Nokia 603 with Symbian Belle – Beautiful inside and out.

| November 5, 2011 | 53 Replies

Here’s a pretty nice demo of the Nokia 603 – beautiful inside and out. No wonder the 600 would get cancelled when you have something that looks better, has a bigger screen  and overall a more attractive purchase.


I do not like however the cuts made. Look at the browser demo at 2:30. What happened to the load times? Oh it got cut out. There’s no point doing things like that. Just talk through it.

Video by 
Cheers to Jill for the tip!


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  • stylinred

    all that got cut out was the initial load of the browser

    i thought the webpage load times would be cut but they weren’t and nokias webpage loaded quite nicely

    • Jay Montano

      I know. It was unnecessary. For official Nokia videos, they really shouldn’t cut anything out, except possibly in between shots of features. There’s random cuts elsewhere in the video. I’m just being picky about how all Nokias are presented, especially careful after that N97 video.

    • Deep Space Bar

      they shouldn’t have done that but i can vouch…. For the load times for the new browser and it’s pretty damn fast and i’m still usin the leaked old version…..,,the next version out is 10/30/2011….i saw that date on the video with all the older symbi3n phones running belle at nokia world

  • BellGo

    Seems like a nice phone…too bad that Nokia wont advertise it for one bit. (at least the 701 got this treatment)

    • it looks good but the software dont cut it anymore.

      • BellGo

        ..Have you used Belle?

        • yup. it still sucks. its better than anna, but thats about it.

          • Nrde

            So what you actually meant was no.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              You should take a look on his name before answering 😉

            • i mean yes.

        • Punching Bag

          I heard that “Belle” was another way of saying “Prostitute” in select markets

          • Punching Bag

            Google: Belle de Jour

            • a3x

              Man, Nokia just can’t get out of the bitches topic.

              On the other hand, this is one sleek device, I really like it. Is there any information regarding its release date by location?

          • Okygc

            LUMIA IN SPANISH

            • Punching Bag

              BELLE IN FRENCH

  • Keist

    symbian belle looks like android eclair. big improvement for symbian but still outdated.

    • Deathcoder

      and still better than wp7 mango

      • Jay Montano

        Yes, in some ways. The reverse is also true.

    • Deep Space Bar

      you mean maemo 5…not android

  • lordstar

    I love the new symbian belle, this video has got me thinking if I should have waited for the 603.

  • Jill

    hey guys .. Just want to knw one thing .. Whats the major difference between 701 & 603 apart from camera ?

  • Shall we expect Belle for our phones on November 18?

    • Jill

      In life never expect !!

    • Ali Abdulla

      lol hell no, i doubt they will release belle to “older” devices(n8,e7,c6…) when they are introducing new devices that do more or less the same..(alot less in the camera department, i.e N8.. and no e7 successor yet, i’ll buy an E7 with the N8 camera in a heart beat.. even if its thicker than the N900)

      i guess they will update older devices 2-3 months after.. from my experience in nokia, i’d say a safe guess would be q2 2012… anything sooner is just being optimistic really.

  • Oleg Derevenetz

    Belle is really good. It seems that new Nokia management making big efforts in improving Symbian UI with a rapid rate. I love Symbian and I can only welcome such rapid changes. Patiently waiting for an update on my N8 🙂

    • Owh so elop is the good guy here? not some trojan? whoa. shocker.

      • Oleg Derevenetz

        I never told that Ellop is a trojan, where did you get this? 🙂

        • nah just aimed this at the ppl who keep saying he is. 😉

      • yasu

        “Owh so elop is the good guy here? not some trojan? whoa. shocker.”

        Elop said that Symbian is a “Burning Platform that they should jump off”.

        So he gets no credit for whatever good happens to Symbian.

        When the N9 came out and got accolades, instead of pushing it like crazy, as any self respecting CEO would do, if he has a potential hits on the hands, he went meh, “even if it’s a success, it’s the last of its kind”.

        Elop said that its “Android against Windows”. Elop said that “He hopes Samsung does well with WP7”.

        His MS allegiance and leanings are well documented. He sounds and acts like an MS dude -> he is a Trojan Horse.

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          The real facts, however, say that there was two major updates of Symbian OS this year – Anna and Belle, and there should be more next year (Carol at least), and there was several new Symbian phones presented, and Elop announced subsequent development of Symbian until at least 2016. Sure, he can think that WP7 is good (and many people are ready to try it), so he will push WP7 phones, because this is a brand new platform for Nokia. But Symbian is still here and improving at a rate I’ve never seen before. These are the real facts regarding Elop management.

          • like the guy you just replied to.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              I understand what you mean 🙂

          • yasu

            “The real facts, however, say that there was two major updates of Symbian OS this year – Anna and Belle, and there should be more next year (Carol at least), and there was several new Symbian phones presented, and Elop announced subsequent development of Symbian until at least 2016.”

            And those were long planned changes that were launched by the previous administration. Symbian^3 was a huge undertaking to provide the basis of the migration from S60 to a Qt powered platform and streamlining the foundations.

            What is now called Belle is what was planned as Symbian^4, due this year. Its the transition from Avkon to a Qt presentation layer. But the ground work, getting the plumbing – not necessarily user faced.

            I find that amazing that it saw the light in time with the upheaval that was brought in Nokia with first the “Burning Memo” and second the 11th of February.

            You think that it’s a good management technique to shit on the work of people and announcing a huge wave of firing? Really?

            Saying that you’ll throw all that away for an OS that goes from “very little to very little”. That’s a sound management technique?

            Has he *ever* praised Symbian? Has he *ever* pushed it? No he is busy spouting Microsoft this, Windows Phone that and Third Ecosystem the other.

            Even an American commenter pointed out to him that he sounds like an MS employee.

            Any good that happens to Symbian is in spite of Elop who on the Black Friday announced that the transition would be complete by 2013.

            Only when the sales cratered, 5 mere days before the May 29th profit warning, he backpedalled and announced that “Symbian would be supporter till 2016, if not more”. I thought it was a “Burning Platform”?

            “Sure, he can think that WP7 is good (and many people are ready to try it), so he will push WP7 phones, because this is a brand new platform for Nokia.”

            And go on and on and on about Microsoft this,

            “But Symbian is still here and improving at a rate I’ve never seen before. These are the real facts regarding Elop management.”

            If he had an hand to it, wouldn’t he be proud of it and promote Belle? Did he? All I saw is Microsoft this, and pushing tiles every where while spouting nonsense like “This is the first real Windows Phone”.

            Another nice tidbits regarding Elop’s management:

            For the first time in over a decade, Nokia has been posting losses.

            Nokia’s smartphones shipments which were still growing YoY in Q1 2011, posted a -30% drop in Q2 and -37% drop in Q3 (Blackberry which is having a terrible time declined -10%).

            Parts of the workforce, shareholders, developer community and the user base are antagonized and alienated.

            I say it again. Elop said “It’s a war of ecosystems” and chose the Microsoft camp.

            He’ll fully deserve all the kudos that may come his way if he manages to bail that Microsoft’s platform, because that’s not an easy task and he made it even more difficult with the way he announced and manages the transition.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              I do not say that former Nokia management did nothing. I only say that nothing Symbian-related was cancelled or closed this year, and many Symbian improvements are already here or planning (including SDK improvements, that pleases me as a developer). Regarding WP7, this OS is not bad (however I personally do not plan to use it on my daily phone, may be on dev phone only, because I love Symbian, but my wife is definitely want to try WP7 after an iPhone). This is a new platform for Nokia, this is not a bad choice for me (much better than Android monsters with multicore CPUs but weak batteries, and even with these CPUs they are slow and hot as an iron), so it is understandable that Elop pushes WP7, because the future of WP7 on Nokia depends on the fate of first WP7 Nokia phones.

              • Deep Space Bar

                and it’s already not looking nice at all

                • Oleg Derevenetz

                  Let’s see. There are people that want to try WP7. There are another mobile companies that make phones based on different platforms, for example, Samsung have its own Bada platform, but it develops also Android and WP7 phones. Anyway, Symbian is still here and receives improvements. Elop will not shoot you if you buy Symbian phone instead of WP7 😉

                  • do you develop for wp?

                    does the os limit you to 10mb for background task? does it affect the app in question?

                    • Oleg Derevenetz

                      No, I haven’t tried to develop for WP7 yet, only for Symbian and Meego. May be later, when I buy a WP7 phone… 🙂

                  • Ekeluo

                    He won’t have to. Just the look in his eyes will leave you a smouuldering heap of hydrocarbons. 😛

                  • Deep Space Bar

                    that’s why ballmer is there lol

            • GordonH

              Yasu has given a good explanation.

  • madeline

    someone puh leez help me… n8 or e7??? i want a phone that have a style that lasts and a great music player… am not interested bout other stuff such as camera’s cause i got an eos……

    • Oleg Derevenetz

      X7 may be? I sometimes regret that I bought N8, because X7 looks more stylish. I was need a Symbian^3 phone to quickly solve the problem in one of my apps, so I decided to buy the most common S^3 phone, i.e. N8. If I had time to think, I would have bought X7 instead 😉

    • Bloob

      Lumia 800

    • Cocco Bill

      White N9. The most beautiful phone ever made. If you can’t wait, then buy any of the other colours that are already available.

      But from those two, if you really don’t need the camera, I’d take E7 for its physical qwerty keyboard and bigger screen.

  • meong

    won’t say anything . took alot my energy to argue nonsenseless and most
    important thing they won,t listen cause they have bigger brain than yours.
    From now on i will become silent rider,

  • Sun Down

    Awesome phone.

  • Deathcoder

    Jay how about a poll on “which phone would u buy next: nokia lumia,n9,symbian^3,iphone 4s,android?

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  • reptile

    Shame about the EDOF. I wonder why Nokia didn’t just put a second fixed focus camera adjusted for macro photos. That would have been cheap compared to AF, yet people could still enjoy shooting closeup shots..

  • prasenjit bist

    inthat memo elop highlighted nokia ptoblems where did he say symbian is the burning platform its some idiots who try to imagine too much

  • oliverte

    nice the symbian belle
    i have mine running 33 apps
    JAY i have sent email