Nokia N9 available at (USA) [seller looks legit?]

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Advertisements, (USA) appears to have a genuine listing for the Nokia N9. The seller is MobileCityOnline, not something we’re affiliated with let me assure you, but checking them out shows nearly 5000 ratings that were all pretty positive. Of course, you’d still have to decide yourself if there are any risks but here’s now one way you guys across the pond can get your hands on the N9 from a third party seller. I believe expansys is another, hence why it appeared some days ago as having the N9 on several of the top sales.

Nothing yet on the UK version.

Cheers Noel for the tip!


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  • stylinred

    Negri Electronics[dot]com has it for less in the US $690 for 16gb $830 for 64gb

    In Canada you can get the N9 under contract for $80 from MobileDNA

  • I bought a couple of phones from their nyc store. They are legit.

  • Pachino Pulido

    I have bought 3 phones from Mobilecityonline, they are legit and have great service. For one of my phones i actually when to their physical store in downtown New York close to canal street and bought the phone.

    Nice store and great service.

  • Sal

    I’d trust these guys over expansys usa, that’s for sure. A quick google search show why.

  • Punching Bag

    Can also vouch for them, I have been to the store in Manhattan. Would have gotten my N9 from them if they been stocking the cyan, but they only had black. They were selling for $700 and just raised the price now, probably when they realized they had something special on their hands.

    Hey if you mobilecityonline people are reading this, please start stocking the Nokia Play 360!

    • Raja

      Whist you were in Dubai andbin USA because in Dubai I went to buy 16gb black and the only colour they had was pink and blue so I dint buy and since lumia will be launching in india will buy a black lumia instead.

    • meego

      Hey, have you seen any trace of the US Anna update that you had been crying day and nights for the better part of this year? ^_^

      • Punching Bag

        Yes, it came through after being months late and despite poor communications, thank the baby jesus. There were announcements all over the place.

        Unfortunately it sounds like our Australian friends aren’t so lucky…is it there yet?

        I tell you since using this N9, it’s really amazing how old and crappy Symbian feels.

  • Jay The Donkey

    N9s so cheep!!!!

  • jcar302

    The mobilecity ad on amazon has been up for a few days.
    Problem is that they want %750 (or at least they did) on amazon, but $699 in their own store.
    It’s also not available under amazon prime.

    Mobilecityonline is a respectable place to buy from, BUT for the n9, you get 14 days in store warranty, none afterwards.
    I know this for a fact, since i talked to them on thursday this week.

  • Raja

    This is very expensive price it’s much more cheaper in malaysia I think in Dubai it was expensive but 100 us$ cheaper then this price .

  • Punching Bag
  • Viper

    WoW, i put in a TIP at mynokiablog about this several days ago and got no credit and now you publish this. My TIP was better, i said it is in stock directly from mobilecity online which is a very legit and trusted store in NYC and sells phones in USA for only $699. Which is still this price despite the higher amazon price. I assume they bumped up the price on amazon because amazon takes a commission from sales and they probably want to make there $700. In the tips I also gave away a $20 dollar off coupon code which is “YA8NC1”, and puts the total price to only $679. Thats not only the cheapest price you can get the N9 for if you are in the US, but it seems its the cheapest price anywhere online at the moment.
    Not cool for not giving credit for my tip and stealing it as your own.

  • Viper

    btw when i say i few days ago i actually was like a week ago, on October 23rd the day they had availability at the store i put in the TIP with all the above information.

    • reptile

      I saw it a few weeks ago as well, I didn’t give any tips tho because… well, I was afraid if too many people found out it was at that price, they’d sell out and I won’t be able to wait for a price drop 😀

  • CH4R3L

    My local Tango (Luxembourg) shop can order them, but because Nokia “is bankruppt and is moving its factories to China now”, they won’t order them for stock, and currently “they are all sold”. I even got told, that “it’s a crappy iPhone-thingy phone not worth buying it.”
    Bunch of morrons don’t understand that userexperience and easiness is much wothier than features!