CoJoGo – Brazilian made Nokia N9 egg game – free at Nokia Store

| November 25, 2011 | 12 Replies

Melissa, a developer and designer from Brazil emailed us about her application for MeeGo-Harmattan (Nokia N9) called, Co – The Game/’Co (JoGo)’. They said (and they noted their English wasn’t too good)

 One day we had the idea to make a simple game for mobile, different from all the complex things we have today, agame where you take the eggs from the chickens while it fell to the ground. Then, little by little and make conseguinhos viable platform for Meego, the first Brazilian to play Nokia N9.


It’s free at the Nokia Store. I haven’t got a N9 so I haven’t tried it myself.


In this game you have to help the farmer to catch the eggs. Each level has a different number and type of chickens, also each chicken can lay different types of eggs, challenging the hability of player.
The user controls a basket that is used to catch the eggs using the phone sensors (tilt to move), so the controls are easy to learn and fun to use.
On all levels we store the number of eggs catched and crased, so you can compare you hability with friend









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  • Noki

    Jay also from brazil and really really good you have the Circus, it was made by INDT and its available for symbian and N9 good and fun.

    • Noki

      + can some one please give an N9 to Jay its embarrassing….

      • Kuk


      • ssdh

        Nah, Elop already decided that Jay will be getting a Lumia..

        • Jay Montano

          Mine is actually Elop’s own personal Lumia 800. After a hard reset wipe of course.

          • Oystein

            Would you be interested in changing your Lumia for my N9! I kind of want to give windows phone a try.

            • Jay Montano

              Haha, perhaps.

          • ssdh

            Bitter for not getting the N9?

            • Jay Montano

              Yeah in a way, I am. It’s a major phone release and they didn’t send one to me (though I know it’s not for UK release but still).

  • ffjf



    addictive game for n9
    incredibld circus seems a great game

    peregrine update to 1.1, video call is coming soon to next update

  • pratik

    well that looks an awesome game
    but unfortunately i don’t have nokia n9
    i wish santa would give me one on this chrismas

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