will go back to M$ in 2012 and the Nokia stocks will be really low then due to the WP7 change.
    Microsoft will overtake Nokia to keep pushing WP7 and block any Linux/MeeGo development.
    Microsoft really fears MeeGo, since MeeGo is true Linux and is therefore the ONLY OS which could really become a thread for Desktop Windows.
    I guess all this development was planed by M$, since it was obvious that Nokia stocks drop when the WP7 change was annouced. Since the majority of stocks are owned by US companies, and the US does not want a major OS developed by a European company, everything works out for US companies. Finally, why should M$ buy Nokia in 2010 if they could get it for the half price in 2012? Elop performed very well!

    • gordonH

      It could very well be true.

      • Jay Montano

        What concerns me is the last time Nokia commented on rumours that they weren’t ditching Symbian for Maemo in Nseries. Technically correct, but they are still ditching Symbian (and even then, it was set in place that MeeGo would eventually take over Symbian in high end – which is Nseries).

        Frankly, I can’t 100% believe anything. Be it rumours or official word from Nokia because as we’ve seen, they’d do just about anything now. There are no more strict principles. For much of their time in the new media limelight, they have played wonderfully from the book of shit- how to destroy a multibillion dollar company”.

        Perhaps Elop is just there to clean things up – for Microsoft. He will then leave…and then take over from Ballmer.

        Whilst we’re on conspiracy hypes, Microsoft should go and buy RIM as well. Not that they’d have the cash (other sites are reporting a paltry 30b for Nokia).

  • Keizka

    Engadget being even more craptastic than usually. They actually deleted the “update” they had on this whole shenaningan. No more mention of Mark Squires comment on whole Eldar business.

    • jr

      It’s still there:

      “Update: As Reonhato pointed out in comments, Mark Squires, UK Communications Director for Nokia, has already issued an uncharacteristically pointed non-comment. “We typically don’t comment on rumors. But we have to say that Eldar’s rumors are getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment.””

      • Keizka

        Wasn’t an hour ago 😛

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  • Mushfiq

    Why ll microsoft even buy the whole nokia , i dont think this is the plan , and i repeat this ms deal is a temporary one after a few years nokia ll be back wit a killing 3D os . I hav always seen nokia coming out wit the best . And in the near future nokia is gonna improve like hell , i can see the way nokia is grooming wit the modern tactics n media image n branding n all , Nokia is playin safe n Nokia is playin good . Guys jus wait for Nokia s next flagship model can any one of u even imagin what on earth ll it be after the invincible n8

    • gordonH

      All here disappointed with Nokia’s handling of Meamo and QT.

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