Nokia Windows Phone Mango, arriving 2012 for USA?

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I was watching PocketNow’s Windows Phone show  yesterday where Jaime suggested possible rumours that Nokia won’t be releasing any phones until March 2012. I’m not exactly sure where this came from as Nokia has specifically said they’re on track to get the first batch in 2011, with volume coming in 2012.

A search brings up a couple of sources that suggest, well that is still the case.

These indicate that Nokia World 2011 in October is just for a European Launch. Then the USA (and other countries) will wait until 2012. If that’s the case, it may explain why Nokia USA’s Chanse Arrington was asking about names for Nokia Windows Phones so soon to Nokia World – there may be much more time to wait until the US release.

How far into 2012? Apparently after MWC in February. Why? Well one thing we’ve said before from Nokia (when we were waiting for the N9 back in 2010) is that this phone must be amazing or it is a fail. When people have been waiting for so long and the competition has become so strong, you must come back with something truly incredible for anyone to take notice. Mediocrity will only harm. Nokia’s Windows Phones will the ones most heavily scrutinized as they have the most to lose (and gain) from this whole Windows Phone thing. Having said that, if there’s going to be a ridiculous delay, you may as well put something out at least to generate some interest.

There had already been many speculations that Nokia’s Windows Phones in October won’t be high end – as there hasn’t been enough time for Nokia (isn’t that always the case? :S). We also know that Nokia are going to be doing some big things at MWC. Perhaps when Nokia has got the ammunition and the big guns they’ll be ready to take on America (and the rest of the world) with their new Windows Phones.

One way or another, there will be some Windows Phones from Nokia this year. There’s that 2M shipments from Compal  Another thing that suggests this is the case is the recent training going on at Nokia Academy for Windows Phone. I forgot when I printscreened this from @DaveTrevaskus (Senior Training Consultant for Nokia Academy) but he says he’s got some key meetings and training coming up for Windows Phone.  If that name sounds familiar, we previously reported Dave’s tweets when he said that the Nokia Windows Phone Mango would blow our socks off.

Most recently however, Professeur (via WMPU) recently reported on @DaveTrevaskus ‘s tweets about some NWP training at Nokia Academy. This suggests at the very least we’ll see Nokia Windows Phones demoed in time for Nokia World.




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