Nokia N9 browser HTML5 tests – score outperforming iPad 2, SGSII and some desktop browsers? p.s. NO flash.

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MeeGo’s browser has a lot to live up to. Maemo 5’s MicroB was hands down the best browser of its time (and still wipes the floor with some, especially Symbian’s – yes including Anna). Nok Conv notes that Nokia were trying to create a mainstream browser that “doesn’t annoy”, working the way a user would expect. Oh and Nokia says the performance is BLAZINGLY FAST.

I meant to publish this last week as one of our readers pointed us to a post from thehandheldblog that compared some HTML5 tests across browsers from some popular devices against the N9

Yesterday Nokia Conversations covered that topic of HTML5 tests and this time, the N9 achieved nearly 30 extra points (perhaps with later version of browser?)

Anyway, current results puts Nokia N9’s browser at 283. This beats Safari on the iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.3

And it also beats Samsung Galaxy II with Android Gingerbread 2.3.3:

Note that the test does admit shortcomings in not being able to test all features of HTML5 but sufficiently as they believe to be relevant for testing. N9’s current HTML5 score is only 3 points less than my desktop firefox 5.0 browser. I think I have I.E.9 and that oddly scores just 62. I got 328 with Chrome.

I can’t find the score for Windows Phone. I think during Mango previews, MS were proud to show IE9 whipping the butts off iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

N9 browser supports:

  • text enlargement allowing the size of the text to increase without increasing the size of other elements on the page.
  • HTML5 video and CSS 3D
  • the mobile components of the HTML5 specification (allowing social location and orientation information.)
  • Top sites – that lists frequently visited sites.
  • CSS 3
  • DOM Level 3
  • HTML over TCP/IP
  • HTML5
  • Javascript 1.8
  • Webkit 2 based
  • XML


No flash support.

I wonder if we can get to install some browsers of our own that does flash? I’ve grown to live without this on my Windows Phone. It would be nicer though to have the full web, but well Nokia-MeeGo team must have thought this was also ok to leave out.

I want to see:

  • Smooth scrolling across heavy web pages
  • Multiple tabs/window management
  • Embedded videos – do we see a blank or do we see a player?
  • No chequerboarding
  • Animation rotation when flipping (with 270degree rotation)
  • Smooth and FAST pinch and zooming
  • Accurate page rendering
  • Fast page loading
  • Quick bookmarking (with thumbnails)
  • Share page

Here’s a demo of the browser in video from

Most of the points I’ve listed above are shown, some I’m not sure – e.g. embed videos, what happens.


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