Asphalt 6 HD: Symbian^3 and Android graphical comparison.

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Hello fellow Mynokiablog readers!

Today we present an honest (harsh?) video comparison of Asphalt 6! The nitty-gritty details can be found in the video description below.

From MrNokiaTech:

“NOTE: Gameloft “ported” Asphalt 6 to the Symbian^3 OS. It appears that they were not able to harness the power of the Broadcom GPU and decided to leave out a LOT of graphical detail in order to achieve a smooth framerate. This video is NOT about which OS or phone is better but to simply show the quality of the Asphalt 6 port.

From Deaconclgi at

“…..The textures are all low-res, there is pop-up, there are slowdowns in places, the look around controls in the garage are choppy, the ingame lighting is dramatically reduced.

The biggest offender is that HALF of the trackside detail is MISSING/LEFT OUT!!! So much so that I initially wanted a refund. Buildings, trees, boats, planes, fish, flags and whole sections of track detail has been REMOVED!

With half the details, no wonder it runs smoother than Asphalt 5. Even the in-race cars don’t have the same detail as they did at the car selection screen.

This is a sloppy effort. It seems that Gloft can’t code for Synbian^3 that well or just doesn’t want to invest in a proper port. Even the menus and colors are low res and watered down.

Ultimately, I am glad to see more HD games on Symbian, but Asphalt 6 for Symbian^3 is more SD than HD.

And yes, the 32 million polygons per second GPU in Symbian^3 phones could handle A6 as originally made, with full detail. I chalk the reduction in detail to the fault of the developers.”

I still recommend buying Asphalt 6 for Symbian^3 as it is the best Arcade racer for the platform, has loads of content, a great soundtrack and at the very least, it can be played on the big screen via HDMI/RGB, finally, it is a million miles better that the HORRIBLE, low framerate Asphalt 5 Symbian^3 port from 2010.”


Video Link:


In my hands-on time with A6 S^3, I have also noticed that Multiplayer has more options than the Android version. S^3 has Local via Bluetooth and Wifi and Online via the Mobile network and the Android version just finds an available connection.

Has anyone else noticed any differences not mentioned in the lengthy video description above? Let us know in our comments section!



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