Countdown at Nokia’s facebook page – try something new in 48 hours – Trio of new Symbian handsets? (Update – yes it’s Belle!)

| August 22, 2011 | 107 Replies

Remember the rumours about the Trio of new Symbian handsets to be announced in Hong Kong this week? Well the Nokia facebook fanpage has a countdown for 48 hours time (August 24) when we might just see some new handsets.


Awaiting should be the Nokia 600, 700 and 701, suspected to be the upcoming Symbian Belle handsets (either with or an update soon to Belle). There’s definitely Symbian connections as it’s a Symbian event.

Cheers for the tip, Mika and KobusNell

Oh Huanji points out the link to the countdown, notice the name says belle! haha.

LLAADD: UPDATE: if you click on link directly, it will just start a countdown from 28h,46min,40seconds as part of the countdown code is on facebook, so just check it out the countdown on the facebook page for the actual time left!

It also looks like they realised they gave it all away by the name of the countdown file and have now renamed it to:

Nice try Nokia, but too late, now everyone knows it’s Symbian Belle!

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  1. Kit Yeung says:

    Do you have the details regarding the event? I want to stop by :)

  2. phoenix says:

    wanna play with Belle on my N8 :)
    hope it will come asap

  3. RidoyN8 says:

    Belle anouncements and also OVI’s final transition to NOKIA?….

  4. Joe says:

    I think they should finish delivering Anna to everyone before shipping out Belle. In North America there is still no Anna update.

    • eze says:

      when i bought my 5800 (3yrs ago) i noticed it took almost 2mths to get an update that the whole world already got, i dont know why nokia treats us in the north america this way. to cut the long story short i made up my mind to but my nokia phones from the UK, bought my N8 from uk (already got the update) and will buy my N9 from the UK as well

      • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

        i’m still waiting to update my 5800. It’s still on v20 and not even navifirm has updates for my handset.

        I’m in Australia btw.

      • saket says:

        I am in US and i remember it took almost 2weeks to get an update when 1.2 was released.

        That’s why i flashed my N8 with belle, its so smooth and snappy

        • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

          i never got 1.1 for n8 and over a month later for 1.2. Gave up waiting for Anna as well, that’s why i too flashed belle :)

    • corraine says:

      As far as I know, the delay may not be Nokia but your operators. It is the same with most operator specific handsets… first the manufacturer release the updates to operators to test, and then the operators release it to consumers.

      • Harangue says:

        Not entirely, there are numerous people with unbranded devices that haven’t received Anna yet. Nokia has a weird roll out schedule where certain regions or countries get the update and other don’t. They generally get it a week later and so on until every unbranded device is taken care of.

        Weird strategy IMHO, does Apple supply updates to every region at once? Don’t know.

        • yasu says:

          “Weird strategy IMHO, does Apple supply updates to every region at once? Don’t know.”

          I think they do. I also think that they are the only ones.

          I could be wrong, though.

        • vPuik says:

          Nokia is pushing this out in 2 waves. About 60% of the S^3 phones got it last week, the other 40% get it this week.

        • Tommy says:

          It is probably due to the servers. If it was released all at once the servers would go down. I’ve seen it before with another update…

          • Harangue says:

            If it were an update available to all devices I would understand. But there aren’t that many Symbian 3 devices out there, or atleast there aren’t more of them then there are iPhones/iPads etc. capable of reeling in iOS4/5. Yet Apple apparantly can deliver them simultanously?

      • Joe says:

        My phone is unlocked, unbranded and a plain Nokia N8. I could understand it if the operators were involved but in my case it is just Nokia’s lazyness.

        • Andre says:

          It’s not laziness, just that NA isn’t as important to nokia as europe or asia.

          • Antonio says:

            I guess S.America (one huge market for Nokia) is not so important either because I still don’t have my update! It seems the whole America hasn’t gotten anything, and the only reason I didn’t flash Belle is Nokia announcing it tomorrow

    • Slayer says:

      ever heard of the word announcement??? they wont “ship out belle” before Anna

  5. faby says:

    I promise you it will be belle with new handsets. The trio like jay said. The big news however will be belle release date.
    Wishful thinking? Don’t care it will that and that’s it

  6. Roman says:

    I couldn’t even update to Anna so far. The update does neither show up in the Ovi Suite nor in the *#0000# menu nor in the software updates menu. Any idea?

  7. Sam says:

    I really don’t care much for Symbian, but I think this is terrific news. Why? Because Nokia is presenting at IFA in the beginning of September and if these handsets are already out, it increases the chances that whatever is presented at IFA could be the Sea Ray, or whatever the “Nokia 800″ device is :D.


    • Michael Prince says:

      I have never been to IFA, but looking at the event website it doesn’t seem they have much of a presence beyond their spot on the floor. What information do you have on their involvement?

      • Sam says:

        I unfortunately do not have any information beyond what is on the IFA website. This map shows that they will be exhibiting in two different halls:

        I know that some devices are typically announced around IFA, including the likelihood of several Samsung devices this year.

        I’d sincerely hate to have to wait until Nokia World.

        • Michael Prince says:

          It’s a two edged sword … I’d hate to have to wait until Nokia World, but if I have to wait and they can release a polished device … I’d rather wait. My fear is that we end up waiting and get a half-cocked piece of Gen 1 garbage.

          In saying that, I am a big Elop fan (one of the few it seems) and feel that he is saving the company from an otherwise certain death. The ‘Osborne effect’ comments do hold true, but I think they will be forgotten long term.

          • Sam says:

            I’m confident in Elop as well. The guy is extremely sharp and an extraordinarily quick study by most accounts. I think the future of Nokia is bright under his stewardship, but any turnaround will take time, which is why I honestly don’t expect anything too special from Nokia’s first WP7 device. I guess that’s a significant reason why I’d rather not wait. Otherwise, I’d rather wait as well if it meant the finished product is significantly better.

            If the reports of Compal shipping 2 million devices to Nokia beginning in September are true, then that would suggest the product would be finished by then, and there would thus be no reason to wait until Nokia World for an announcement. No?

  8. 352x416 says:

    Does anyone know if the new PR3.0 devices run ST-Ericsson?

  9. Javid says:

    If you let the animation load – then move the mouse – it looks 3D to me…. possibly some kind of 3D support – surely not? surely someone would have seen this coming? no?

  10. steci86 says:

    So, now you guys tell me when you think the new handsets will be available. I was about to buy a new N8 yesterday, but Nokia’s announcement made me change my mind. Should I wait or should I just buy the N8?

  11. GhMe says:

    Come on people

    They said and i quote “TRY SOMETHING NEW ON SYMBYIAN ”

    well it is “try” not pay so no new phones to pay
    they said on “Symbyian” so windows phone is not related

    and the link that they removed says “belle”

    i guess it is beta VER of belle for us to try or test

    and remember it is something for us to try or test
    for sure not paying something to try and there is no trying in announcing belle

    that’s how i see it


    • Jay Montano says:

      Well, just wait and see. It’s not long, just till Wednesday.

    • Deaconclgi says:

      Now we all know that Nokia does NOT operate on common sense. What you said is too logical for the Nokia we know. Nokia may have put Try by mistake instead of SEE something new and is too lazy to fix it :p

      Journalist: Nokia, we assumed that there would be software for the users to try…
      Nokia: We apologize for the swype typo, here, we have made todays Belle VIDEO demonstration download available to all.
      Journalist: …………


  12. nokiafan says:

    may be its NOKIA MORPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GhMe says:

    “Now we all know that Nokia does NOT operate on common sense”

    OH GOD

    how do you work with some one doesn’t operate on common sense

    if so try means pay for new phone
    and coming soon meaning year later
    and the very big update means split screen and new keyboard
    so now you are telling me that try something on symbian might be paying new windows phone?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so Nokia is so damm fucked up in terms of English basic grammar rules and needs some English to help us understand what are they talking about

    and i am still waiting……

  14. ksg91 says:

    I believe they have put that link intentionally. :D

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