Nokia WP apps not confined to Nokia devices only?

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How about starting your weekend with a bit of riot worthy news? Pocket-lint is reporting that the apps Nokia create for Windows Phone are also going to be available on devices from their competitors like HTC and Samsung.

Pocket-lint had an interview with Marco Argenti, senior vice president of Developer and Marketplace at Nokia partly about what Nokia is doing with Windows Phone. One of the key take aways from it was the open attitude and willingness to share Nokia has with apps it will create for Windows Phone. What? There won’t be any exclusive Nokia content on the Sea Ray and it’s siblings?

Argenti is quoted saying: “Every Nokia App will be available on every phone” He goes on that certain apps will be exlcusive for Nokia users but only for a period of time. Which apps Nokia will provide for Windows Phone is uncertain right now, although Maps is one key aspect of Nokia’s contribution to Windows Phone, it will reportedly be tightly integrated into the OS. In other words that means it will become available to each and every manufacturer that makes Windows Phones.

Right now I don’t know what to make of that decision, I’d rather not see it happen this way. One of the important reasons I chose Nokia over the years was because of their excellent mapping solution. What is the value Nokia has over other brands if they lose that defining feature? Build quality perhaps? But that only goes so far, if the price difference is large enough between a plastic build and an aluminium one it isn’t worth it for a lot of people.

The message about what Nokia will and will not do with Windows Phone is however a bit unclear right now. One article says they will share everything and another says key features (like Maps) won’t be shared or at least not right of the bat. We’ll have to wait and see, but if key Nokia features become available for other manufacturers to use. Then the trojan theories are becoming more right than wrong.

Come on Nokia, supply us with some more info about what you want and are going to do with Windows Phone and how are you going to keep your brand recognition and value. A interview with Elop would do just fine, would be an excellent opportunity for for one of the team to test his interviewing skills. 😛

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Source: Pocket-Lint


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