Nokia coming back to USA on Multiple Carriers (+7m video with Stephen Elop) [#RIMacquisition?]

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Carrier partnerships should never be taken lightly in North America, especially in the US. Essentially, they can make or break you. Going against them, say, by wanting to deliver the full set of features of your product but having to rely on selling them, unsubsidised, unlocked at limited retail stores – well let’s say you’re going to have your work against you. Whilst it is true that US=/=the world and Nokia does have more to manage worldwide, the US (where seemingly innovation and  trends appear) shouldn’t be ignored.

This was one of Nokia’s main problems in the US. They had a strong presence there before, but as with a few places too, took their eyes off the proverbial ball.

Nokia has needed some strong devices in the US, strong as in Flagship strong, but the only things we really see are the cheap-ass throw aways or usability-haters (Nuron anyone?). There were some gems in E73, E71 but that was pretty much it. They never got to experience the awesomeness of the 12MP CZ + Xenon on prime time. If only they knew back in 2007 it was already possible to have video calling, 5mp camera, Flash LED and Flash Adobe, multitasking, actual GPS etc etc etc.

OK, rant over. Nokia needs to come back with force. What better way than to bring your smartphones across several carriers? This is the case, according to Bloomberg. Will we get something high end? They must do. There’s speculations that the 710 will appear. I think they also have to have a play with the Lumia 800, given the force of advertising and desirability bestowed on that device. You can safely say that has worked as places like Mashable have openly asked for it to come to the US.

Nokia will be concentrating US Smartphone efforts solely on Windows Phone, if the news we heard during the summe remains true. The expected date is 2012. Nokia are said to come with a portfolio of devices in 2012. Portfolio – that’s more than three. High end Nokia WP are also expected. Proper high end stuff. Stuff where Nokia can put the Nokia stamp. Not just in Apollo through Nokia specific software, but where they are undeniable leaders, in hardware. Perhaps we may also finally see some Nokia tablets – which Elop describes as supercharged WP Metro experience.

Check this video out:


  • Question on being interested on RIM acquisition, “We don’t comment specifically on individual targets for acquisition, but what I would say is that it is important for us to establish this whole ecosystem”
  • I’m being simple minded here, why wasn’t it just a “No” like the outright “No” on MS acquiring Nokia? Understandably it’s quite different in losing yourself to another brand, but gaining another major one…hmmm..

All is not lost in the MeeGo-Harmattan, swipe and Symbian affair. It’s no secret Elop has always talked about future disruptions from the very get go. Elop has most recently reiterated that whilst he can’t talk about it now, we’re going to see this again. Speaking with some top level Nokia execs, whilst they didn’t say anything directly, they also agreed – the effort and brilliance shown in Harmattan and Swipe isn’t going to just disappear.

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