Video:Nokia Research Center: Clear Call Quality and the AMR-WB – Tampere

| October 30, 2011 | 23 Replies

You may already be aware of something called HD Voice. Nokia wants to bring better call quality – something we’ve just come to accept as being OK to be poor. It’s on quite a few Nokia devices actually, but the old Nokia forgot to shout about these things.

The demo below was shown at Nokia World. There is a distinct “wow” moment the second they switch to a Nokia. Not only is there a higher quality stream, BUT, the background noise is also suppressed. How awesome is that? No more “say that again?!!? I can’t hear you?” or being forced to go away from the noise or turn your music down.


What’s even more amazing is that at Nokia world, Nokia said this is just the beginning. They’re going to be taking this even further. They wouldn’t comment on what it might be called, but when I joked that it could be called “Pure Voice” (with their Pure audio branding or the new headsets) they seemed to like it. It is essentially just the voice – as if you’re there speaking to them. No other noise, just the voice.

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  • Zhi

    Sadly, while other people get to hear the great voice quality from us Nokia users, the same can’t be said for us…

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    • Jay Montano

      Thanks for that. Just signed up.

  • Agni Sparsha

    I am regular visitor for your site (From India) and right now i am on holiday in Mauritius. None of the ads on your site are showing up(browsing from Mauritius by the way).

  • Nintendo-Xbox

    This only works on Symbian phones. The Nokia Windows phones don’t have this technology yet.

    • Oh Hei

      Nintendo-Xbox – Really? The spec sheet info does not list this technology on the Symbian device. Which Symbian devices has this technology? Where is it listed that the Lumia devices *don’t* have this technology?

  • ahsan

    Not you too JAY! I mean infolinks sucks and is very annoying , please find something else -.-

    • Jay Montano

      We have to use this for now as the adsense has stopped working for almost everywhere it seems except uk. we’re looking into other ways to generate revenue and will turn infolinks off or reduce it as much as possible. when we’re able to be self sufficient (such as being able to pay for hosting).

  • Nintendo-Xbox

    Every Symbian phone since last year has it. It doesn’t fit into the Windows Phone spec so it’s not in there.

  • migo

    Still doesn’t sound completely natural, would be nice to be able to turn noise suppression on or off depending on how the situation calls for it. One of the things I like about Nokias is being able to take a walk along the beach while on a call, and having the other party feel like they’re walking beside me as they can hear the waves and the birds in the background. That’s really “connecting people”. Noise cancellation is good, it’s very useful in some situations, but sometimes you also want to just hear everything.

  • Harangue

    Very nice and all, but if this is the same thing as HD voice, you still need two HD Voice capable phones and the network needs to have it enabled as well.

    Basically the networks are reluctant in allowing it because of a greater bandwidth use with HD voice and it doesn’t increase revenue. But, this was the issue with HD Voice, don’t now if this is something new that doesn’t need the network to allow it or something.

    • StefanP

      It’s marketed as HD voice, but you find in phone specs as “AMR-WB”. It does not need more bandwidth, it’s the same as the current FR and EFR codecs need. AMR-WB uses a more complex and efficient codec with a wider audio bandwidth.
      Both parties plus the network must support this codec to enjoy the benefit.
      The example sounds extreme. Might be that they used a half rate codec for the bad quality part. And of course not only Nokia phones support AMR-WB! 🙂

  • nonikhanna

    hey guys last year at Nokia World they had this exhibit. Plug and Touch.
    anyone remember it?
    @Jay have you heard anything about this at the Nokia World 2011?

    • Banderpop

      This was one of my many suggestions for things to look up at Nokia World also. Thus far, none of them got answered as far as I can tell 🙁

      There was a lot of stuff announced last year and earlier this year that has been completely forgotten, HD voice included (‘old’ Nokia didn’t shout about it much, but at least they got it working while ‘new’ Nokia appear to have done and said absolutely nothing). I keep reading about how Nokia World was really good this year compared to last, but I think people have forgotten just how much more innovative Nokia were when their future appeared to be QT, Symbian^4 and Meego. This year has been a crushing disappointment, with S40 currently looking more and more like the only aspect of Nokia’s future which they have any control over.

  • Sal

    Does the E7 have this codec in built? If so, why isn’t it advertised more?

  • Eddie

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        • migo

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