Rumours: Possible Nokia Windows Phone Specs? #Wishfulthinking #Hydra #Nokia #900

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Daily Mobile forum has an image of supposedly from a ‘reliable source’. This is the person’s first post on the forum and looks more like something that belongs in our dream-nokia sessions rather than actual upcoming devices.

The specifications aren’t actually anything extra-ordinary, what is expected from 2011 actually, but would be a surprise if Nokia brought something that matches the competition on this aspect (at least just for bragging rights, marketing etc). They do better in many other areas, but as a market leader they should be completely current on all fronts. Ignoring the fact it is designed in MS paint, let’s look at the supposed specs.

  • 4″ Gorilla Glass oleophobic screen
  • Dual Core 1.5GHz processor
  • Dedicated graphics adapter
  • 720p screen (haha, I remember falling for that one when N9 supposedly had this, though there are real phones from competition supposedly coming with 720p screen)
  • 1080p 30fps video
  • 12mpx camera
  • VGA front camera
  • Swipes gesture (oh really)
  • GPS with AGPS
  • BT3.0, WiFi, NFC
  • 4 stereophonic(?) speakers
  • 32GB + MicroSD
  • 1600mAh
  • Price 500EUR
  • Available Q1 2012
The Nokia 900 is supposedly code named Hydra. Seems to be a theme with Sea Ray as Hydra was a Sea beast.
If that’s true, then I’d want one.
Cheers Adnan for the tip!

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  • Tkadrum

    A Sea Change for Phone 7 Adoption
    But two interesting things happened to me recently for me:

    1. I sat in a meeting last week with all “business people.” No one in the room was technical… at all. These people are financial types—not my types. So, during the meeting when it got a bit boring and over my head, I discreetly took numerous peeks at email on my Windows Phone 7. When the meeting adjourned, one of the guys said in front of the entire group, “How do you like your Windows Phone 7?” Shocked, I retorted, “I’m surprised you actually know what a Windows Phone 7 is, let alone recognize it.” And I gave my usual answer (mentioned previously). Interestingly, every one of them agreed. And here is the shocking part. They all showed me that they each carry two phones: an iPhone and “one to talk on,” which is a simple Verizon phone with no Internet access. At that point I said, “Well, when this one is available on Verizon, you’ll be able to carry one device.”

    2. Both my teenagers expressed a desire to get a Windows Phone 7. These are pretty well-rounded kids who have carried Androids and iPhones forever and who would rather die than have anything consumer-related from Microsoft. Surprised, I asked them both why and got basically the same answer: “I have a friend who has one, and it’s awesome.” I thought to myself: “A grassroots Windows Phone 7 swell within the elite teenager community? No way!”

    Is this Windows Phone 7 adoption going faster than I thought? Significantly faster than I ever predicted? Faster than Silverlight? Well, after doing some research, I’ve found that the answers are “yes” and “yes” and “maybe,” which shocks me. Here are the relevant stats:

    • guest

      Nice try, Ballmer.

      • Guest

        LOL…. all I can say is that guy is a joke 😀

        referring to Tkadrum

  • migo

    I’d go with fake too. Won’t have 720P screen resolution, there won’t be a Windows Phone device with resolution other than 480×800 for at least a year. I find 1080p @ 30FPS recording unlikely too given that so far the best GPU supported by Windows Phone is an Adreno 205. 1600mAh battery is also unlikely, Nokia always skimps on battery size, I don’t expect them to change that now, and 500EUR… well if that 15% price cut applies to all future pricing that does seem about right, but somehow I doubt Nokia’s willing to race to the bottom with their top end device. I don’t think Swipe will happen any time soon either, I’d expect that to come out only after they’ve got a successful bug-free launch of stock Windows Phone, and it would be really surprising if that weren’t just introduced in Windows Phone 8 across the line.

  • Sam

    The language (poor English) alone suggests its fake. The author already touched on the Mickey Mouse, “MS Paint” design. Looks like something some tech enthusiast in India or Pakistan would come up with.

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  • manu.e67

    N95 8go is back 😉

  • Deep space Bar

    if so nokia and go fuck themselves with WP7….this phone we where waiting for and they make it for WP7 instead of symbian and or a Meego Variant ….WTF..after 6 years this has to be the first time i’m actually pissed off with Nokia

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