Nokia N9 Orange Switzerland from September 15th

| July 27, 2011 | 21 Replies

Because Nokia haven’t set a definitive date for the launch of the Nokia N9 (they hardly ever set an actual date for phone availability, perhaps due to difficulty in global release or general Nokia incompetence) we’ve had many different places suggest different dates for availability.

Sweden will get theirs by the 23rd of September. A retailer in Khazakstan suggests as early as August 19th.

Orange-Switzerland has listed the Nokia N9 as coming September 15th.

Via MeeGoExperts

Cheers Richard Hauxwell, Remo and mrprince for the tip!



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  1. Laborant says:

    Two more shops say “mid of September”

    Today I was in the Swisscom shop and the seller told me, thats in the mid of September available.

    And Digitec – a neutral Tech-Webstore – lists it:

    I have to look… first Holiday in Tokyo, then three Weeks Army… after this, its mid of September ;)

  2. Remo says:

    Digitec lists it for CHF 699.-…fair enough.

  3. Calvin H says:

    Talked to the guy at the Nokia store in Bangkok, he says October, 500$ ish price range.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Marcos a. says:

    In Brazil, N9 is confirmed to end of August

  5. stylinred says:

    its so odd that nokia hasnt given a release date… Elop seems to want this phone to fail

  6. faby says:

    just wait for it already… U guys should stop acting like spoiled brat.



  7. faby says:

    By the way I’m getting the magenta for my wife and the black for myself. I’ll do to switzerland or sweden if i have to.

  8. Usedtolovemeegoandnokia says:

    This needs to come out before iphone5 or it will fail big time. It will be n8 all over again in reviews ” it would have been the best if it came out 6 months ago” etc…

  9. Sammyl says:

    Nokia, please bring the N9 out ASAP, because I’ve so far convinced

    - 1 x brother to get N9 instead of HTC Incredible S
    - 1 x friend to get N9 instead of iPhone 4
    - 1 x nephew to get N9 instead of Samsung Galaxy S II

    but I don’t know if they are willing to wait very long for it.

    • Jeff says:

      Nice, good job…
      Now it’s up to Nokia to deliver in a timely manner for once.
      If it’s not in at least several countries by Sep30.
      Nokia can kiss goodbye to competing with the iPhone.

      • Jeff says:

        It wont compete anyway, because Nokia won’t push it.
        But at least it’ll have a tiny bit of a chance LT, if it’s out in several countries by then.

  10. Patrick says:

    I talked to a Nokia shop in Dubai and he said it would be out in the 3rd or 4th week of August.

    He didn’t know what the price would be.

  11. rfa says:

    An Australian retailer “claims” mid August.
    I think John is Crazy…

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