Could TabCo be Fusion Garage? Update: Yes they were

| August 11, 2011 | 32 Replies

On our post regarding the TabCo event registration, Oho commented about the possibility of TabCo being Fusion Garage. I’ve done some digging and he may be on to something. The JooJoo has a back design similiar to the one we have seen in TabCo videos. Image Source: Endgadget & TabCo Fusion Garage’s new tablet “Grid 10” has just passed FCC and the schematics look quite promising. (Promising in terms of potentially being TabCo’s product.) The name of the tablet itself “Grid 10” has been reported to also be the original name for the video of TabCo’s UI sneek peak. Again, we see that bar on the back present in both the FCC image and the TabCo video screenshot. Here’s the FCC image: On the Software side of things, I have more doubts. The UI on JooJoo doesn’t look like it could be similar to what we saw in the Sneek Peak of TabCo’s UI. By similar, I’m referring to the use of the menu bar. It looks like it could be derived from the same UX, but that is just speculation. The TabCo Menu bar looks more like what we would expect to come from MeeGo. I’ve put a comparison photo of the UI from Fusion Garage’s first device and the one TabCo gave us a glimpse of. Reports are that the “Grid 10” or “JooJoo 2”, will run on Android. This is the only thing that is drawing some doubts. Whether or not this company is Fusion Garage, Nokia, Intel, or even just simply TabCo, they have raised a lot of attention. If they can manage to bring an innovative tablet to the market they may do well. They definitely have the right marketing approach. Jay: Plus when the video for TabCo UI was first shown, it was titled, “The Grid Teaser” after which it was promptly removed and replaced. If it is JooJoo, I’m certainly NOT interested. Cheers Oho for the tip! UPDATE: TabCo are Fusion Garage!  Michael


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  • What a waste…

    • AngryPenguin

      Precisely, maybe Tabco is a misspelling of Tepco??

  • peet

    For a minute there I was hoping it was Nokia, but now I am very sad 🙂

  • Peter L

    Yes, looks like it will be a device from Fusion Garage, what an anticlimax.

    I’ve never really believed that it would actually be a Nokia tablet (there has been even suggestions that it would be a Symbian tablet, WTF?) but I must admit I secretly hoped it would be.

    • hewbass

      If it was going to be a Nokia tablet, then it would almost certainly be running some variation of Windows, due to Elop’s Microsoft blinkers. I donat think the timescales fit for that though.

      I had hoped that it would the key Nokia talent that have left the company since October last year, but I think 10 months is too fast for product development and release.

      I still have hopes that there will be a startup formed from the best talent that Nokia had to offer, and that they will do something good in the mobile space.

      In the meantime, I hope Ari Jaaksi will clean up the rough edges on WebOS and make it a viable alternative to iOS and Android (for WP is surely not one: just more of the same with a slightly different UI shell on top).

  • JD!

    bah… Nothing coming from Nokia… BS 🙁

  • Laborant

    Does Fusion Garage have the money to make marketing like this? Why the same postal address? Why like the word “swipe”?

    The meal isn’t eaten already.

    • T?

      That’s what I’m wondering too. Who would give Fusion Garage more money after their initial “success” with JooJoo? Not anyone in their full mental health anyway.

      Btw, the postal address can’t be held as an evidence. That, while a real address is not a “real” address just a facade (as far as I have understood).

      What about swiping then… There has been a lot of swiping around before Nokia started to use the word to describe how the Meego Harmattan UI is used.

    • guest

      What money? It doesn’t cost a lot to make a couple of low-quality videos, with cheap actors or company employees, and post them on Youtube. On top of that they have bought a few twitter promotions and written letters on the sky. What else? Rough estimate would be under 100K marketing budget, which would come from CEO’s pocket money.

      The address is the address of a common domain anonymizer. They probably also wanted to give the impression they could be Nokia.

  • Titanium

    They made a lot to let people think they are Nokia. If they’re not I think that this campaign will do more damage than good

  • asdf

    Still wondering what OS this Fusion Garage / Nokia / TabCo tablet is running. If it’s going to be just another android it’ll be a massive disappointment.

  • jr

    Did anyone really think this was Nokia? .. really? Wouldn’t be surprise if it comes with the boring Android 3.1 as the 1001 other crappy tablets.

  • Mac

    If it is fusion running android then in all essence they have just created a skin/shell to run ontop of everything to create that different user experience and interaction. That is a possibility as one can do that. Look at the SPB Mobile shell 3D on an android! It looks awesome! I think they may have done this. Havent they (tabco) also passed some negative comments on the android os as well? If so then i wonder what os this would run then?

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  • Cod3rrorfans

    Thank god it won’t run on cave monkey’s favorite symbian os

    • Laborant

      oh… Justin Bieber has fans too

    • Rock

      Gosh leave the trolling to the real Codeerror.. You suck at it :/

  • Deaconclgi

    Ha, I said it was the JooJoo 2 in a comment here in one of the articles a week ago. Lol

  • viipottaja

    the other thing that does not fit is that they claim, iirc, they are someone big.. but i guess they may be backed by someonee with big pockets.

  • Kinda guessed this would be the JooJoo2. Bummer.

  • oho

    Wow, MyNokiaBlog took a word from me and made an article about it ^_^
    Thanks guys. Yes, I was hoping it would be a Nokia, but then I saw the FCC images of the Grid, and the video was titled ‘The Grid Teaser’ and then I became less inclined it’s Nokia and leant more twards Fusion Garage!

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Haha, well i had seen it mentioned before. At first i thought it was First Else and had an article about it the day they released the “reinventing the wheel” campaign. But i refused to believe it wasn’t Nokia. We’ll have to see. Good suggestion though 🙂

      • oho

        Thanks a lot, it’s only a matter of days till we know for sure 🙂

  • goosepig

    Until next week no-one can be sure.

    Also, I thought this was being billed as a ‘game changer’ – this JooJoo thing hardly lokos like doing that.

  • Albert

    All your answers you can get from JooJoo’s website….

    “The company has received two rounds of investiment sine 2009, the most recent from Malaysian mobile device OEM and distribution giant CSL Group.”

    And the website gives the idea that it runs an OS of its own, not android…

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Saying that, TabCo have released information that seems like it can be adapted and manipulated by anyone who looks hard enough with a strong enough inclination towards a certain company.

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  • karam

    this is oold news. I mentioned it here
    and it was mentioned on tabco facebook page 3 weeks ago

  • dpr

    I think for sure Tabco is not Nokia. At present day Nokia only likes Windows. And there is high possibility of OS on tabco is not windows.

  • crisscross

    I call Intel! Cred me if I am right!

  • Zipa

    I don’t get it. It has been blatantly obvious from the get-go that this is not Nokia, yet people keep thinkig/hoping it is. Why, oh, why!

  • edho

    holy sh…