Nokia N9 faster at taking photos than iPhone 4 (& every other camera phone on the market!) N9 next month?

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There’s an article over at Nokia Conversations making the rounds on the blog showing the speed of the Nokia N9 camera in relation to the competition. The article isn’t really just about this but this is what has caught people’s attention – the speed at which from starting the camera to taking the photo – the Nokia N9 beats not just every single camera phone but the Canon PowerShot S95 – a dedicated digital camera.

The importance of this is that you really don’t miss that spontaneous moment waiting for your phone to load. Unsurprisingly, HTC is the slowest. Of quite some surprise though is how far the N8 is down that alley (though we know, once started, it has the fastest AF, well if you know how to press the shutter button for it anyway :p)

This has caught the attention of Vlad who has posted yet another two articles that are PRO Nokia N9. Go figure.

#paranoidhat says it’s inevitably a way to dig at Nokia (future main focus is WP7, plant seeds of hate early :P). This needs more thought to start this sort of discussion though.

On a similar note which I might post about later, check out:


Whilst we’re on the topic of N9 camera, some other things I found interesting about the camera: Yesterday we read some of Damien Dinning’s N9 Camera Tweets.

Remember the part where Damien said, “Nokia#N9 world’s first and only mobile with true 16:9 AND true 4:3 #imagingdoneright#innovation

I thought that unlike a 12MP 4:3 shot that’s converted to 16:9 9MP, the N9 has 8MP 16:9 and 4:3. I think I may have misinterpreted the meaning of TRUE. Perhaps it means that 16:9 isn’t simply a 4:3 cropped image?

  • 3248 x 2448 pixels for 4:3 ratio  – 8MP
  • 3248 x 2160 for 3:2 and
  • 3552 x 2000 for 16:9 7.1MP

Other features:

  • Feature-wise, there’s the continuous auto focus, , geotagging, dual-LED flash, automatic motion blur reduction, face detection and exposure settings of various types.
  • No camera key, it’s just touch. Yay iPhone :( Nokia calls it softkey. Helps folks who don’t know how to use a camera button I guess.
  • Camera only gets Carl Zeiss branding once Carl Zeiss sees the name and thinks the quality is up to their standard

Oh and Sam has found another slashgear article that suggests the N9 being available next month.

Cheers Adnan, Sam, Prasanna, Don and Rock.


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  1. @UGN999 says:

    “No camera key, it’s just touch. Yay iPhone :( Nokia calls it softkey. Helps folks who don’t know how to use a camera button I guess” – Nice joke! LOL

  2. Mac says:

    On sale within a month! Woah! It may just start snowing here!

  3. N00-00 says:

    I’m worried with the pro-Nokia articles in Engadget and Slashgear (haven’t checked Gizmodo yet).. I feel they only saw yesterday what Nokia is really capable of.. Also, Nokia’s share price rose yesterday….

    I love the fact that Nokia is finally talking about stuffs like this but I would like them to include some more details… Like the lowest aperture (f2.2) lens in the mobile world.. This fact would put the time factor into even better achievement..

  4. pradeep says:

    I think i m not wrong in saying that after almost 4-5 yrs, we have a NOKIA that need no explanation or reasons to buy or to be spotted carrying around.

    For past 2-3 yrs every Joe Average around me is aware that iPhone is the best, Android (coupled with Sammy, LG & HTC etc) is kickin’ Nokia’s butt n more recently…..Symbian is dead…

    So everytime i changed my fone (E72>N97>N8), had to constantly tell the Joe average that “Look, my XX device has true multitasking, best camera, USB OTG etc etc etc….& obviously this is d uncoolest thing u can do in a pub…

    But the N9….i dont think i need to tell neone abt its feature set….or live multitasking…or ease of swipe gestures etc. It just is COOL, desirable….sexy…

    Its been a long wait….but finally….welcome back NOKIA!!


    • Ninja says:

      > “For past 2-3 yrs every Joe Average around me is aware that iPhone is the best, Android (coupled with Sammy, LG & HTC etc) is kickin’ Nokia’s butt n more recently…..Symbian is dead…”

      Firstly most people don’t know what Symbian is, and don’t know that “Nokia is dead”.

      Secondly as soon as you show an N8 to the owner of ANY other phone, they are basically left in awe of it’s power. Just the camera usually does it, but demoing features like HDMI, Dolby, FM transmitter etc usually finishes the job of silencing them and making them realise N8 is best ;-)

      • pradeep says:

        Exactly….thats my point…wid my N8 I “hv” to demonstrate all its features…n then d jaws start to drop…

        But I dont think I will require any of that with N9, every1 seems to be in awe on this device completely…even me…despite knowing this doesn’t hv half the h/w feature of my N8…

        Its just a cool phone…

      • Cod3rror says:

        Also, be pessimistic about nokia direction in general, then add alot of LOL LOL LOL to irritate and shore up my arrugment.

        p.s honestly thou, i had a fair share of friends that see the reviews of the n8 on the net (like endgadget =.=) and write the phone off.

      • Bosh says:

        That’s what people is asking! Good hardware like N8 with a decent UI

      • Hypnopottamus says:

        Then you can show them Symbian’s awesome browser and see how wowed the get. After that you can show off it’s amazing push email capabilities. They’ll surely be in awe of that! And just to make sure the world knows of Symbian’s supremacy, you can also show off how boss it’s social networking client is. They would be fools not to ditch their current device and run and get a Symbian phone ;)

      • stylinred says:

        Yeah i show people my N8 @ first they think i bought a cheap nice looking phone and then i demo it and they’re like “OMG why do i have an Iphone?”

        And then i tell them the price i paid and they just explode.

  5. Ninja says:

    You want the best photos? You use an N8. This was true before the N9 announcement, and it’s just as true now :)

  6. anonymous says:

    We want Nokia to keep MeeGo

    just saw this… please do vote, i don’t know but maybe this can affect nokia just give it a try and share to others…

  7. Guest says:

    Nokia reported yesterday that the launch of the N9 would occur during the third quarter of this year.

    Now the operator Tre in Sweden gone out with that they will get the Nokia N9 in stock on 23 September.

  8. Cod3rror says:

    comepletely random question.

    does n8 have a quick camera app? like something that launch fast. camera pro takes a while to load up.

  9. Bosh says:

    Jay, what about blogging about the increased phone prices??

    Few years ago the most expensive phone wa like $500, and now it’s very common that almost every phone is so d@mm expensive!!

    For the price of the Galaxy S II I could bought a very good laptop, hey, even a car!!

  10. camchams says:

    Like the phone and the camera, just wish that 1080p recording could be done.

  11. Mac says:

    OMG! Vlad has gone all googly eyed over the N9! If he is so impressed, and i mean REALLY IMPRESSED, then the question remains is: What are you going to do now Nokia now that you have impressed and woe’d your worst critics?

    3 things i ask of you nokia, just 3. Here it is:

    1. Keep those same guys developing on meego that were responsible for the n9 and keep updating and ironing out the glitches with updates for this phone as you would do for your old symbian. There has to be updates.

    2. Maintain your efforts with meego by shipping a device at least twice a year.

    3. Keep the disruptive device tag but continue building on top of what you have now so that we always have a cutting edge device that is released with the latest technollogy. Use meego to launch new stuff to market that keeps others just drooling. At least we’d have tech coming to fruition quicker and then afterwards shipped to other devices. If the os changes somewhat, then do a apple and update your older model for at least a year after its release to increase its shelf life and to iron out kinks. At least 2 updates in the year.
    Yeah i know, its alot to ask but the writings on the wall. Gsmarena yesterday had over a million views for the N9! Smell the coffee!

  12. zaxxx says:

    The price will be $600-$700.

    • yemi says:

      I can make a prediction on the price. Judging by the price of recent Nokia phones with bigger screens, I will say the 16GB version will cost $549 and the 64GB will cost $649.

      Nokia can surprise us and make them $449 and $549 respectively. Either way, I am only going to get the 16GB version. But the 64GB will be too tempting if it is priced at $549.

      • Harangue says:

        If they want to sell some unit they need to have a low price point. SGS2 like. 449 for the 16GB seems a bit low, especially with the price of the X7 and E6 that are abnormally high for what you get.

        I’m expecting the N9 to go for aroung €549 (euros that is) for the 16GB and 649 for the 64GB.

  13. Mac says:

    Sorry i wasnt clear there. Gsmarena had a total number of over hits for the N9 pushing it over the 1 million mark!

  14. Antonio says:

    @Jay: Apparently, as I have read somewhere but can’t find it now, the N9 lens aspect ratio is neither 16:9 or 4:3. It is something else entirely. That’s why it is able to actually capture TRUE, FULL 8MP images in BOTH 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. It also appears that Nokia has patented this technology.

    • Lloydo says:

      Damien said on twitter it is 13:9 aperture.

      My guess is this:

      I.e. to take a 16:9 photo you trim off some top and bottom pixels. To take a 12:9 photo (4:3) you trip off left and right side pixels.

      Difference between this and the great sensor in the N8 is that 16:9 images were cropped from an original 12:9 sensor, so plenty of resolution was wasted. This time both 16:9 and 4:3 images use the cropped sensor, but waste less pixels.

      I’m still smarting about the lack of a physical shutter release button. There are so many reasons it is crucial for a decent photography experience…

      • Lloydo says:

        Agh, not 13:9 aperture. Aspect ratio!!/PhoneDaz/status/83141793625022464

        He has also posted some rebuttal about the shutter key. But I still love the ability to grab my N8 from my pocket, holding down the camera button. Bring it up, frame the shot, and fire. None of which require touching, or even looking at the screen.

        Which means you are far less likely to miss the perfect photo.

  15. Ravi says:

    I signed the twitition and I think that should make a post about this twitition and encourage more and more readers to sign it.

  16. Torsas says:

    The X-axis of that diagram is very interesting.

  17. Localed says:

    wow! my phone! c6-01 in comparison :)

  18. Neha says:


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