Nokia Lumia 800 Feedback from the UK sales team (O2/Orange/T-Mobile/Vodafone/Three/Carhonewarehouse/Phones4U)

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A huge problem in Windows Phone 7 is that it is so unknown to the world where iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and even Symbian are quite established. Coming into stores during the early days, the last thing you’d be recommended is a Windows Phone. The OS itself and the apps aside, the sales team at the front didn’t know much about it to give customers a push towards a WP. I’ve read several accounts and it has happened to me in several stores where I’d be recommended the “Android version” instead – mostly because of apps and then they’d show me Angry Birds. :S

Nokia knew that to get the Lumia 800 into customers hands they must:

1) Create advertising for brand awareness. People need to know the product exists and make it desirable enough to come and ask for it.

2) Train the staff in stores/shops to know what the great points are in the Nokia Lumia. This way, customers can make a much better informed decision about their purchases.

Nokia’s Training managers are doing a great job of spreading the knowledge on the Lumia, and there’s a great website for the activity of the staff in the UK related to selling the Lumia phones. In one portion you can see blog posts from people and their experience in selling the Nokia Lumia. We’ve compiled a few below but there are just too many to go through it all.

A great thing about the Nokia Lumia then is that without saying anything it already sells itself. The design is a huge winner. The sleek, evocative design, the curvy display, the gorgeous screen. On looks alone it’s already ahead of the bunch.

Then comes the OS. To the masses, it’s just right for them. It’s not yet as versatile as Android, but the masses aren’t techy. They just want simple, beautiful phones that work quickly, work well and do the things they expect it to do based on their average-user typical usage.

The people hub seems to be an instant hit for the masses that love facebook and twitter. Facebook is the top visited website in the UK and more spend time on facebook than pretty much the other top 10 sites combined. So it’s great that out of the box, no app needed (though you can get one if you want), it’s ready. And they’re all integrated in your phone.

It’s music to my ears that customers are loving the Lumia, sales staff are loving the lumia and more so that folks coming in with the intention of buying the iPhone 4S are leaving with the Lumia after giving it a go and realising it does everything they were expecting from the iPhone and then some. THIS. This is what has been needed on the store fronts. Not like the performances of last year where the poor N8 was left there with the incredible ground breaking camera being ignored. Seems Nokia are getting it. On the product, on the advertising, on the sales.

Here they are:

This phone is the best phone out there by far. I have manged to switch 15 customers within a week to pre order the Lumia, I love the device so much I can’t wait to get one when I’m due a new phone, the customers that are interested in apple iPhones or galaxy s 2 I manage to persuade some to go for a Lumia

Written by Joe Moody (Orange)


After having a customer come in for an iPhone 4S I asked her why she wanted one, she replied ‘they’re easy to use’. So I showed her my Nokia Lumia and how easy it works and she loved it that much that she brought one and because there such great value for money she was happy she saved £10 a month! 🙂

Jon Spittle (Carphone Warehouse)

The Lumia is flying off the shelves, especially from one who has really taken the training on board and pitching them to everyone. The main things that are selling the phone are the design, superb screen and the way the social networks are integrated into the phone OS so don’t need to keep switching apps and all the messages are compiled into one thread.

From a standing start, Nokia have really grabbed people’s attention with the Lumia and the advertising is starting to pay off as people are coming in and asking about the handset, and asking to upgrade to it.

 by Iain McLaren (Carphone Warehouse) 


Had a customer in who came in asking specifically about iPhone tariffs, after chatting for a while they said “Oh well, I used to love Nokia, but iPhone seem to be the one to have now” I then quickly showed them the Lumia, they absolutely fell in love with the display, the OS and the fact that it had the best from Nokia & Windows Phone 7 all in one amazing package! They were thrilled with the phone and they left with one that afternoon after saying “Nokia are definitely back on form with this smartphone!”

 Jack Price (Vodafone)

Moving into peak we’re all getting the xmas shoppers’ shopping for their loved ones and time and time again I’m getting these kind of responses…

My dad’s a builder – he needs something easy to use that won’t break easy

Ah I’m just looking for something for my fella who works on buidling sites.


  1. Gorilla Glass
  2. Charging Ports all sealed up and covered
  3. Made from same plastic used in Ice Hocket Helmets

would you like your receipt in the bag?

Paul Singer (Phones 4U)

Yesterday I sold a Nokia Lumia to an 89 year old man and within an hour his 87 year old wife was back and took one too! a great example of brand loyal customers combined with a slick and straightforward user interface 🙂

nathan sulman (Phones 4U) 

Customer came in with his wife going on about how great his new iPhone 4S was etc. His wife wanted the same, but I whipped out a Lumia and told em both about what it could do. The wife upgraded to the Lumia, forgot about the 4S and the husband started complaining that the shop he bought his 4S from never showed him the Lumia and he was going to take back his 4S!

liam thewordsmyth (Everything Everywhere) 

Customer fell in love with the Lumia as soon as the screen lit up. The customer was most impressed with the windows tiles and loved the phone so much they took 2. One for her and one for her boyfriend, who apparently is a huge Xbox fan so the Xbox feature sealed the deal for the double. Get in.

Jack Wade (Three) 

I lose track of the number of people who I speak to who want an iPhone. Well, at least they think they do.

It’s amazing how, once people have played with a Lumia for a minute or two, they lose all desire for anything Appley.

As one lady put to me… “the iPhone doesn’t come in blue – it won’t match my handbag”.

Lumia – a bag of win 🙂

Bill Bennett (Three)

The lumia is very slick and customers are flocking to grab them, very impressed with Nokia, they have definitely given Apple and HTC a run for their money! And very happy to see Nokia back in the Market with something as GOOD as the LUMIA!! GREAT phone…..

Mounym Benhaddou (Carphone Warehouse)

Glad to see better competition from Nokia!

emma mccann (O2) 

I have just had an amazing long weekend to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary in Edinburgh and loved the Lumia. It got us there in the first place with Nokia drive, found us places to see with the local scout feature, identified great restaurants with the tripadvisor app that we found and captured the memories in brilliant quality with the 8mp camera with carl zeiss lense. So much faster and easier to use than android, better looking than anything else on the market. Great work Nokia! And a great easy sell in store…

 Alexander Holmes (Three) 


Client wanted their first smart phone, was blown away by the Lumia

After 5 mins of demo the client could not put it down..!

Daniel Turnbull (Carphone Warehouse) 

After doing customer call backs again today it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that customers are finding it so simple to use the Nokia Lumia, I haven’t had one single customer back in with an issue or concern with the handset. In two years selling Nokias at Phones 4U I think that is a first, and I’m sure we all agree. Amazing job Nokia!

Paul Singer (Phones 4U) 

Yesterday I showed a customer how easy it was to use the voice control, they were amazed because you can open every application on the phone just by your voice! And it even reads out your texts if you want! What a clever device.

matt rampersad (Orange)


Many of the customers entering my shop have iPhones or Android devices; And they, like myself, know just how irritating the Facebook applications are. Always freezing, crashing or just refreshing before you can read that all important status…


With the Windows integrated facebook format, this issue is resolved as just on the People Hub, you can view everything you need to. If you demo this to a customer who is on Facebook, they’re in dreamland!


Nokia and Windows… WELL DONE!

 Ian Dove (Orange)

Borrowed my reps 800 to demo to a customer who came in for an iPhone 4s. After showing him how easy the phone was to use as well as demoing he did not need to download seperate apps for social neworks he was sold as he was frustrated with the iPhone always needing to load up before he could check his facebook RESULT!!!

adam kennedy (T-Mobile)

Nokia have come a long way since Symbian, which I believe is a great move for them… I hope they manage to go a long way with Windows, they seem to have a great partnership and hopefully there are good things to come.. Lumia 800 is just the start 🙂

Richard Hogg (Carphone Warehouse)


It’s not all positive. There’s just an overwhelming amount of positive stuff. Here’s someone complaining that they can’t delete all their contacts at once.  (Perhaps they want to filter their contacts that appeared when putting in twitter/facebook?).


The campaign is pretty impressive and that’s just one aspect of it. There seems to be a points thing going on (with points allowing you to then participate in competitions), great way to motivate people :).

Here’s one place they can get points on. I’m sure this is just for sales staff but no harm playing it too. This is called Store wars. Defend your phones from being taken…

Thanks Michael Prince for the tip!



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