Rumours: Nokia Tango for CES/MWC, Nokia Apollo for Nokia Connection (June) as well as Windows 8 tablets

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We had a few tips on this yesterday but I didn’t have much to go on other than trusting ‘an industry insider’. That post was later updated to show that the source is someone who works at Nokia. Exactly what, we’re not sure. Could be the cleaner. Joke. Point, take with pinches of salt.

Here’s basically what’s supposedly happening:

  • Nokia’s Tango phones are being announced at CES and MWC.
  • Nokia’s Apollo phones are appearing at Nokia Connection in June.
  • Nokia Windows 8 tablets in June
It is imperative that Nokia execute all their plans flawlessly in 2012. Such a critical year where Nokia MUST deliver. It’s still early in terms of MS’s timescale for WP but next year is when Nokia has to show us what they can do. It’s pretty much the end of the transition years that we’ve been waiting for since 2007. It was supposed to be Symbian touch but that turned out to be a dud, then it was Maemo but that unfortunately had to be delayed as we went on a mystical journey to MeeGo. Whatever happened since then we’re now firmly in Windows Phone. As the OS begins to properly mature, Nokia can fully put their hardware expertise into it. The OS itself has garnered praises from the online reviewers and tech sites, to the point of attracting old, long time iPhone supporters. The Lumia 800’s design has been wowing folks again (i.e. N9) showing just how Nokia can create their own design which is beautiful but isn’t a photocopy of an iPhone (hey Samsung?).
2012 has to be the year where Nokia finally, FINALLY delivers a proper flagship that’s not only a flagship for Nokia but one that other manufacturers would take notice of. It’s been something I’ve been ranting about for so long, and it’s a little strange each time to have expected  this to appear on 3/4 different OSes.
2012 won’t just be for WP of course, it will be interesting to see what Nokia does with S40, Qt, Meltemi, Symbian and all efforts that went into MeeGo and the new distruptions.

Source:  dgui via GSMArena

Cheers all for the tip.


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