And the anticlimax? TabCo to introduce the Grid 10 – JooJoo2.

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Oh wow, what an anticlimax.

“Introducing the Grid 10! Pursuing our launch and learn to know our product”.

Whilst we speculated early on of the possibilities of Nokia/MeeGo relations, TabCo as it turns out (and correctly by a few of our readers) is introducing to the world the Grid 10.

It’s still not officially launched and we haven’t seen how incredible they could have made the UI. How will they reinvent the wheel and set themlseves up as not just another tablet?

With Moto-Goog taking all the attention, does anyone even care about TabCo? The only way they could have topped things if TabCo turned out to be something from MotoGoog

Update: They’ve just tweeted this: “Introducing Google / Motorola Mobility! Pursuing our launch and get to know our product:” ??!?

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Update from Michael:

So by now many of us know TabCo is Fusion Garage, a guess that many readers like Oho have mentioned along the way. Now we have the UI. Is it as innovative as they claim? I don’t think so.

The OS is built on the Android Kernel, and is known as Grid OS. The UI is different, I’ll give them credit for that. They have not only showcased the Grid 10 but also the Grid 4, a mobile handset. They also decided to use swiping down to access homescreen. Patent lawsuit anyone?

Both devices run the Grid OS. Here a some features from the video presentation.

– Seamless video playback experience. (Resume video on the go. Start from Tablet finish on Phone.)
– Swipe down to access homescreen.
– Sign to unlock. I’m not sure if i like it but it’s different.
– Endless Homescreen.
– Web Browser.
– Access to not only existing Android Apps but also Fusion Garage’s Apps.
– Apps can be sorted into expandable “clusters”.
– Bing Integration.
– Social Media integration.
– Animations/Transitions between apps and homescreen.
– Grid Shop – Fusion Garage’s apps store.
– Email.
– Video Calling.

A full list of this information and other specs can be found at Fusion Garage’s Page

On the hardware side of things, the tablet runs on a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2, sports a 10.1″ screen, and a resolution of 1366 x 768, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and 16GB internal memory that’s expandable via MicroSD. It also comes with HDMI output.

For those who bought a JooJoo, they will receive this Tablet for FREE! For the rest of us It’s priced at US$499 (WiFi) and US$599(WiFi + 3G).

The Grid 4, FG’s mobile device, is priced at US$399 (Unlocked). This is a 16GB handset running on the Grid OS, Qualcomm Dual Core Processor, sports a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 MP front facing camera. (Again a mexapixeled front facing camera. Yay, no more VGA.)

The Grid 10 is available to order already and will ship from September 15, while the pone will launch in Q4.

I am very disappointed with the turn out of this whole TabCo campaign. It certainly didn’t give me that “Aha!” moment they kept talking about. I wish them luck as I’m sick of everyone boasting about Apple’s innovation, especially when it’s about things Nokia has done for years. (FaceTime and Video Calling).

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