Nokia Windows Phone WILL SHIP IN Q4!!

| September 14, 2011 | 92 Replies

I saw several  emails (and then blog posts) about Nokia first WP not coming until 2012. I think we covered that story already before that it was to explain YES it will come out and be available in a select few countries at the end of 2011, and to the rest of the world in 2012. (Remember in that interview, Stephen Elop said Windows Phone will roll out, country by country.)

Just checking out what else Nokia Tweeted today, they confirm Nokia WP WILL be out this year. It’s just that it will roll out country by country and the majority will have to wait for 2012. That’s normal. Many phone companies launch something in one region and others have to wait a few months before they get it.

@gorval32 We cannot confirm local availability but the 1st Nokia w/ WP devices will ship in Q4 and with volumes in 2012 cc @NokiaAustralia

Source: Nokia Twitter.

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  1. Simo says:

    There is even a rumor Nokia WP7 devices will begin shipping next month.

    With this news I’m starting to believe the conspiracy theorists who claim Nokia may want the N9 to fail. They keep delaying the launch for no apparent reason. I think they want the N9 to launch as close as possible to the Nokia WP7 launch date and force it to compete for sales.

    I am now positive that nobody will see the N9 in September, and that it won’t be on shelves until the 2nd half of October at the very earliest.

    • scelero says:

      n9 is said to be availble next week in sweden.

      • Simo says:

        It was said to be available in many places this month and it hasn’t yet. You may be right, but considering Nokia’s recent track record, I’ll believe it only when I see it.

        • ravo says:

          its because they said that it will be out somewhere after the 23 here in sweden.. the month is not over why are you crying over that? its still september and 16 days left.. so you will see it soon..

          • Simo says:

            But they also said Malaysia would get it in September, and even had TWO launch parties for it before delaying launch to October. Feel free to live in denial, but calling Nokia out on their obvious and repeated release of this device doesn’t equate to “crying.”

    • viipottaja says:

      and that’s why they are launching it it discrete, different countries? bit of a big gaping hole in that particular conspiracy theory.

    • Corraine says:

      Personally I do not take much stock into this kind of conspiracy theory. Whether N9 or Searay sell, the profit is all Nokia’s. Nokia would not want a product to fail especially if it has put so much effort into it.

      Think logically for a second:
      1. A failed product means loss of mindshare and reputation. Nokia does NOT want that
      2. N9 is being mass marketed to so many countries. This takes marketing money and efforts to work closely with Operators.
      3. From engineering point of view, you can see N9 was lovingly engineered/created. Do you think such a phone is created with “failure” in mind?

      • Tom says:

        Consider me a conspirist. The point is Elop can not think logically, most of us can… in our opinions.

        The conspiracy is why Elop won’t release it to more LARGE (UK, USA, INDIA, GERMANY, etc.) markets and why the N950 won’t come out soon after if the N9 is doing well.

        Also, the profit is not all Nokia’s on searay (relative to the N9) I imagine compal and MS would like to get paid per device too.

        • Cocco Bill says:

          +100 000 000 000 000 000 000

          Flop is not acting logically here. That’s the fucking problem. He should market N9 like crazy but he isn’t. He is in fact killing it with his actions. “Even if N9 is a huge sales hit it will be the last MeeGo.”

          With N9 it’s all profits to Nokia. Not so with WP7. He’s acting against Nokia and for Microsoft with how he treats N9/MeeGo. Any competent CEO would be thrilled and market the shit out of a phone like N9, when it has gotten so good reviews from everywhere and people are amazed how great it’s Swipe UI7UX is. It’s a hit product that’s really something different. But Flop is just quietly burying it. No UK, Germany, USA, India and other big markets. He’s just babbling about WP7 that nobody is buying and not Nokia’s totally OWN product. That pretty much tells everything.

        • Just Visiting says:


          What if the N9 looked exactly like the N8, from the perspective of the phone body, and what if the N9 was ready at the same time the N8 was last year?

          The N8 was Nokia’s flagship device running the primary OS at the time (Symbian ^3).

          It wouldn’t have made sense for Nokia to have released both phones in the exact same markets back then, now would it? And if such a scenario did happen, and the N9, as a result, sold less than the N8, then N9 fans would be screaming at Nokia for the simultaneous release. Or if the N8 sold less than the N9, then Symbian fans would be screaming at Nokia for the simultaneous release.

          In a nutshell, Nokia is out to maximize their sales across the board, and not have their devices cannabilizing each other’s sales! The only way to do this is to strategically release the devices in markets where BOTH devices will have a great opportunity to maximize sales for Nokia.

          • Tom says:

            1) I’m not sure what nokia fans or regular consumers would be “screaming” if they had the option to buy a N9, Symbian-based or Wp phone from Nokia. Sounds like a good problem to me.

            2) People are probably smart enough to not just buy a >$500 phone without checking the phone’s name and OS. Clearly now people can figure out which Samsungs/HTCs run WP7 and which run Android. Samsung doesn’t have a problem selling two OSs in the same country, why should Nokia. Blackberry sells several different models…are they cannibalizing sales?

            3) Really, I’m just annoyed that I live in a large rich country (poor me)..hence I get only WP.

        • Corraine says:

          Whether profit is MS/Compal’s is a totally different issue. Collaborators naturally get some benefit, but the point, is that Nokia gets the most, regardless whether it be N9 sales or Searay sales. This is a moot point.

          There IS no conspiracy. If a country is not selling N9, it is simply the operators did not want to carry it. It is not Nokia’s fault! Nokia can certainly sell unlocked devices there, but in countries where consumers are spoilt by heavily subsidized devices, do you think these would sell?

          End of the day, stop blaming Nokia. Blame the operators.

      • Just Visiting says:

        +1. Sadly, Corraine, the N9 enthusiasts are blinded by their ferrel emotions, and will never accept logic or reasoning with regards to Nokia.

        • Corraine says:

          Indeed. I love the N9 but I like to think logically. People seem to think it is easy to just sell a phone in a country. It is not. It takes cooperation from Operators, a lot of marketing dollars, and lots of efforts locally.

          Still, it is good to see N9 getting so much support. :)

  2. ddjddj says:

    n9 will do well even nokia kills it

  3. masood.alkhter says:

    I think it will be realsed after the mango updats to windows other phones they have already. A month after that,so ur probly looking at end of NOVEMBER! I just hope the price is right and thers alot of apps for it. windows app store has around 50thousand apps right now. i think the new nokia device will have 2 app stores, A windows 1 and a nokia ovi ur tahking about around 90thousand apps for the new nokia windows device. not bad :) things are luking bright.

  4. ddjddj says:

    iphone 5 also confirmed to be released on mid october. nokia windows phone has no chance to fly to the top!

    consumers may ask n9 or iphone5,not iphone 5 or nokia searay!!!

    hope elop can survive iphone5 hype!!! symbian dies of iphone hype and ui, so would windows phone mango?

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

      Comparing the Sea Ray to iPhone5 is wrong in so many ways. The Sea Ray is by all measures a mid-range phone, iPhone5 is a (very) high-end device (also expect the latter to be much more expensive)

    • hexpoll says:

      Yep. If Nokia had come out swinging with Meego this summer they really could have had an impact. Instead… we get Windows phone (really, If I wanted one I could get one 2 blocks from here) after or around the iPhone launch.

      Way. To. Go.

  5. Markk117 says:

    at least nokia + windows = probabily win

  6. Anjanu Sonkar says:

    why are people so much excited for Windows Phone…it killed Symbian and MeeGo…I hate it…WP UI feels like its completely built on top of a Web BROWSER in HTML…it sucks!!!

  7. N00-00 says:

    Looks like Nokia is back to old self.. No well-defined plans.. At least send out a press release saying which all countries might see the WP device in 2011..

  8. StylinRed says:

    well they’re saying Q4 but not when (like the N8 and Q3 wasn’t it released the last day of Q3?)

    so maybe we’ll see it Dec 31st or something like that ;)

  9. suyashxp says:

    NEVER mind….
    We are Eagerly waiting for BELLE for our SYbi phone!!!

  10. meego says:

    So who cares?

  11. Tej parker says:

    Silly Jay, its about the australia launch. markets not getting the N9 indicate their primary targets. so maybe not australia in the first round of shipping. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SAYING ITS THE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING DELAY !

    • Hypnopottamus says:

      For crying out loud! Did you even read this blog post? This is exactly what Jay was saying! Try reading the article again…this time slowly so you can fully understand it.

      • Tej parker says:

        for christ’s sake, read what the title of the post says

        “Nokia Windows Phone WILL SHIP IN Q4!!”

        doesnt that mean in general? does’nt reading that make you feel its being delayed worldwide?

    • Jay Montano says:

      I don’t know where to begin pointing out where you are wrong. There’s no point. You’re just trolling and I’ve grown tired of it.

  12. cipox says:

    not attractive ones, sgs 2 wp7 will kill nokia wp.

    • ddjddj says:

      yes, samsung gs2 wp7 is more attractive than searay, should be less expensive than android brother, i guess

      go to hell nokia if meego total are gone!

  13. BellGo says:

    After destroying Symbian and MeeGo this device better be worth it.
    Yes, I know that this isn’t their high end WP device, but again they killed everything else for we’ll see if it was pointless.

  14. Mathias says:

    Announcement Nokia, announcement. Hype is dying, and I fear it would have been your only hope in WP7. Nokia World -event in October 26 is FAR too late.

  15. ddjddj says:

    why wait for nokia to succeed with wp7? iphone 5 is already perfect in term of ecosytem, hardware speec, and deisgn.

  16. me says:

    Who cares?

    No, honestly. Who cares? (To such:) Why?

    Any manufacturer could buy a phone design from a design office NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO NOKIA in U.S.. Anyone could definitely buy a ready-made Qualcomm core (Nokia better not deal with Qualcomm directly, or at least not hope for friendly deals in the process — even if its whoring to Microsoft has forced it to deal with Qualcomm again). And anyone could licence Microsoft’s dull new attempt at Mobile once again, and stick it into the phone ROM.

    (Keep in mind, it was only ever Nokia’s own design process that left enough space for camera or speakers for them to be acceptable.)

    And especially, everyone could buy Compal’s assembly services. The only thing that’s left is the Nokia logo.

    But why do we care about the logo? Why don’t we value Huawei that high — or ZTE, for example? Both of them also deal in networks, and possibly produce phone shells for Microsoft’s software in the future.

    Brand value that Nokia has acquired in decades in the business is because of hardware innovations that are made possible by the close cooperation of hardware and software teams — even when Symbian Ltd. was independent; although the process was much slower back then. Such has never happened with Microsoft licencees — they only ever had a black box to work with. That’s why no Microsoft hardware OEM never rose to Nokia’s position, even if the model seemed identical to Symbian Ltd. licencing.

    And it’s all because Microsoft has never been innovative. Never, ever. Look closely at the parts of history that you think disprove this claim — there was ever only very little innovation in anything Microsoft’s done. Such a fast moving target as Mobile is, Microsoft’s pace was never enough, and will not be enough.

    That’s also why Nokia’s new strategy is bound to fail.

    (By the way, news are in that the whoring of brand value is proceeding much quicker than most would’ve thought. Yes, hardware OEMs are simply not prestigious.)

    Nokia N9 is the last real Nokia phone. Everything after it will be essentially from a different corporation altogether.

  17. John says:

    Yyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaayyyyy !!!!! was getting worried then, really looking forward to buying one.

    BTW for Windows Phone/Microsoft haters if you don’t like it DONT BUY IT !!!! :-D

    simples !!! :-D

  18. Janne says:

    I would think there will be local availability of Nokia Windows Phone at a certain convention center in a certain river-split island-capital in Western Europe, come late October.

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