Google buys Motorola. Yes Really.

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I remember reading Staska’s (Unwired View) posts suggesting Google should buy Motorola as a quick and easy fix for all their patent problems. And apparently they’ve done just that.

Well that blows out any possibility of Motorola ever making a Windows Phone handset. No wonder they kept flaunting their IP portfolio. Quite a bargain at 12.5B.

Motorola’s situation somewhat mirror’s Nokia’s. Once number one, pushed out by stronger competition (Nokia) putting its bets on one OS…hopefully the story doesn’t end the same way

Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility

In 2008, Motorola bet big on Android as the sole operating system across all of its smartphone devices. It was a smart bet and we’re thrilled at the success they’ve achieved so far. We believe that their mobile business is on an upward trajectory and poised for explosive growth. …..”

What does this mean for the other manufacturers of Android handsets? What does it mean for WP and iOS?

This better not be related in anyway to TabCo.

Update: Responses from the other manufacturers.

Namely Nokia:

“This further reinforces our belief that opportunities for the growth of Nokia’s smartphone business will be greatest with Windows Phone. This could prove to be a massive catalyst for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturers.”

Update 2:

Google’s hand was forced by MS says Business Insider Via WMPU.

Apparently MS was close to making a ‘Major Patent Deal’ deal with Motorola, but Google came and swept in before they had the chance to have further ammunition against Android, preventing yet another Nortel fail.

GigaOhm reports similar news. they suggest MS wanting Moto which is quite different to what BI said.


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