Video: Windows Phone Mango Demoes.

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Here’s a few more video demoes of Mango for Windows 7. These show just a few of the 500 updates Microsoft is promising to ship with Mango.

The first is a long half an hour overview of pretty much all the features. If you’ve got the time, it’s a pretty good watch.

Something cool that’s new to me – when you’re listening to your music on headphones and a message comes in, you can let that be read to you. What’s more, you can reply back in speech to text. These things we have in Symbian but not at this level of integration. You’ll notice that with Windows Phone, it’s all about the integrated out of the box experience. As much as possible it wants to tie everything relevant together.

It’s this type of integration in search/web/applications/locations that would actually make me want to use BING. Currently, I google search 99% of the time on my Windows Phone (partly because T-Mobile decided to turn the search bar into a google search when in web. tut, tut!).

If you’re a facebook user (and a lot of people seem to be) you’ll love what Windows Phone does with facebook and your contacts. It’s possibly your ultimate stalker phone. :p I like that pictures and interaction history view. I thought it would have pictures anyway, but currently FB only pulls photos from your own albums. Now it will find everyone elses. Interaction history shows you call calls/emails/texts/chats you’ve had with that person. Groups of course was something mentioned before. I wish it was there from the beginning – I mean this is pretty basic. One extra thing I like about this is how I can filter out my facebook contacts people into groups and see what people in those groups are doing; old school friends, family, housemate, course mates, work colleagues and of course your special “people i stalk” group :p. JK. This facebook integration in that way sort of lifts it from the already very useful grouping of contacts.

Office integration also nice with skydrive. I hope they do something more with MS Word though.

This one demos Bing Vision. It’s part of the improved search (Bing Audio for music) and with Bing Vision you can search DVDs and books using either the image of the product, QR code or barcode. Of course you could just type in search but this brings great integration again. Once found, you can find prices, descriptions, reviews and purchase that item from relevant related apps.

This one shows multitasking, bing audio, browser and Avatars. Jump to 3:00 to check out the new 3D animated Xbox live avatars. You can interact with them too, shake the phone and they actually fall over. I like it. I kinda want them to do more with Windows Phone like the infamous and obviously much loved MS Word Clippy! :p :p Maybe in Apollo eh?

I HATE portrait card multitasking BTW. I despise the appearance in WebOS, I hated it on Symbian^3, no better on BB Playbook and is just as annoying for me on Windows Phone? Why? I want my live grid view as in Maemo that changes size to fit how many things you’re multitasking. The layout meant it allowed users to change easily so that N900 is a true multitasking beast. I guess it might somehow look “cooler” and be “simpler” to a NEWBIE which is what WP caters for. MeeGo has the balance of both.

I also think there should be a multitask button. On maemo there was that menu come app view button. With a simple download you could make anything into a multitask button, from the camera button to the proximity sensor (it was really cool) bringing up multitask in one quick click or motion. I HATE long press. I find it takes time away (minimal but if you multitask a lot it gets annoying).


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