Nomovok to provide Tizen with Qt

| October 5, 2011 | 10 Replies


I thought I would not post about Tizen anymore since it was pretty much irrelevant to Nokia but apparently, Nomovok are going to provide Tizen with Qt. Previously it was thought that Qt would be stripped out in favour of HTML5 but Nomovok will provide Tizen with integrated Qt for both x86 and ARM architectures.

Nomovok provides Tizen with integrated Qt, both for x86 and ARM architectures. Our proven expertise on native ARM build on the OBS based Tizen build system allows rapid product creation. With Nomovok Tizen build you are able to achieve Qt performance on Tizen while re-using existing Qt apps and benefiting from the existing Qt ecosystem.

Via MeeGo Experts


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  • kkk

    iphone 4s, dissappoint me a lot

  • reptile


    • ausadl


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  • Diego

    and ppl says that meego is dead, if tizen is Qt, it means that almost all aplications will be portable to n9 and symbian

    thats ecosistem story is weird, ppl cal OS`s dead for stupid reasons, one thing is a incomplete OS like android with thousands of security flaws be aborted, but symbian with 10 yrs old and all problens already detected and almost nothing to add in the source is called dead OS…

    • Viper

      I think people tend to believe that while something still has buys it is a work in progress and naturally one would want to see it get patched up, and improved. But once everything is perfect and is patched up, one assumes it’s dead because no more work can be done on it, so you have nothing to anticipate or wait for. It’s just done, and that kind of is boring for people so they call it dead. People are weird. :/

    • d ^^ b

      If N9 and Symbian get similar HTML5 layer as Tizen will have, then they will be portable. Otherwise just the QT programs will be portable and QT unfortunately isn’t what Tizen pushes to developers.

      I’d like to ask a question… Who will use Nomovok’s version of QT?

      It’s great that there will be Tizen with QT, but if it’s only one version of it then how big part of Tizen installations will be able to use QT?

      I still can’t see bright future for QT with Tizen if it’s not fully supported in the vanilla version.

      • JL

        Why can’t anybody think about developers? I hate when toolkits and frameworks change ALL THE TIME! The toolkit is obsolete before your app is ready. Then you’ll have to learn another already obsolete toolkit. I’ll just wait for HTML100.

  • Nilux

    What is Novomok

  • swiss

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