App Review: Incredible Circus (S^3)

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It’s been a while since we mentioned anything about Symbian apps so here’s a nice FREE one to keep you busy, Incredible Circus by Developers  INDT is a cute loosely physics based game where you star as a circus stunt performer, your objective is straight-forward: get to the top platform. But as always it’s not that simple, you have to bounce off walls, through barrels, past blindfolded knive throwers and Fire breathers to get there.

Blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet. Be on the lookout for fire breathers as you bounce walls on multiple combos in the pursuit of cheers and trophies. The fun goes on as more and more circuses open their doors for this incredible stuntman.

Most importantly, the app itself IS NOT ported form any other OS as far as I can tell, which would explain why it’s wonderfully smooth from start to finish, the design is gorgeous and the graphics are quite nice.

Once you start the game you get a simple enough menu witha  backdrop of our hero/circus performer.

Once you choose to play you can select which ‘circus you want to preform in’ (currently they’re are only two available but it says “Coming soon” on the third so expect some updates.

Of course as is usual you get to the level select, where you can only reach the next level by beating the previous level (which of course constantly get harder and more frustrating).

Drag the stretchy cord down to hurl your fearless stuntman from platform to platform, or into walls if you feel like it…

Your score is calculated based on where you land on the platform (Middle =Perfect 150 points, to the side = 80 points, at the edges = 30 points), try to get as many perfects as possible in a row to get a multiplication bonus!

Once you reach the final platform you receive a trophy depending on how well you did (Gold/Silver/Bronze).

Over all Incredible Circus is a entertaining app (possibly addictive), at first I expected an Angry birds rip-off so I pushed back trying it out; but once I played around on it I’d say it’s a mix between “Cut the Rope” and “Doodle Jump” with an interesting twist of it’s own. Definitely a game worth trying out, especially since it’s free!

Link: (currently available for all S^3 devices- regardless of version)

*Of course I was stupid enough to download this game the night of my Oral Pathology Final….. Goodbye Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma; Hello Circus Performer (If I don’t stop playing I’ll probably end up a circus performer myself)

HAPPY NEW YEAR Nokia Fans and Employees!


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